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by Sharon Rondeau

Rep. Nathan Deal, R-GA and Gubernatorial Candidate

(Feb. 8, 2010) — Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) has gone on camera answering questions regarding a letter he wrote to Obama regarding his eligibility to serve as President of the United States.

On February 6, 2010, Carl Swensson, Republican Precinct Captain for Morrow, GA, interviewed Deal for about five minutes, during which he asked about the letter.  Deal, who currently represents the 9th congressional district of Georgia, is running for that state’s governor.   The interview took place at the “Faith, Family and Freedom Kickoff” at Riverside High School in Atlanta, GA on Saturday.

As reported by The Post & Email on January 5, 2010, Deal’s letter was sent electronically to the White House on December 1, 2009.  The contents of the letter have not been made public, and Deal stated Saturday that he did not have a copy of it with him at the time.

According to a January 8, 2010 report from the Political Insider, “The White House…confirmed receipt of a letter from U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal that formally asks Barack Obama to address questions about his place of birth – and thus, whether he is qualified to be president.”

When Swensson asked Deal if he had received a response, Deal replied that he has not.

Deal states on camera that he is not questioning Obama’s legitimacy for the presidency but is requesting a source of verifiable information for his constituents who have questions about it.

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  1. YOU AND I are WE THE PEOPLE…. you work for us Obama… we ask for you birthcertificate… we demand it !!! ALthough it makes no difference,,, because your not a Natural Born Citizen,
    “There is no alternative legal definition for a Natural Born Citizen to the one taught by Thomas Jefferson in his class at William and Mary College, starting in 1779: “born in the country of citizen parents.” The text for Jefferson’s course, a course John Marshal attended, was from Vattel’s Law of Nations.” THAT IS PLURAL… NOT SINGULAR !@!!

  2. Maybe he was born in Hawaii but the BC does not list who his father is. Or it lists him as Malcolm X. Suppose the secret is that he gave up his citizenship to move to Indonesia and become a citizen and still remains one. There are certainly more scenarios that can be listed. Why doesn’t most people, especially investigative reporters, want to know the truth? At least let’s say the Constitution means something and that we want to live by it.

  3. I was responding at Red State yesterday to a piece by Aaron Gardner on focusing on the issues not the technicalities and got banned from that entire blog for just explaining Scotus cases,etc, I retorted strongly to a guy named Neil and called him out to specifically define NBC.They were so rude and condescinding I was shocked. Did not have enough support over there…they were trouncing the birfers bigtime. Many cited Hawaii’s verification without any new info. It was a torment as I was blocked from there. THE GUY THAT WAS SOOOOO RUDE WAS NAMED AARON GARDNER.

  4. Deal should not be accorded any kudos for this. He is not challenging the Constitutional qualifications of the usurper, he is only asking for them to reply to his constituents’ questions. Slippery if you ask me. I would not vote for this guy for governor.

  5. Is Obama trying to trash this concept? who would be aiding and abetting him in this effort and why?
    One of the founding principles of the US is that it is to be a nation of laws, not men. The flaws of the European history of power emanating from royalty and then passing down to the nobility and, via personal preferment, to court courtiers was all too real to the founders.

  6. God gave each of us a brain. Use it to contemplate if the things we know about this man are even possible. This person’s entire life is based on one lie spun after another. He is a player and we are the playees.

    He seriously needs to have the light of Truth shown on him before it is too late for us all.


    Mr. Charlton replies: If we use those brains, we can see clearly that with the Birth CertificateS revealed, we will either have evidence that his father was the Brit, or that he lied about his background; in either case, it will cook his goose.

    It is a subtle, but very disingenuos tactic of Obama supporters, to pose as patriots who push the idea that we ought not work toward getting the BCs disclosed….they do this because they want the claims of the eligibility movement to remain without supporting documentation.

    1. I agree.

      The purpose of my Quo Warranto as an established Ex-relator plaintiff with Dr Taitz pushes the “Dual Allegiance” matter right up front.

      BHO has repeatedly declared his father to be the Kenyan / British subject Barack Obama Sr. and as such combined with the actual marriage between Obama and Dunham no matter what else is said, there is a Dual Allegiance issue at his birth; and for which I have the preponderance of evidence to get a Declaratory Judgment from Judge Lamberth.

      Now If BHO decides he is going to bring in his real father’s DNA to compare his with, then let him do it. But until he proves otherwise he has Dual Allegiance at birth- Case Closed and however you slice it Plugs Joe Biden is the Pres. with the 25th Amend and Article 2 Section 1 becuase BHO is ineligible for POTUS.

  7. Well~It’s simple as ABC…..

    (could be a ‘hanky-panky’ job….probably, with help from a friend ???)

    *Definitely he has a problem proving himself right….
    Everything was all his mother’s doing…he was only a small fart at that time

    If it was Obama’s doing~I’m sure, he knows how to ‘cover his tracks’ with
    the ideals he professes…..Hahaha