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Dear Editor,

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On Jan. 20th, 2010, on the first-year anniversary of Obama’s inauguration, Operation “Flood It! 2” will commence.

The first Operation “Flood It” was a huge success and I am expecting this one to be even bigger. We had people calling Glenn Beck from all over the USA, the UK, Australia and Canada. Beck’s call screeners hung up in all of their faces after they said “Okay, I will tell him, we will look into it.”

Beck’s attack and ridicule on the “birthers” infuriated many of his loyal fans that are tired of the games, deception and media blackout coming from the entire media complex. What harm would come from a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR being appointed to investigate this? After all, we are all so crazy anyway, so I dare you to PROVE US WRONG.

Glenn Beck and Bill O insist that Obama was born in Hawaii, but they have never produced one shred of evidence on their shows. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE LIARS…

I learned a valuable lesson that day, which is that Fox is still part of the government-controlled media complex and the Obama eligibility issue is NOT to be mentioned on the air unless it is to discredit it and the people who want the answers. Fox News is way more honest than all of the others, BUT this topic is banned from all media, it seems, and they are using Saul Alinsky tactics on US.

How so? By attacking and discrediting the American people who are simply asking for an investigation. I know this is not as important as the “global warming scam” or steroids in baseball, but we would like some answers…you cowards.

The media (Fox included) buried this issue and any investigation or reporting of the pending lawsuits prior to the 2008 election to protect Obama. I am holding the MEDIA and Obama personally responsible for allowing this to happen. SO, If ANY VIOLENCE occurs from THE TRUTH being exposed about Obama’s ineligibilty, it is because of their alleged conspiracy to hide these facts from the American people.

ALL talk radio hosts will be targeted this time…

Liberal, moderate, conservative….I do not care. I will post the top talk show host numbers and you may call them or anyone else whom you prefer.

You will raise the question “I think it is time to put this controversy to rest and appoint a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to investigate this matter.”

If the special prosecutor finds nothing, then the case is closed and it is all going to go away, BUT if he finds evidence there was deception by Obama to deceive the American people? There should be a trial….PERIOD.

No more name-calling, no more lies, no more misdirection and no more czar distractions by Glenn Beck. THE CORRUPT and controlled media has silenced and poisoned this movement enough with their distractions, attacks and lies…THE PEOPLE WILL BE HEARD.

Glenn Beck claimed in August 2009, “Even if Obama was ineligible, it would tear apart the country…so why do it?” Well, Glenn? Why cry on the U.S. Constitution every night if you do not have the guts to even say this alleged gross violation should be investigated?

Sean Hannity – (800) 941-7326

Rush Limbaugh – (800) 282-2882

Glenn Beck – (888) 727-2325

Mark Levin – (877) 381-3811

Michael Savage – (800) 449-8255

Steve Malzberg – (800) 321- 8828

Jeff Kuhner – (301) 984-9570

I want to thank everyone for their participation…Please share, bookmark and share this post with all of the friends on your list. Also, you may Join the Operation: Special Prosecutor Facebook Page.

Thank you,

Steve Cooper

The Conservative Monster.com

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  1. I started listening to Glenn Beck’s radio program in abou the year 2000. Now I have stopped. I support the Operation Flood-It. I’d also support a campaign to flood news outlets offices with postcards offering a couple of simple questions:

    1. What do you think the Framner’s intended by the phrase “natural born citizen?”

    2. How can anyone born with dual citizenship be a natural born citizen?

  2. I listened to Sean Hannity get giddy during his interview with the authors of “Game Change” yesterday. I didn’t hear of any revelations from the book of illegal activity during the elections. I heard Sean talk about how much he himself was a “political junkie.”

    In my opinion, Sean Hannity can not be referred to as a patriot if he puts politics over country, period. That makes him just as much a hypocrite as the Democrats!

    I am sorry I wasted my time listening. It has been a long time since I have listened to Sean Hannity and I don’t plan to return anytime soon until a very contrite Sean Hannity is quoted as saying he is sorry for being complicit in the covering up of the facts surrounding Obama’s usurping of the POTUS.

    The Social Security number most commonly used by Barrak Hussein Obama is one issued by the state of Connecticut, the state where Barrak Hussein Obama never resided and shows him to be 119 years old coupled with the fact that Mr Obama’s grandmother, Madeline Dunham was a volunteer at the Oahu Circuit Court Probate department and had access to the Social Security Numbers of the deceased.