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by JB Williams

The Website of National Precint Alliance: click to access.
The Website of National Precint Alliance: click to access.

(Jan 24, 2010) — Amid growing controversy surrounding the Tea Party Convention to be held by Tea Party Nation (TPN) in Nashville next month, recognized national leaders of the precinct strategy, National Precinct Alliance (NPA), are announcing that they will not be attending the convention or hosting the precinct strategy workshop.

Several weeks ago, NPA was invited by TPN to host a workshop on their nationwide precinct strategy at the upcoming Tea Party Convention and NPA was originally pleased to teach convention-goers how to correctly engage in self-governance at the local precinct level.

However, national NPA director Phil Glass states today:

“We are very concerned about the appearance of TPN profiteering and exploitation of the grassroots movement reported over the last several days.” – “We were under the impression that TPN was a non-profit organization like NPA, interested only in uniting and educating tea party activists on how to make a real difference in the political arena.”

Glass went on to say:

“We are also concerned about RNC- (Republican National Committee) related groups like Freedom Works and Tea Party Express playing such a big role in the event. – At best, it creates the appearance of an RNC hijacking. At worst, it is one…”

According to Glass:

“The grassroots patriot movement must remain focused upon tangible strategies and not allow itself to become distracted by faction leader infighting or RNC efforts to harness the movement for its own purposes.”

“The entire NPA objective is to put the power of the precinct back in the hands of the people. Our organized effort to accomplish that goal is growing faster than we can keep up. So there is no benefit to wasting time and resources on meetings and conventions still hung up on defining the problem. It’s time for real action and real solutions. We are totally focused on the solutions.”

Tea Party darling Sarah Palin has announced that she will take to the campaign trail for “RINO” John McCain, whose famed McCain-Feingold bill was recently found to be unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. Even Tea Party senator Scott Brown will be campaigning for McCain, whom Arizona tea partiers hope to send out to pasture in November.

Glass finished by saying:

“The people will figure all of this stuff out on their own. National Precinct Alliance will continue to focus on putting the people in control of their own destiny. The people can take it from there…”

[Contact NPA National Director Philip Glass for further information.]

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  1. Winning locally is comparatively easy; winning nationally requires some accommodation of differing points of view. If we constrain our winning circle to the parameters of local politics, we risk drawing a circle so limited in circumference as to exclude national success.

    Sarah Palin cannot please everyone’s preferences. She is not a local/state candidate as McCain now is. She has to draw a big circle that includes imperfect allies, and she can probably benefit from McCain’s support in 2012. Besides, she owes McCain bigtime for making her a player on the national stage.

    Of course local politics is essential, but it is not sufficient to win in the Big Game. Fostering division and making overly nice distinctions does not help us patriots win nationally; cooperation and cutting each other a little lack does advance the cause on a national level. The “National” Precinct Alliance should live up to its name and think in terms of the bigger circle. All the precinct captains in the country cannot win a national election without a suitable national-level candidate like Sarah Palin.

    Sarah does not please me, either, sometimes. I urged her to file a quo warranto petition in D.C., but she has not done so. I wish she would support Obama’s push for a two-state solution in the Middle East, but so far as I can tell she has not done so. Let us not throw the baby out with the bath water.

  2. It does bother me that Palin and now Brown are going to stump for McCain whose pathetic campaign got the country into this mess in the first place. McCain looks down on the grassroots of the party, but then goes to them for help when he needs them. I do not trust the man.