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by V. Harlow, blogging at http://www.vventures.net

(Feb. 10, 2010) — The eligibility issue has constantly been mischaracterized as a “citizenship” issue or a “birth certificate” issue, and major media outlets keep playing on this same theme over and over, ridiculing those who want the truth.

I suspect they are partially driven by fear:  fear they won’t get interviews, fear they won’t get invitations, fear they won’t get to cover important issues if this issue is included in what they cover. Even Fox News continues to ridicule and mischaracterize this very important Constitutional issue.

Can we attack this administration on other valid issues? Yes, of course. I don’t advocate doing anything less. It’s not right to push aside the very valid and important Constitutional issue of the eligibility of the current resident of White House to hold the job as though it is of no consequence. There have been people scoffing for over a year now, yet lawsuits continue. The issue is law.  The highest office in the land, the one responsible for upholding our laws and protecting our freedoms, is the issue.

Most reasonable people don’t question the “citizenship” of Obama. The Constitution has special requirements for holders of the presidency. One of them is “natural born citizen.” That is a higher standard than “citizen.” It is a higher standard than “native citizen.”

Some people signed off on Obama’s qualification rather cavalierly either knowingly or carelessly. They need to be held to account.

It’s easy to ridicule and destroy the reputations and careers of people fighting this battle, but it’s wrong. Orly Taitz, regardless of whether or not one questions her professionalism, does not deserve the treatment she has received from anonymous callers, malicious supporters of Obama, or from major media outlets. She comes willing and determined to defend our Constitution, while so many charged with that responsibility have forsaken it completely.

Donofrio, Pidgeon, Berg, Kreep, and others fighting the battle do not deserve the ridicule. The American people overwhelmingly want to know the truth.

An honest hearing is required.

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  1. Old1:

    I mostly have seen smrstraus, and alfred only a bit. It is frustrating to deal with their foolishness. It is like they can’t read and understand English and they attempt to tie things up in knots. The issue is really simple since Obama’s father was born in Kenya and he never naturalized to the United States.

  2. Below is a copy of an email I’ve sent to Attorney Orly Taitz. Those who have been following this issue might find it interesting:


    Orly Taitz
    Defend Our Freedoms Foundation
    29839 Santa Margarita Pkwy Ste 100
    Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
    Phone 949-683-5411

    Mrs. Taitz,

    While studying the 1973 Roe vs. Wade ruling, I came across a precedent of law which I thought *might* be used to gain standing in lawsuits regarding Obama’s eligibility for the presidency.

    In this historic case, Jane Roe’s appeal for the right to abort her child would have been considered moot after she had given birth to the child. However, an exception to this rule was cited considering this type of case as “capable of repetition, yet evading review”. This established precedent was accepted, as it was unlikely that any pregnant woman would be able to get past the trial stage before giving birth.

    I noticed the similar circumstances between this case and those against Obama which have been thrown out because he has already assumed the presidency. This crisis of uncertainty with regard to the Presidency, if not resolved within this term, may very well happen again. Although use of this precedent may be dubious, it might be worth consideration and may lead to another method of thinking.


    I must add- I think it is unreasonable that so many cases against Obama have been tossed out on the premise of lack of standing. I consider our Constitution to be more than law- It is a guarantee. It is a contract between each American individual and their government, and provides recourse against a government which would attempt to violate that contract. To say that an assault on and a deterioration of our Constitution does not affect the individual is absurd!

    Thank you for your continued efforts in this matter. I believe many others share my concern and sentiments.



    Mr. Charlton replies: Dr. Taitz already used that argument, I believe, in court, in Oct. before Carter. It’s common knowledge among lawyers, that such a circumstance affords review…

  3. NilesMC and Dorus among many others understand the issue, which is much simpler than Obama supporters would like you to believe. In confirming Donofrio and Appuzzo’s claims I too have spent time with history I didn’t learn as a student. One of the frequent claims is that de Vattel had been dug up by racist Obama haters, and that there are only two types of citizenship, natural, and naturalized.

