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by Durus Helm

The Valiant Defense of Bastogne, during the Battle of the Bulge was immortalized in the film, "Patton." Above, the first U.S. tank to enter the city (image c/o U.S. Military).

(Jan. 15, 2010) — In light of recent news of the bribe promised to unions during the merging of the Senate and House health care bills which will throw the whole burden of paying for the insanity on to the middle class to force them into the unions and how, for the sake of transparency, Nancy Pelosi stated that the merged version of the health care bill would be posted online for the citizens of America to review for 72 hours before it is voted upon, as one talking head noted, all interested citizens would have to read 500 pages a day to get through it before it was voted on.

In essence, President Obama and Congress will be issuing an ultimatum for the surrender of the citizens of the United States to the health care act monstrosity which they have created.

What should our answer to their ultimatum be?

“Us surrender? Aw, NUTS!”

From the recollections of Lt. General Harry Kinnard, at the time of the siege of Bastogne, a Lieutenant Colonel and Division G-3:

On December 22, 1944, a [Nazi Socialist] German surrender party consisting of two officers and two NCOs and carrying a white flag approached our perimeter in the area of our Glider Regiment, the 327th. The party was taken to a nearby platoon command post. While the enlisted men were detained, the officers were blindfolded and taken to the command post of the 327th where they presented their surrender ultimatum. The ultimatum in essence said the 101st’s position was hopeless and that if we elected not to surrender a lot of bad things would happen.

The message was brought in to the Division Headquarters by Major Alvin Jones, the S-3, and Colonel Harper, the Regimental Commander. They brought the message to me, the G-3, and Paul Danahy, the G-2. My first reaction was that this was a German ruse, designed to get our men out of their foxholes. But be that as it might, we agreed that we needed to take the message up the line. We took it first to the acting Chief of Staff of the Division, Lt. Col. Ned Moore. With him, we took the message to the acting Division Commander General, Tony McAuliffe. Moore told General McAuliffe that we had a German surrender ultimatum. The General’s first reaction was that the Germans wanted to surrender to us. Col. Moore quickly disabused him of that notion and explained that the German’ demanded our surrender. When McAuliffe heard that, he laughed and said, “Us surrender? Aw, nuts!”  The date was December 22nd, 1944.

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  1. The “greatest generation” would have never stood for what they built to have been so treasonously been dismantled.

    When is this generation gonna find some backbone where they throw out that “Unconstitutional Illegal Putative President [USURPER]”, http://tinyurl.com/ya2822t , and his statist progressive co-conspirators in Congress out on the street, while at the same stripping them of their cadillac pensions and healthcare plan.

  2. Nancy Peloser deserves life in prison in solitary confinement. So does Reid and the whole lot who have aided and abetted treason. PERIOD!!!