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by Doug Cook

General George Washington's Cruiser Flag circa 1775

(Jan. 8, 2010) — A totally unacceptable lack of leadership on the part of the President of the United States, the leader of the free world, has caused him to utter hardly a platitude in reference to the revolution taking place in Iran:  an uprising by its people to gain freedom and liberty from a violently oppressive government.

The self-proclaimed inventor of community organizers and “grassroots” advocate has performed true-to-form to his after-election persona. Regardless of whatever name he is using these days, he has hoisted his colors for all to see by his lack of support of a people who are peacefully seeking redress of subjugation in the bloody face of repression, imprisonment, torture and murder by the police apparatus of a gang of psychopathic mullahs who run Iran like a Chicago criminal syndicate.

If there is only one reason for the Obama administration to show support, it is the potential of a freedom-loving people deposing a group of dictators who operate from a siege mentality position of power and threaten the world with the use  and export of nuclear weapons. In order to vanquish a nuclear Iran without expending a drop of American blood or national treasure, our own supreme leader here in the United States of America has every cause imaginable to defend  these courageous freedom fighters.

On a humanitarian note, the injury, death toll and imprisonment rate of Iranian liberty revolutionaries is a shining light and true example of the lengths to which human beings will go to obtain freedom.  It demonstrates the courage and resolve required to face, unarmed, a merciless, brutal killing machine that operates openly as the will and power of a deranged group of religious leaders, men who supposedly are of the religion of peace.

The Iranian people have earned with their blood and bravery every conceivable form of assistance and support the free world can extend. Why would the militarily superior free world be afraid to do so? However, the White House and its administration have not even attempted to extend a token of support.

Why not take those Predator drones, pack them with medical supplies, satellite phones, digital up-link radios and video phones, manuals of revolution, statements of moral support, and drop those payloads on the freedom fighters’ back yards and university greens?

Our vaunted stateswoman, Hillary Clinton, the wife of a two-term president, is ominously absent. The dinosaur press has followed suit in its now expected mum style, with the same lack of recognition of the crisis as has been shown for patriotic protest here in the United States. Why is Hillary mute? If she is such an advocate for the average citizen and a possible future presidential candidate, where does she stand on the matter? A true advocate of the people would have spoken out at all costs or tendered her resignation in the face of doing what is right. She is presumably the voice of diplomatic representation in the free world. Where are you, Hillary Clinton? What are you doing?

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority’s treacherous manipulative regimes, in a ruthless blood feud with the state of Israel, receive more money, humanitarian aid and more diplomatic recognition than most of Africa and South America combined, amounting to billions in U.S. tax dollars over the last three decades alone.

Can one imagine a Ronald Reagan or George Bush (Sr. or Jr.) failing to speak out in support of the cause of the Iranian people? What an opportunity of the century this could be, a moment of historical proportions to rid the world of the single most disruptive and destabilizing regime in modern history.

So little is required from outside of Iran’s borders to tip things in favor of democracy. What a coup in the waiting with Iran nestled among Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq! The winning of hearts and minds of this Persian culture to prosperity and self-determination as has taken place in Iraq would have immeasurable positive effects on the world stage. Iran is the key domino; if it tips toward democracy, then the rest of the Middle Eastern dictatorships bent on Israel’s destruction will fall. The billions in cash and millions of tons of arms intended to wipe Israel and America from the face of the earth would vanish.

A prosperous, democratic Iran would largely diminish or even cause the demise of so many proxy terror organizations around the world. Without the assistance and comfort of a radical Iran, who is going to be able to openly and effectively fund and support radical Islam? The Saudis? Their support for terrorism is only to retain their princely fortunes, power and Sunni predominance, which amounts to tribal feudalism on an international scale. They are as brothers to the corrupt power brokers and elites in the United States. Using the radical Shiite Iranians as bogeymen, the prosperous Arab leaderships are able to deflect the oppressive nature of their rule and remain in power through dictatorship or oligarchy.

No one can predict the outcome of a liberated Iranian people nor what form of government would result. One thing is certain, however, the doomsday clock is seconds from midnight. Anything that could even potentially turn it back should be sought with revolutionary zeal.

The choices are incredibly easy to make: a nuclear-armed, bloodthirsty martyr state bent on liquidation of every “infidel” on earth, even at the expense of its own survival, or a democratic Iranian people who choose to be free and prosperous.

If our own government is unwilling, or more likely, fettered by the ulterior motives of an elitist-aligned presidency to put its best foot forward and extend the hand of liberty to the courageous Iranian people and others living in the most dangerous places on earth, it bodes ill for America’s own freedom.

Where are those in our own government who would support and defend these heroes of liberty, freedom and world peace?


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  1. Hillary may still be in Copenhagen trying to give away the unauthorized $100M for “Global Warming” while we are over here in the US o A freezing our butts off?!!??