    It turns out that Vattel was the text specified by Thomas Jefferson in his class on The Laws of Nature and of Nations, begun in 1779 at William and Mary College. John Marshall, an amazing man, was one of Jefferson’s students in 1880. The text continued to be used for the course and William and Mary until 1841, and for law courses at most other colleges. Vattel was the most cited legal resource in American jurisprudence between 1789 and 1820. The most concise source for this is the Grotian Society Papers of 1972, in a chapterby F.S. Ruddy, “The Acceptance of Vattel”. Some founders, Wilson and Hamilton, refer to Vattel as American common law. The term was used in dozens of cases and with Vattel cited in half a dozen that I know of.

    The more you look the more you’ll find references to Vattel. F.S. Ruddy feels that Vattel’s fame was because his Law of Nations was particularly clearly written, but that the genius was really that of Wolf, Grotius, Pufendorf and Leibniz (yes, that Leibniz, for those who have studied the calculus).

    Even Michael Chertoff and Patrick Leahy were clear about the assumed defintion when they quoted the jus sanguinis (descending from parents) part of the law in the fourth congressional attempt, Senate Res 511, to insure McCain would be available to run against, thus covering Obama’s ineligibility. Leahy’s weasel words to the affect that “though not defined in the constitution” show that these snakes anticipated that questions would eventually arise. Chertoff’s comment was added for whatever credibility it conveyed, and he was more direct, but cited only “… if you are born of American parents, you are naturally a natural-born American citizen,” leaving out the unfortunate fact, because McCain did provide his long form birth certificate, that he was born in the Colon Hospital in Panama, not on the Naval base, though in the unusual cirumstance of Panama, it would have made no difference (see Gabriel Chin, U of Arizona, Why McCain Cannot be President) It was a ploy, using sympathy for the patriot McCain’s ineligibility to provide cover for the guy with the alien father. Obama was exactly what our founders tried to protect us from – a commander in chief with allegiance to something or some place other than our republic of laws.

    The most readable case for me was The Venus 12 U.S. 253. The internet was slow in the pre-Al Gore years 1811 and 1812. Merchant ships set off for the new U.S. with cargo owned by firms some of whose owners had recently changed allegiance. They had no idea the War of 1812 had been declared. When British frigates intercepted The Venus, commandered the cargo, and arrested some men who were claimed as British citizens, the case eventually went to court. This was a perfect case to clarify the different legal philosopies of citizenship held by the new U.S. and its former owner. John Marshall, whose clarity of thought was also shown in the decision on Marbury v. Madison which guides separation of powers, decided to insure clarity and cited Vattel at paragraph 289, and the phrase which has always been the definition for natural born citizen, “…born in the country of citizen parents.”

    We are a representative republic, or want to restore that status. Our representatives are awakening, but asking the wrong questions – perhaps intentionally. None of us knows that Obama was not born in the U.S. He is being protected by very powerful people, and we are squandering our time and fortunes on the hope that some rumor will prove true. We absolutely know, because Obama told us, on his web site and in two autobiographies, that he was born a British subject. He advertised the fact when he ran for the senate. The African card may have established his political career – until his benefactors realized he could run for president against a shaky old guy who also had an eligibility problem. We need our representatives to face the real eligibility problem, because there is no doubt whatsoever about the declared facts. Chief Justice John Marshal, Chief Justice Waite, Joseph Story, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and many more have confirmed the definition. Don’t bother with guesses. If and when the question is addressed, either Obama will resign, if that is possible from an office he can’t hold, or he will provide an alternative background to what he has told the nation, and the mysteries of Kenya, Seattle, Vancouver, birth records, will be “discovered” – or he will disappear. I’d take the latter.


    Mr. Charlton replies: While you post reflects the effort of much study and knowledge, if you use some of that talent reading our articles at The Post & Email you will see that there are several testimonies to the fact that Obama was born in Mombasa, not the least of which is Obama himself, in a chance encounter with Race Bannon in 1980.

