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by John Charlton

Hitler's Brown Shirts was a group of violent political operatives, under the leadership of Sodomites and Sadomasochists, who made it a point to terrorize his political opponents.

(Jan. 26, 2010) — Recent reports have brought national attention to the fact that Obama has implemented Cass Sunstein’s strategy of cognitive dissonance in the creation of Internet teams which harass citizens with invective on Internet blogs, forums, chat rooms, and websites.  Several sites have been attacked by this corps of Brown Shirts, others hacked, others harassed.

The Post & Email has substantial internal evidence that there are individuals who post the same identical comments over and over in favor of Obama and attacking his critics.  Since these individuals are most likely members of Obama’s Brown Shirt corps under direct or indirect control of Cass Sunstein, we believe it a duty of patriotism to make it a policy of listing the little information we have about them so that other sites can examine their own computer logs and collect information on these individuals in a mutual effort to protect free speech.

List of Brown Shirt Members:

Preston, claims to use  pcu@iwon.com as his email and posts from the ip number 192.30.115.XXX, which ip number is associated with Palomar Community College District, San Marcos, California: he posts repeated comments berating Neil Sankey (Private Investigator working with Orly Taitz).

Myron, claims to use  Mrrobertplant2007@xxx.com (redacted) as his email and posts from ip number 198.22.21.XXX, which ip number is associated with Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Houston, Texas:  Myron posts comments in perfect “cognitive dissonance” form to disagree with any point he believes is most vulnerable and to attempt to get a reaction.

Amalgam, claims to use biffguiznot@xxx.com (redacted) as his email and posts from ip number 66.214.93.XXX, which ip number is a Charter Communications Customer, out of Malibu, California: he is rather famous for 1) appearing to be a resident of the same locale as the editors of Snopes.com, and 2) posting recurrent nasty remarks about anything he/she can think of. His/her nick makes one thing of a Union employee, but he has used other nicks which indicate familiarity with the OT and Hebrew language.

Not true, is not so easy to identify, since he changes his nick and his email address, nottrue@nottrue.com, also changes to suit his message, but he prefers a “not true” kind of tone; he posts from the ip number 12.204.118.XXX, which is out of Parsippany, New Jersey and associated with Gannet Co. (the news agency?).

smrstrauss (snrstrauss), is a rather notorious Obot who uses smrstrauss@xxx.com (redacted) as his email address and posts from ip number  96.237.177.XXX, which hails from Arlington, Massachusetts. You’ll find him more frequently at The Right Side of Life.

da verg, is another infamous Obot who claims to use ezdude123@xxx.com (redacted) as his email address and posts from 75.11.185.XXX, which hails from San Diego, California: notorious for his twisted logic, personal attacks, he seems unable to resist attacking a certain woman lawyer who sued Obama.

The Everett-WA Stalker, is perhaps the most violent and perverse of all Obots: he resides in the vicinity of Seattle, Washington, uses a variety of nicks and email addresses and ips numbers: at The Post & Email he has expressed hope and delight that all conservatives are sent to gulags and exterminated, that all Birthers are shot, and that Orly be violently raped. The Post & Email has filed 3 criminal complaints against him with the Everett Police Department, which seems yet to have done nothing to stop him.  He seems to be a time bomb waiting to explode in another shooting spree. Recently he has switched his IP number to state parks outside of Seattle.

Mary Adams, is one of the original “I hate Orly” obots, who claims to use Maryadams@yahoo.com as her email, and posts from ip number 24.10.112.xxx, which hails from  Sacramento, California, though she is known to use different ips: she prefers nasty comments, insults and mindless statements. If she is from Sacramento, then she is probably a state worker who gets a cushy enough job to afford high speed cable access from home.

Seriously, is an obot who claims to use petroje@xxx.com (redacted) as his email, and posts from ip number 206.208.224.XXX, which is associated with the Cap Gemini system in the northern suburbs of Houston. He loves the word “stupid” and “get over it” and emphasizes that Obama is “our” president, which obviously means he considers himself part of Obama’s regime.

bob, is a pervert from San Francisco who claims to use bob@yahoo.com as his email and who posts from ip number 75.36.159.XXX in the city of San Francisco: he is obsessed with the vocabulary of perverse acts against women.

Bovril, is another classic obot who claims to use bovril1a@xxx.net as his email, and posts from ip number 67.81.177.xxx, which hails out of Hoboken, New Jersey. He practices Cass Sunstein’s cognitive infiltration tactics. He might be the same guy as “Not true.”

The Newton Center Obot, uses a variety of nicks and emails addresses and hails from Newton Center, MA. He is known to use irony and satire, since he has no facts to back up his disagreeing statement.

Since our outing of Obots in a previous report, we have not seen the Brown Shirts who hail from the northern suburb of Montreal or the northeast suburb of Orlando, Florida; nor the one from Westchester County, New York.

