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By KJ Kaufman


(Dec. 27, 2009) — In November of 2009, a historic event was held in St. Charles, IL at the Pheasant Run Resort.  The event was a Continental Congress, the third to be held in our Nation’s history.  Many have confused a Continental Congress with a Constitutional Convention thinking that the former is intent on re-writing the latter, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The purpose of the First Continental Congress held in our Nation in 1774 was simply a meeting of delegates acting on behalf of the several states that they represented in an effort to:  declare personal rights, denounce taxation without representation, petition the British Crown for a redress of Colonial grievances, and the call for a boycott of British goods.

Much like the First Continental Congress, the Continental Congress of 2009 consisted of delegates of the several states to address the Constitutional deviations by our present day Government and to reinforce Constitutional protections by redress to the Federal Government.  The landmark document coming out of the Continental Congress of 2009 was a document entitled the Articles of Freedom.

The Articles of Freedom in its very essence is the reassertion of Constitutional rights and protections.  The Articles of Freedom also seek to advise the populous on how to reassert our Constitutional rights.  The document is long, but it is important that everyone make their best effort to read the document in its entirety.  You will find yourself enlightened by the time you reach its end.  The document begins with a preface that will give you a taste for the history that was made in St. Charles, IL in November of 2009.  Without further adieu, here is the preface to the Articles of Freedom:


*** * ***


Across many administrations and years, by each branch of government, through each major political party, the Constitution for The United States has been violated. The People have formally Petitioned the Government for Redress of the violations in the most humble of terms. The People and their Petitions have been ignored. Each un-remedied violation has taken its toll with dire impact on our economic interests, our people, our quality and way of life and our international and national reputations.

We hold this Truth to be Self- Evident:

Any action, by any branch of the Government, that is
repugnant to the Constitution, is null and void.

On November 11, 2009, and for eleven days continuing morning, noon and night, Citizens of America gathered in St. Charles, Illinois, as Delegates from each of forty-eight States, to discuss these violations, and Government’s refusal to be held accountable, and to recommend a course of action to restore Constitutional Obedience in a Constitutional Republic now challenged to Its core. These were not professional legislators, wordsmiths or attorneys.

These were ordinary, non-aligned citizens from across America and all walks of life. They set aside their lives for this Assembly. They represent You and Me, the Free People of America.

The conclusion of their efforts is This Document called

“Articles of Freedom.”

It is proposed that these Articles be distributed to All in the Land with the intent to draw the attention and courage of a “goodly number of millions of
People” who, entitled to their Freedom and essential to Its maintenance,
Arise to Restore the Constitution for the United States of America.

Then and only then shall America’s Destiny be Fulfilled.

*** * ***

Click here to read The Articles of Freedom in PDF format

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  1. I am certainly not a Constitutional scholar, however, I have read the Federalist Papers once and the Constitution numerous times in the past twelve months. I spent this afternoon reading the “Articles of Freedom”. This is a brilliant document and like the Constitution, concise, readable and understandable.

    I don’t see Congress jumping on it’s implementation and I expect the States to see it as a significant loss of funds but this document could become our rallying point in the future. The pain of implementation will be so much less than the pain of failure to implement. The American public may not be able to understand a two thousand page health care bill but they will certainly be able to understand this and it’s implications. It is disturbing to see the extent to which we have deviated from the Constitution in a single document. I hope it disturbs others as well.

    Whatever movement eventually develops in our efforts to reestablish the sovereignty of The People, this will invariably become it’s bible.

    Many thanks to those citizens who put so much effort and thought into it’s development.

    1. I agree this is powerful understanding for people of our country.
      My “Taking Back Our Nation” has another slant and power not in this one.
      Our freedom of religion makes my similar effort workable without needing to wait for the government to act. Hell is not going to freeze over. http://www.divine-way.com Taking Back Our Nation. The real title is too hot for blogs and news to handle.

  2. Very nice to see this here John. I wasn’t sure whether you were aware of and in support of this movement or not. Nice to see that you are. Also very nice is that there are representatives in most states and becoming more organized by the day so that we can each begin again not only to reassert our Constitutional rights, but perhaps in the truest sense of the word, we can now begin, perhaps for the first time, to ‘exercise’ those rights which because of our citizenship in this great country, are our heritage. Kudos! for publishing this.