    1. Excellent post, Spaulding. In addition to The Venus, there are the cases of Minor v. Happersett and Perkins v. Elg.

      The question below is one that the media does not want asked. The beauty of this question is that is has nothing to do with where Obama was born or his birth certificate.

      How can the status at birth of a natural born citizen of the United States of America be “governed” by the laws of Great Britain?

  4. This is one of the most basic of questions about Obama that should have been answered years ago. Since he has not seen clear to address this issue truthfully, I don’t believe anything the man professes. No matter what it is.

  5. It is absolutely expected that anyone taking the highest seat of service, and a position that views national security issues have a thorough back ground check in full view of the people who are hiring him. Anyone found aiding and abetting such a needed back ground check with intent to mislead the people or conceal matters of great concern to the People of this Land of who this government is from. Has committed the highest treason against the People to whom they are accountable. The Citizens of the 50 States of America.

  6. The problem, jd, is that we, as responsible Americans were complacent for too long and allowed the progressives to infect our ruling authorities. I have had one instance in my adult life where I actually voted for a candidate that I liked. That was Ronald Reagan. From Lyndon Johnson on, it has always been “the lesser of two evils” and hold your nose except for the instance sighted. We are at the edge of a serious precipice that will not allow us to be complacent anymore. Every candidate elected must be the “anti-obama”. They must stand for God, America and the family. No excuses anymore. Any who cannot answer that challenge is not fit to serve. Take back our great republic for our children.

    1. I agree!!
      Once our nation started taking God out of this country we were doomed!!
      Our founding fathers intended for this country to be FOUNDED on God (the solid rock)
      and was pro family, family values/morals,ect!!
      when you take GOD out of anything especially this country it is only a matter of time before everything else starts to deteriorate! The lies deceptions now have a chance to take root whereas before if God was the main root for which everything else stemmed or branched off of I promise you that deception would have an extreamly hard time to plant before being uprooted after being exposed to the TRUTH!! I feel bad for our children> and I along with you and many others need to stop being filled with fear and if you believe in God then “no weapons formed against us shall prosper” in Jesus name! And all of us need to join together and demand the truth of what is LEGALLY owed to all of us”citizens”!!

  7. If it is not possible to see the birth certificate, would it be possible to go after the people who did see it, and see what they saw? Someone (maybe Pelosi) saw enough to seat him, could we go after her (or whoever it was) and make them prove that what they saw was legal?

  8. for 2 years I’ve been explaining The British Nationality Act of 1948 to anyone who brought this subject up. Kenya, at the time of Barry/Barack Soetoro/Obama Jr.’s birth was a colony of Great Britain. If what Barry/Barack claimed about his own father was true, it would mean that he isn’t eligible to hold the Office of the Presidency per Article II, Section 1.4-5 of the Constitution for the united States of America.

    2 days ago, I read (and was compelled to download and print) an article by Jack Cashill called ‘Another Look at Obama’s Origins’.

    I won’t go into it cuz I’m not expecting you to take my word for it anyway. Please check it out. It’s dated February 07, 2010 and my copy is from the American Thinker site. If you choose to check it out, you will find the reasons why I bothered to download it.

    Obama’s past is way more f’d up than we thought it was.

  9. Friends, this is bigger than most can believe! We are at war! There is a World Wide Communist coup trying to take control of our America right now today! In fact they are in control as we type to each other right now. They have their puppet sleeping in our White House tonight. He reads their words from his dual teleprompters even to 3rd graders and stands for nothing that is not displayed in front of his eyes. This is truly stranger than fiction but unfortunately is true. The New World Order Wants control of our America and they will spend whatever it takes to get that control and keep it. They have an army of Obots that type their propaganda on all the blogs and websites that I am sure you have had to deal with. alferd, smrstraus, are two I know well and there are many many more. But this coup has given new life to our America. The long sleeping giant, the silent majority, are now awake and they appear not to happy once they discovered that they have been lied to and deceived for the last 3 years. We have a chance to prevail but we have to join the fight and spread the truth around. Thanks for your site and your help in this cause.

