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I Believe The Fix Was In for the 2008 Election and The Cover Up is Still Going Strong!

A "Free Press" which works to ignore the Constitution is a "Free Press" which works against your liberty.

(Jan. 24, 2010) —  I believe that the RNC and DNC at the highest levels in 2008 were both complicit in shutting down all discussion of Obama’s eligibility issue in the Congress, Main Stream Media, Print Press, and in the leading conservative Talk Show radio stations. I believe that the RNC and the DNC were complicit in subverting Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of our Constitution as to the eligibility requirements for the Office of the President, i.e., the person eligible for that office must be a “natural born Citizen“, i.e., one born in the country to parents who are both citizens of the country such that the child born has singular and sole allegiance at birth to the USA and no citizenship at birth with any other country via his parents or due to the place or location of birth.

A natural born Citizen needs no law or resolution of Congress to give or clarify citizenship status. Natural born Citizenship status can only be obtained by the facts of nature at the child’s birth. This is natural law. This is what the founders and framers of our Constitution required for the singular and most powerful office of the President and Commander in Chief of the military.

John Jay and George Washington put that requirement into the Constitution for exactly the reason that the person serving in that office would have no foreign influences on him/her at birth due to the facts and circumstances of his/her citizenship at birth. Only “natural born Citizenship” in the USA per natural law guarantees no other allegiance or citizenship claims by an another country at birth. If you are born on the U.S. soil of parents who are both citizens, no other country can claim you as a Citizen of their country and you are only governed by the laws of the USA at your birth.

This is natural law as written by Vattel in 1758 in his legal book, “The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law“. The 1775 edition of this legal book was used as a reference by Benjamin Franklin and other founders to set up our new nation in 1776 in the writing of the Declaration of Independence and also in drafting the new form of federal government in 1789 and the writing of our Constitution, the fundamental law of our nation. Obama was born British. How can a person be born a British Subject be considered to be a “natural born Citizen” of the USA, to constitutional standards?  He cannot.  Our founders must be rolling over in their graves witnessing what transpired in the 2008 election cycle.

Both parties put up questionable candidates in 2008 as to their birth citizenship, Obama was born as a British Subject and McCain was born in Panama, and then they proceeded to cover up for each other and helped shut down the media and talk radio totally via their respective high contacts in the media industry and elected officials within the sitting Bush administration and in Congress as well as within their own respective presidential campaign organizations. No one in either political party wanted a free and open debate in the media as to the true historical, constitutional, and Supreme Court common law cases mentioning Vattel and his words on the meaning of “natural born Citizen”.  No one in either political party wanted a full Congressional hearing about the true meaning of Article II of the U.S. Constitution concerning and who is eligible to be President and Commander in Chief of the military, especially in the case of Obama whose father was not even an immigrant to this country, let alone a citizen.

We are a nation of immigrants.  But Obama’s father was never one. The political parties and powers in DC wanted to hide this issue from the American people for the political ambition and power of both political parties to run the candidate of their choice irrespective of Constitutional issues. They did not want to hear from the People about this.  So the cover up began to squelch all discussion of it to keep as many people in the dark as possible. “Thou shalt not talk about the presidential constitutional Article II eligibility issues ” was the word put out by all the powers to be in Washington DC and the USA media. It was reported that even outright threats were made to certain conservative talk show radio hosts in the last quarter of 2008.

And it continues to this day, imo, and is most obvious with the stone silence and “cone of silence” and occasional mocking comments made by the talk show hosts about the eligibility issue questions if mentioned briefly by a guest now and then on Fox News. The approach on Fox News is to ban the topic.

Other networks such as MSNBC simply mock the movement continually using Saul Alinsky’s tactics from Rules for Radicals rule number 5, ridicule, to stifle all open, serious, and public debate on the issue and to scare off any one in political power from broaching the subject. Anyone even just mentioning this issue is pounced on for the ridicule treatment by the press.

