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Editorial by Harry Hunter



(Jan. 11, 2010)  — Some decades ago, I started listening to National Public Radio for the classical music it provided, and I used to donate money to my local station.  I still enjoy a variety of classical music, but I stopped donating many years ago when the leftist agenda of the network became apparent to me.

As a college graduate, I suppose I was predisposed to hear the siren song of elitism coming from NPR.  My local station is housed on the campus of a state university, the programs of which are routinely advertised and the president and other staff of which often come on air to plug some program/activity or other.  The problem is that the state and federal funds supporting the university and this NPR station are sponsoring consistently leftist political views of the liberal establishment.

This morning’s “Morning Edition” included a segment extolling the virtues of diversity in the corporate workplace.  It was intended to “open the pipeline” to top management positions in American businesses.  The perceived obstacle to this noble crusade is that there are way too many white men in positions of responsibility.  “Morning Edition” enthusiastically reported that some companies are offering big bonuses—like 25% of salary—to managers who meet diversity goals in their departments.  It is no longer politically correct to call these goals affirmative action quotas, but the idea is still to replace white males with anything else you can find.  None dare call it discrimination.

Yesterday, I listened to Garrison Keillor hold forth on his NPR program A Prairie Home Companion. Keillor is a writer/singer/variety host who built his reputation on the feel-good homespun storytelling in the segment of his program called “The News from Lake Wobegon,” but his yarn-spinning has become increasingly contaminated by his liberal Democrat political views.  Yesterday, Keillor bent over backward to ridicule the notion that Barack Hussein Obama might not be a citizen of the United States.  Naturally, he ignored the essential question of eligibility for office:  Is Obama a natural born citizen?

Turning his “News from Lake Wobegon” into political propaganda, Keillor invented a tale of a Lake Wobegon expatriate named Francis who lives alone in California and is obsessed with the crazy idea that Barack Obama is actually a Swede who takes special medication to make his hair have a Negroid appearance.  Hahaha.  See how silly such craziness is?  But then Keillor throws in a statistic, saying that 13% of Americans believe such craziness, and what does that tell us about the sorry state of our country?  Such is the smug, supercilious BS that our public tax dollars go to support.

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  1. Bob, I am the Gifted Child Coordinator for MENSA.

    Autism is a high IQ related disorder. Have you ever tried DHA or other brain nutrients?

    I use nutritional solutions for cognitive, emotional and behavioral probems.

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    John Charlton knows me and my background.

  2. Harry, I used to work for an NPR station as a Prod Assistant…PART TIME NO BENEFITS! Ten years ago in March I was let go due to what else…budget cuts. The station was a satellite of their Hartford station. And looking in hindsight, I too was swallowed up by the elites in global liberalism.

    At the time I had ventured into commercial radio in news here in CT…also part-time, but when WGCH, my hometown radio station came calling I answered. BAD MOVE FOR ME! One of my co-workers was a pain in the ass to work with. One day I lost my temper with this guy. Everyone in the office heard me scream. The next day i was fired. Have not had a job in radio since. Had other jobs yes. but with a disability (Autism) to me it is near impossible to find work, especially full-time.