  10. I agree wholeheartedly that this issue is and has been brushed under the rug. It is plain as day to anyone who reads the constitution that 0bama is ineligible, period. This issue is not debatable. There will come a time in the next year, as the administration continues to flail, and his approval ratings fall to a certain level, that the media mutiny will begin. Once this happens, the eligibility lawsuits will gain traction and media attention. Of course, the media will deny ever trying to marginalize the effort. But the Constitution in the end, will win out. It will be historic, but Biden will be president, lol! I would assume that if the supreme court decides to remove 0bama, the right course of action would to be to annul his entire administration and have a special election, like Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy’s senate seat went. All his appointees and signed laws should also be annulled, but this will never happen, one thing at a time…..

    1. I believe that the way it would work is that once Obama is removed, unless complicit, Biden would become President, but only temporarily until a special election is held.

  11. This whole thing is about the closest parallel to “the emperor has no clothes” imaginable.

    He has no verifiable history whatsoever, and nobody dare question it.

  12. Salute out to Commander Charles Kerchner and Mario Apuzzo!

    New AD – “Citizen vs. Natural Born Citizen” – it’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with Obama’s Exact Citizenship Status – Washington Times National Weekly – Monday 08 Feb 2010 Issue – pg 15:


    Many people do not know there is a difference between a “Citizen” and a “natural born Citizen.” Being a “Citizen” of any type, whether an Article II natural born Citizen, 14th Amendment born Citizen, 14th Amendment naturalized Citizen, or statutory born Citizen under a Congressional Act, means you are a member of the society and entitled to all its rights and privileges. But under our Constitution to serve in the singular most powerful office in our government, that is to be the President and Commander-in-Chief of our military under our Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, of our Constitution you need to be a “natural born Citizen.” Being a “natural born Citizen” cannot be conveyed by any laws of man and can only be conveyed by the facts of nature at the time of your birth and circumstances of your birth, i.e., being born in the country to two citizens of the country. (Legal Treatise “The Law of Nations – Principles of Natural Law” Section 212 by E. Vattel 1758, SCOTUS Decision Venus 1814, SCOTUS Decision Minor v Happersett 1874). This new advertorial is designed to help educate the public pictorially about the fact that Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen of the USA and thus is ineligible under our Constitution to the office he sits in. Obama is a Usurper who was allowed to be put there by millions in foreign money, a corruptly lead Congress, and an enabling main stream media. This is a constitutional crisis and a national security concern that must be addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court or our Republic, Constitution, and Liberties are in great danger.

    Obama is hiding the truth from the People with an enabling media and is refusing to answer questions on his Article II constitutional eligibility to be President and Commander in Chief of the military. In fact he said last week people should not even question him about it. With him his exact citizenship status policy is, “don’t ask, don’t tell” and hope it goes away. Well it is not going away. This is a constitutionally based legal eligibility question. Obama’s election fraud and cover up will be revealed. The truth and the Constitution will win the day in the end and We the People will constitutionally remove the Usurper from his illegally obtained office.

    Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., Commander USNR (Retired)
    Lead Plaintiff, Kerchner v Obama & Congress
    http://puzo1.blogspot.com/ … help the cause: http://www.protectourliberty.org/

    1. What’s the status of Orly Tatiz’s filing to the Washington, D.C. Court?

      And, Commander Kerchner’s article is on target. Can he not get anyone on FOX to interview him, on air about this?

    2. Can we tell the American People the truth and admit that there is a MASS CONSPIRACY by the democrats and republicans in collusion with the main stream media including Glenn Beck, Breitbart, Limbaugh and the rest of the MSM that is invoking a CODE of SILENCE that deliberately blocks and prevents ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 from ever being a national topic of discussion! One who watches the MSM a lot would have to be an idiot not to notice that there is a CODE of SILENCE in play here in America as we speak! This is very dangerous to the American way of life and must be exposed for others to see!