This shut down of a free and full “on air” debate of the Obama eligibility issue with serious scholars and legal experts representing each side (such as my attorney, Mario Apuzzo) being allowed on the air together with someone from the Obot side to debate this issue openly is being orchestrated at the highest levels of the RNC and DNC and their elected official type contacts in various powerful positions both today and back in Dec 2008 and early Jan 2009. Whispers in the hallways allude to grave consequences if one breaches this subject seriously on the air ways.

The RNC silenced opposition in the conservative talk show radio and elsewhere in late 2008 which has enabled Obama to take power virtually unopposed as to addressing his constitutional eligibility in any serious manner in public debate via the national media. The leadership of the RNC at the highest levels, imo, shut down members of their own political party in Congress and via using their contacts in the highest levels of government, they helped shut down conservative talk radio and TV hosts with innuendos and and whispers of the consequences if this subject surfaced for discussion in a major way on their shows. They were told to keep the eligibility issue and the so called “Birthers” banned on their callers list with special instructions to the call screeners to keep them off the air. The RNC powers to be and their political connections used their power to do this to cover up their own subverting of Article II of the Constitution via putting up a candidate of their own with questionable natural born Citizenship status as their candidate for President. The big liberal media anointed Obama (a hard core progressive and Socialist) and then anointed McCain (a progressive light) because they knew McCain had a citizenship issue of his own and thus would keep him silent about Obama’s. And it worked. A “cone of silence” was dropped on the eligibility issue in the DC media and Congress and elsewhere in American to cover up for what both parties were doing, subverting Article II of the U.S. Constitution in the 2008 election. Listen to this radio show interview for more details.

Atty Apuzzo & CDR Kerchner on Andrea Shea King Radio Show hosted by Andrea Shea King – Friday, 22 Jan 2010, 9 p.m. EST: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/askshow/2010/01/23/the-andrea-shea-king-show

Imo, when this subversion of our Constitution in the 2008 election cycle and the massive cover up by people in the highest levels of the RNC and DNC and their elected official contacts, and our government is exposed, this will be a far worse scandal than Watergate. It will be the worst scandal & political crisis and constitutional crisis in America since the Civil War. Who will win the Pulitzer Prize for exposing this travesty to the Constitution, liberty, and justice in America.

I believe this is what has happened in America and the reason for the cone of silence about Obama’s citizenship issues since the start of the 2008 election cycle and it continues to this day. It is a national disgrace and a threat to our freedom and liberty and the survival of our Constitution and Republic. We do not know Obama’s true legal identity. He has hidden and sealed all his early life records. What is he hiding? How can we trust this man usurping the Oval Office to protect America from foreign influence at the highest levels. He bows to Saudi Kings! He backs far-left dictators in Central America like Castro and Hugo Chavez in stifling freedom and Constitutional government in Honduras. Maybe he saw what could happen to him in the Constitutional crisis down there. Who is Obama loyal too? We do not know who he really is. The eligibility issue must be fully and openly discussed in the Main Stream Media, the Congress, and in our Courts. Our liberty and freedom is in the balance.

God bless and protect America in the coming test this year of our fundamental core constitutional rights and our very freedom as this cover up is further exposed.


Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. , Commander USNR (Retired)
Lead Plaintiff , Kerchner v Obama & Congress

For more information on the lawsuit: http://puzo1.blogspot.com
To help the cause, please visit: http://protectourliberty.org

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  1. To all that are demanding senate trial I say forget it . There will be no action from any senator on this at all because they are in on the fix. If senators held a hearing on this all we would get would be their covering their rear,
    They have all been asked to look into this and some will not even reply to person asking . what does this tell you?
    I think we all need to be looking into third party as both parties are against America. Look at last three presidents each has added to federal control a little at a time until we have reached present time. with or without majority in congress this continues and party in power goes along with it so how can we keep trusting either party?
    Some say to take over the Republican party but I do not believe the top will go so easy, they will keep putting roadblocks in the way to keep people from electing the candidates they want such as fixing primaries so party candidate wins.

