Political Analysis by Doug Cook

There is talk of a Second American Revolution, the the real revolution has already begun: the Marxist revolution lead by Obama and the Democratic Party, in Washington.

(Dec. 25, 2009) — Following quickly on the heels of passage of the publicly-derided health care overhaul, attorneys general and various officials of 14 states are scheduling telephone conferences to plan and institute litigation over the constitutionality and evident gerrymandering associated with both houses’ passage of this bill.

Specific instances of pandering and unequal distribution of taxpayers’ money were used as bribes to various Senators in order to garner sufficient votes to preempt a Republican filibuster and secure passage by a single party-line vote of 60-37.

Democrats are being perceived as adversaries by an electorate becoming increasingly angry over liberties lost, having been sold out in order to further the Obama administration’s hidden agenda of socialistic mandates, redistribution of wealth, increasingly oppressive government dictates, and unconstitutional intrusion in everyday life.

In various polls taken over Obama’s first 11 months, the American public is shown to be growing wary and weary of historical unemployment, feckless leadership by the Democrat party and President holding singular omnipotent reins of power, an economy that shows no signs of improvement, and the politically-driven increase in the national debt that is generally seen as at least a crippling factor in America’s economic demise.

At worst, the harbinger of national depression was out-of-control spending and borrowing of national debt to cover the devaluating fiat US dollar printed at the whim of those in power.

Atop this list of transgressions angering the electorate is the outright disdain and careless attitude of a majority of elected and appointed officials, supported by a left-leaning camp of media outlets’ derisive portrayal of conservative concerns as radical, subversive and racially motivated.

Senators Nelson (D-NE) and Landrieu (D-LA), in a “con” job of epic proportions, portrayed as innocent and beneficial the “rights” of doing politics; further acts of unconscionable gerrymandering were committed by Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), political tactics that have further raised the ire of states and an ever-growing majority of citizens.

The blessing of the Democrat-ruled Congress following its marching orders from Obama provided carte blanche to the Senate to do whatever it took to pass this wildly unpopular bill before Christmas. In a shameless public display of the no-holds-barred campaign of an ethically and morally bankrupt Democrat-controlled Senate, passage of the Obamacare bill occurred on Christmas Eve, the first such vote to be taken in either chamber of Congress on that date since 1815.

Bipartisanship and reasonable demand for considered careful crafting of a bill of such far-reaching and historic impact were knowingly trampled in the headlong rush to fulfill the agenda before enough momentum for its demise could be reached and consequently reveal the ineptitude of the current White House and its administration.

The party that boasted to be the master of gerrymandering (ironically named for the Massachusetts governor who originated the less than honorable tactic in 1812) included Ted Kennedy, a decades-long resident hypocrite Senate Ethics Committee member. The party which elected the most divisive president in American history, along with its politics of socialism and insular elitism, assured with certainty that a list of cheap and tawdry partners willing to ignore the wishes of 184,800,000 constituents (approx 60% of the population) was a given. In further irony, the current administration has elevated to a dictatorship the democratic wing of politics born on the promise and supposed mandate of fundamentally changing America. Much acclaimed by a lapdog media but garnering only 52% of the vote, now in power, the “hope and change” administration has observed the double standard of ignoring an inarguable mandate of 60+% of the population that put them in power in the first instance.

Greg Abbott, the Republican Attorney General of Texas, stated Wednesday that he and several other Attorneys General will explore legal options regarding the health care bill in telephone meetings planned for next week. The coordinated efforts of Attorneys General, initiated in South Carolina, has garnered cooperation with officials in ten states.

In a list released by Abbott’s office, the Attorneys General of Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah and Washington, along with the Attorney General-Elect in Virginia, are also involved in the discussions.

In parallel action, officials in Georgia, New York and Tennessee have begun advocating that their states participate in litigation.

Residents of Nebraska have displayed integrity and constitutional acumen in outraged call for redress to Messrs. Reid’s and Nelson’s felonious criminal acts breaking the 234-year law absolutely forbidding encroachment by the federal government on states’ rights.

Unquestionable logic in defining reasonable cause of legal redress concerns separation of states’ rights and sovereignty, written into the Bill of Rights as powers relegated to people and states only, not the federal government. This includes equal and equitable distribution of resources to all states of the union.

There is growing resounding concern and awareness across the spectrum of the population of the federal government’s intrusion on liberties and freedoms beyond constitutional limits. The instruments of checking and balancing said powers is seen as a line that has been crossed illegally by the Obama administration through the use of various political tactics; unconstitutional czars appointed though virtually unknown, holding powers that cannot be checked through constitutional due process, viewed by constitutionally-minded people as unacceptable and supportive of a subversive, sinister agenda.

There is a growing consensus, fueled in part by an increasingly visible alternative press, that a turning point has been reached where specific causes of trespass on people’s and states’ rights and sovereignty are becoming less important proportionally than their increasing occurrence. The checks and balances of constitutional governance and the sovereignty of the people have assumed greater significance in order to stop the out-of-control abridgments of natural law afflicting our American way of life.

In the beginning of a new year, we leave as a nation the old. No crystal ball can portend what the next year will bring. It is most likely safe to predict that the power brokers in Washington of old are in for more than any have bargained for. If the rumblings of revolutionary means to redress are an indication, we are on the cusp of truly fundamental change, change in the way business is conducted in the capitols and town halls across America. Rather than “fundamentally changing” America as Obama had promised with his progressive agenda, it could signify a return to the roots and values of a republican and constitutional way of life in America.

Looking back at the weeks and months leading up to the infamous Christmas Eve Massacre of Liberty, the tempest in a teapot of public alarm that had been brewing is now on the loose.

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