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News by Doug Cook

Delta-Northwest Airlines

(Dec. 26, 2009) — Breaking news of Muslim terrorism attempt to explode bomb aboard Delta-Northwest Flight on approach to Detroit Metropolitan Airport earlier today. From Northeast Intelligence Network (NEIN):

Abdul Farouk Abdul-Mutallab (a/k/a Umar Farouk Abdul Mudallad), a 23 year-old Nigerian national, who is reportedly an engineering student at University College in London, UK, is the primary suspect in the attempt to detonate an explosive aboard Delta-Northwest Flight 253 as it prepared to land at Detroit Metropolitan Airport just before noon today. The suspect’s air travel originated in Lagos, Nigeria when he boarded board KLM Flight 588 to Amsterdam, where he then made the connecting flight aboard Delta-Northwest Flight 253 to Detroit. According to officials in Amsterdam, the suspect’s  stated purpose for traveling to Detroit was to attend an Islamic ceremony in Michigan. The suspect, who suffered second and third-degree burns on his upper extremities, is being treated at the University of Michigan Medical Center and will be transferred into federal custody.

Early reports indicate that the terrorist is listed on Federal no-fly bulletins, had  passed a number of security checks prior to entering US airspace, and there is speculation components of the explosive device where placed aboard before hand. Again from NEIN:

According to a law enforcement source speaking to this investigator, the suspect is on several terrorism watch lists and is also reportedly on a federal no-fly list, although there is some confusion about the latter. “It might be the result of variations of the suspect’s name,” stated this source, although this source admitted it would be unusual due to the methods currently employed to guard against such omissions.

Speaking to this investigator, (Douglas J Hagmann), exclusively for Canada Free Press and the Northeast Intelligence Network, this law enforcement official stated that federal officials are “extremely interested” in how the suspect was able to circumvent security and bring the explosive device aboard the aircraft. Although security in Nigeria and at European airports is less restrictive [than inside the U.S], “this is most definitely something that should have attracted the attention of airport security, without any doubt whatsoever.” According to this source, federal authorities are looking at other possible scenarios on how the device made it aboard, and whether any of its components might have already been aboard the connecting flight.

In this report according to sources close to NEIN is the part passengers played in the drama, within seconds of this terrorist attempting to activate the fuse on his bomb he was physically subdued:

As the passengers were being prepared for final approach, the suspect successfully lit a small, crudely fashioned powdered-filled device. It is believed that the device malfunctioned, although there was a relatively small popping noise heard throughout the cabin that amounted to what some described as a firecracker,” stated this source.  “Almost immediately, passengers near the suspect physically subdued him, and were assisted by two members of the flight crew,”

In recent news of a multitude of attempts of radical Islamic terrorism inside the boarders of the US, this event is a chilling reminder of the war that is ongoing and crimes committed by psychopathic criminals who are bent on killing and maiming under the guise of religious extremism. The failure of most of these acts of terrorism speaks volumes about the effective campaign the courageous men and woman of our Military and Law Enforcement community has had on operational structure of AlQaeda and associated terror organizations since 9/11.

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  1. Tony and Bob beat me to the punch. This is just another in along line of lies and deceptions designed to take away our rights. The criminals behind these hoaxes need to be arrested. Kind of goes hand in hand with Obama granting diplomatic immunity to INTERPOL last week. WTF how much more are we going to take!! On a side note if anyone is harmed by these INTERPOL agents they would have standing under quo warranto.

  2. Hi Doug,

    Why no mention of the well dressed man who accompanied him onto the plane, indeed who got him put on the plane claiming he was a Sudanese refugee, so that he flew without passport? And which man, according to eyewitnesses, was also arrested with him, though no main stream media is reporting on this. Makes me wonder whether this is just another false flag operation perpetrated with the intention of distracting us from the ongoing destruction of our Constitutional civil liberties. Seems like something like this always conveniently precedes the loss of more of our freedoms. Just a few questions in my mind. Thanks for reporting on this.