    1. I just don’t understand why the fix would be in? What is in it for the republicans? The whole thing makes no sense. Even the senate came up with that interpretation when McCain was questioned, that you had to have two US citizen parents. Well hello, duh, BHO doesn’t and he admitted it so where is the controversy? There didn’t have to be any investigation or show of documents. He incriminated himself, no republican had to, so where is the downside? There is something still so strange about this story.


      Mr. Charlton replies: What most people do not know or fail to admit, is that the Republican Party is controlled at the financial level by the same social class as the Democratic Party, and that the Republican party for a long time, and now elements of the Tea Party are under the same control and serve no so much to be true opposition, but theatrical opposition, so as to blunt any real reaction and opposition to the agenda of International Socialism. That is why Democrats work hardest against true social conservative Christians who run on Republican tickets, and attack them when they run in Republican primaries against progressive Republicans like McCain.

  2. If any of you have not wondered why NONE of the MainStreamMedia have even offered a peep about Obama’s lack of Constitutional eligibility, here’s a very likely explanation (the thread begins “I Believe …”):


    And if you’ve not heard any of the reasons he’s NOT eligible, check other blog entries on that site and, for fun (though they start slowly), check these links for understandable information:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsX5DzZHkIU Three Little Words

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNGG8tIJNMY Merry Christmas OmeriKa!!

  3. In all likelihood there was deal between the DNC and RNC since both 2008 candidates have Article II issues. While there is no doubt about the loyalty and service of McCain there is the nagging fact that he was born in a foreign country in the local hospital and not ‘on the base’. Technically, the is a very real potential a nbC issue. So it appears there was a deal of silence on the issue. This could explain the silence from the conservative radio and TV hosts. If the RNC is ‘in on it’ then these host might also alienate themselves from access to the RNC and the republicans that come on their shows. So under threat of not having guests for their programs they go along with the silence. Except Lou Dobbs and look at his fate.

    There is still the question of Hillary. Why did her campaign not play this out? Paid off? Counter threat of undesired disclosure? The answer of the ‘they looked and found nothing of substance there’ is ludicris.

  4. I have been banned from several talk shows and websites for pushing the issue with the hosts. I have told Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly that they are cowards and hypocrites for their stances. Once, I went as far as I could up the corporate chain at FOX to state my case about the Saudi ownership and the BO eligibility issues. I was escorted from the building for my troubles. Until hard proof that is irrefutable can be made public we are all simply pawns to the progressives.

  5. If any of you read “Obama Nation” by Jerome Corsi, Corsi tried to uncover the facts and get birth records as he insists Obama is not eligible. He even went to Kenya to try and access birth/identity records AFTER the election and was detained there by the government and I did hear later he was finally released and got out of the country “with his life”. I saw him briefly a few months ago on some show but he has been toned down. I imagine he was threatened and terrorized and will not pursue this will the same intensity as before.

    1. Actually, there is nothing in “The Obama Nation” questioning Obama’s birth or Constitutional eligibility.

      And Corsi never went to Kenya after the election.

  6. It is becoming abundantly clear that Obama is not legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies – and that many in not only his own political party but in BOTH political parties are covering up that fact.

    The website for Kerchner et al v. Obama et al has links to innumerable treatises that clearly show the legal reasoning behind this truth (just search around on it a bit but especially the Jan. 19, 2010 Initial Appeals Brief ):


    … or, if that seems too legalistic check these two short videos which start slowly and really dig into the heart of the matter:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsX5DzZHkIU Three Little Words

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNGG8tIJNMY Merry Christmas OmeriKa!!

  7. Agree with all points especially that a public debate on Obama’s eligibility has never been allowed. But this debate could take place at the grass roots level starting with public cable TV channels open to anyone who wishes to air a program, often these audiences are very large because cable operators show them in multiple markets, another venue is on college campues that love controversial topics but in this case be ready for the shout down to prevent free speech but the end result is publicity and speaker fees to continue the movement.

  8. The 14 year residency requirement is key. If you subtract 35 (Minimum age to be the POTUS), you get age 21 which is basically the age of majority. The “Natural Born” citizenship requirement was essentially protect the person from FOREIGN INFLUENCE from ages 0 to 21. After 21, the 14 Year Residency requirement kicked in to make sure that the person’s loyality and allegience to the US didn’t waiver. I guess they thought 14 years was a sufficient number of years to make sure that person was free from FOREIGN INFLUENCE and has 100% Loyality and Allegience to the US.