You see, light makes cockroaches scatter.  Search the logs of your blog/website, and you might find a lot of visits from the Brown Shirts above.  By posting your own lists you can protect free speech by shaming the political operatives of the Obama regime.

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  1. There many more cyber Obamaterrorist around – Pajama Media used to be infested with them – at any moment of the day there used to be at LEAST 4 or 5 of them on any threads, and they were nasty and disruptive. Now on PJ there are only a couple of silly sleepers.
    However, the Right Side of Life is still infested with a few aggressive Obamatons who openly admit that work hand in hand with Politijab and Bad Fiction – out of Charlton list I recognized smrstrauss (who is a weasel) and Preston (who is very stupid)

  2. Hope you can do a long article on those who are harrassing Orly’s web site, and expose them to the world.


    Mr. Charlton replies: We cannot and I probably wouldn’t, because when you report about security issues on a website, you tell you enemies what stepts you took to defend yourself and deal with the attack, and that gives them valuable information to prepare an even more deadly attack the next time. Plus, Orly should not divulge her security issues with any third party.

  3. That little scamp “Preston” left a comment on my post “Natural Born Integrity”, posted yesterday eve. I’m flattered, but I declined to allow the comment through. I moderate, as I find it a very effective tool in disarming these Alinsky tactics.
    I mean, please Brownshirts, don’t you get it yet? Don’t you know that no one is impacted by your goofy nonsense?
    So I say to Preston, pcu@iwon, IP: – You are most welcome to leave your little comments, which I will cheerfully delete.
    Thanks for the ongoing work of exposing these dullards!

  4. Exposing Obama’s PSYOPS Agents and Tactics

    Psychological Operations (PSYOP, PSYOPS) are techniques used to influence a target audience’s value systems, belief systems, emotions, motives, reasoning, and behavior. PSYOPS tactics are used on target audiences in order to induce confusion, or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives.

    Tips on how to spot Obot PSYOPS agents and refute them.


  5. Mr. Charlton – I have been lurking here for some time but I think this article, on the heels of the outing of Obama agent Ellie Light, is really timely. Congratulations on an excellent expose. I do agree with you that the Sunstein/Alinsky connection has been conclusively shown by this form of astroturfing. I am not sure I would call them brownshirts, but they are definitely bullies.

    Keep up the good work. And I applaud your patriotism and tenacity.

  6. Check Mystylplx on YouTube for another one (and elsewhere on the internet).

    Mystylplx even went so far as to edit Wikipedia’s ‘Calendar Date’ entry in an attempt to conceal the fact that Kenya uses/has used both little endian and middle endian date formats (disinformation to debunk a Kenyan BC claim that still remains highly intriguing at the very least – and possibly proof of a Kenyan birth).

  7. Actually John this has become a story unto itself. One story is the ineligibility of Obama (the saga continues), but this suppression in a Free Country (?) has become another story. The American people who know about this now don’t like it-more to follow-ignoring any of these issues now will just make things much worse later. I think most people who are unaware now will be shocked at these worse than criminal activities, I would call them treasonous due to First Amendment rights.

  8. So many of those names look familiar but the tactics are always the same. The Hillbuzz guys are under siege right now and trying to find out who has been threatening them with bodily harm and more. Others who have been hacked are: Oil for Immigration and Phil Berg, Orly (constantly). It begs the question Freedom of Speech???

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could go to the Justice Dept and get some help.

      OOPS! The justice dept is now in the business of aiding and abetting the criminal left.
      Not only the birth cert, but the civil rights case in Philly, the case of the inspector general Walpin, and who knows how many others things, too.

      And the sad part is the only thing that can stop them is a voter uprising, and since they know this, it’s precisely why they are in the process of rigging the voter registration rules and getting their people in the sec of state positions by hook or by crook.

  9. What is needed is the owners of websites hacked – destroyed investigate who did it and then file criminal charges against the hacker(s) and furthermore find a link to Obama and his thugs. We all hear about paper trails but aren’t there investigative techniques to identify the culprits?

  10. Interesting article. Last week many of the Oborters have disappeared from the youtube comments section. They do not post replys anymore.

    Maybe, Obama finally ran out of money to pay them for their treason.

  11. Way To Go, John.

    This is a brilliant initiative on your part. I hope that this post will go viral and all of the other sensible websites will also ‘out’ their own Obot ‘Brown Shirts’. They are an absolute menace and waste a huge amount of our time. I have taken on smrstrauss and da verg in the past. Nowadays, I totally ignore the obots and just hope that the website moderators will eventually ban them.

    The obots can exercize their free speech on obot sites. We don’t have to put up with their SABOTAGE.

  12. The Amazon.com politics discussion forum is infested with Obots. It is dominated by hard lefties, and anyone critical of Obama is pretty much run out of there. The worst offender is a guy who goes by the name of Hot Chocolate Guy, who has camped out on that forum for at least two years now praising Obama to the hilt and calling anyone who doesn’t worship Obama crazy or deranged.