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by John Charlton, Founder

(Jan. 4, 2009) — This is an open letter to our readers from the British Isles.  The Post & Email is seeking to expand its coverage to the United Kingdom, by means of setting up a UK Edition of The Post & Email.  Such an edition would uniquely focus on the issues important to UK citizens.

Part of my inspiration for The Post & Email was to provide a means for citizen-journalists the world-over, to report the news free from the political restraints of the Main Stream Media, international Socialism/Marxism, and the NWO.

As such, I am seeking individuals who would like to replicate The Post & Email model in other countries.  And The U.K. is our first open field.  I am specifically seeking to recruit a Managing Editor for the edition.

Therefore, if you are a U.K. citizen and resident, and have interest, please contact me through our Contact Form, linked to in the header of this site.

The prospective Managing Editor of the U.K. edition will have to have these requisites:

1. Familiarity with the WordPress Blog interface, word-processing software, Internet, and image editing software.

2. Knowledge of basic HTML.

3. Familiarity with PayPal and other electronic payment systems.

4. Familiarity with U.K. laws regarding taxes, publishing, copyright, and media regulations.

5. Eagerness to give U.K. residents an objective source of information on the New World Order Agenda, the ravages of Socialism and Marxism in the British Isles, the danger of the EU as a front for a social agenda; adherence to Christian ethics and morals.

6. Capacity to write fluently in the King’s English, and with a certain professionalism appropriate to journalism. I’d expect you to have a college or University degree, and be able to write 2-3 articles each day.

7. Ability to work with the American Management and abide by our global editorial policies.

Being the Managing Editor of our U.K. edition is undoubtedly a 24/7 commitment, as you will need to write, edit, recruit writers, handle advertising clients, prepared advertisements, and in short, do everything necessary to run the edition.

As founder of The Post & Email, I will teach you the business, set the goal posts and delimit the playing field.

This is a business opportunity for someone willing to make a career out of citizen-journalism. Contact me for more information.

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  1. I think you mean to say the “Queen’s English”.



    Mr. Charlton replies: No, Worber V., I meant the King’s English…you missed the subtlely of my humor…we are in the second American Revolution over here in the States, and being former colonists of the UK we remember when it was the King’s English…by saying, the “King’s English” we Americans recognize that we owe our heritage in so many ways to the great English tradition, which was ruled over by Kings, not Queens, for most of its history…but we also recall crazy King George, who drove us to start the first American Revolution.