    1. Interesting analysis and math. I am with you on the 14-year residency requirement and foreign influence. I understand what you mean by protection from foreign influence in years 0 to 21 — being born on US soil and parented by US citizens — but natural born citizenship is more about how citizenship is attained. It is attained by the law of nature and not by the law of man (not even the 14th amendment). If you are born in the US to citizen parents then you are obviously and “naturally” a US citizen — you are a natural born citizen! And the US is the only nation with any claim upon your allegiance at birth.

  9. Why do you think that he treats terrorists as American citizens; affording terrorists American lawyers, that you and I pay for? Because that Kenyan resident is sympathetic to anyone attacking the United States. These are his Muslim brothers.
    This birth certificate issue should be forced; and the Marxist should be forced to produce a serial numbered birth certificate; as a certificate of live birth (artwork created by some PSP sophmore at the white house) is not acceptable.

    This Kenyan would sooner lie than to tell the truth about anything. Hence all the broken campaign promises he used to become president.

    I turn on the TV every morning hoping to hear that he has been XXX. I would settle for deported.

  10. When it’s exposed, whoever does it will surely not get the pulitzer. High honors like that and others are for those who have real accomplishments. You know, like when Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

    More likely, the individual who brings it all to light will be given the Kenneth Starr treatment by the media.

    But keep in mind it is far better to have the approval of Truth than to have the loving adoration of men.

  11. Jeff Katz was a political talk-radio host at WBT in Charlotte, N.C. who refused to drop the Obama BC issue. He took part in the campaign to push for the proof and was seen with Orly Taitz on several occasions. He was fired with no warning supposedly for raising his voice to a caller, as is normal for him and other talk show hosts to do. He has dropped off the map and probably wont get another spot on any radio station until the issue has long died away or is settled and he is redeamed.

    I hope he is somewhere riding the issue. I know I won’t drop it until ‘all’ aspects of his illegal eligibility have been proven and settled, one way or another. Even if just only “ONE” citizen of this country has a question as to someone’s constitutional requirements to serve, the issue should be proven. Nearly half the population of this entire country have their doubts and want to the truth to be settled. Everyone from congress to the courts have played a part in this illegal subversion to perpetuate this ongoing crime against this country, the Constitution, the American people. “We The People” have a ‘RIGHT’ to know!

  12. Thank you for your courage in pursueing this action…sure wish you had a Presidential Candidate named on it.
    Please find this Petition useful in demanding a Senate Trial, which unlike Judicial Trials, can happen within months rather then years..as our Judicial Branch is proceeding at snail speed. As America proved with the Scott Brown victory, if she responds those elected will take a more serious look! Please, take the time to learn the facts, and proceed in the fastest way possible.. this is it. Have yours filed with your Senator today?
    This petition has received so much attention on facebook, it has been banned by facebook authorities because it delivers the truth, and doesn’t need a birth certificate or any other record. WE DEMAND A SENATE TRIAL with the facts already known.
    Copy, paste, print, sign and send… Millions of Americans can do the right thing and take a stand!

    Thank you
    Cody Robert Judy

  13. I would also add that the RNC remains silent on the natural born citizen topic because they have a rising star by the name of Bobby Jindal, who could run for President in 2012 or be the VP nominee. Jindal was born in Louisiana to parents who were citizens of India at the time of his birth. Like Obama, Jindal was a dual citizen at birth and not a natural born citizen.

  14. Very well said — especially the part about the natural law definition of “natural born citizen”.

    I would add that it was not enough for our Founding Fathers that a president be a natural born citizen. In addition to the age requirement, there is also the 14-year residency requirement. Our Founding Fathers understood that foreign influence came not only from birthplace and birthparents, but also from the exposure that comes from having lived in a foreign land. Hence, even a natural born citizen who had lived abroad in the last 14 years would not be eligible.