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New Analysis by Doug Cook

The Republican Party Symbol.

(Dec. 21, 2009) — November 21, 2009 Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi while orchestrating  a secret bill of socialistic health care, have vowed to pass legislation widely viewed as unconstitutional, and unacceptable by at least 60% of the people,  by Christmas. Currently they have secured the 60 Democratic party votes needed to move this act of treason forward into reality.

By many accounts across the news spectrum, come hell or high water Obamabots bent on passing the act known as the health reform bill, must be 100% accountable for their actions. It has been apparent for awhile Republican Senators, being a toothless minority, have little legislative recourse to effect the outcome of this upcoming vote.

Republicans Outnumbered

Simply, senators of the Republican party have not the votes to kill the bill. In order to fulfill their sworn rightful duty to protect the USA from all enemies, the only peaceful recourse to this calamity of usurpation of Constitutional legislation remaining is a collective walk out by all members against the bill. Walking out on this vote and going back to the states and people they represent is a message of irrefutable belief in America and its people, plus a clear lawful peaceful revolutionary act of patriotism.

As steadfast writer JB Williams has put forth, this is the only choice if the free worlds leading democracy is to remain so. By means of a walk out the moral high ground is secured; many proactive instruments of constitutional law can be utilized to protect and preserve America. Not to mention the popularity and joy it would create across the nation. By Senator John McCain’s own admission, on Fox Sunday with Chris Wallace, conceding that Republican Senators won’t be able to stop Democratic health care reform legislation from passing the Senate before Christmas;

“We will fight until the last vote,” McCain told Chris Wallace. “We owe that to our constituents, because we must do everything—we must look back and say we did everything to prevent this terrible mistake from taking place.”

JB Williams states in his latest piece over at CFP today;

I beg to differ with Senator John McCain… (which is nothing new)

Another useless NAY vote is NOT everything they can do!

In the final hours of American freedom, liberty and supremacy, Republicans who no longer have a legislative means to stop the ongoing rape of the nation and its people, have one last chance to save themselves and the nation from certain ruin.

One week ago today, I issued the following – Open Call to Congressional Republicans—in which I openly call for ALL congressional Republicans to pack up, walk out, and call the unconstitutional legislative process what it truly is at present, an anti-American sham hell-bent upon the destruction of our free republic.

JB’s call for walk out published one week earlier;

I repeat that call today!

McCain is right about one thing… Congressional Republicans have NO “legislative” POWER to stop the current assault on all things American taking place in Washington DC today. That’s because there is NO legitimate legislative process taking place in Washington DC today.

Usurpation Of Legal Legislative Discourse

Unquestionably the gloves have to come off , time for talk directed in objection to Obama care is totally ineffective, worthless due to the wishes of the majority of the electorate falling on deaf ears, with lawmakers being bribed left and right with millions and millions of tax payer dollars and subsequent debt associated with fulfilling these unconscionable acts of gerrymander by our Commander in Chief through the proxy of Mr. Read and Mrs. Pelosi. These are two of the many people in government who have lost sight of all reason and rationale behavior. They have created a runaway train of overbearing socialistic government on a collision course with national prosperity, liberty and will of the people.

Paraphrasing JB again;

(To), “stop the current slaughter of Americans sovereignty, security and prosperity, and unite the 60% of Americans in desperate need of leadership, congressional Republicans have ONE play remaining.

Now this is where the brilliance of JB Williams’ call for revolutionary walkout lies:

* Walk out of congress TODAY!

* Force leftist Democrats to destroy this nation all alone!* Publicly name every vote bought off with state pork in the last ten months!

* Call it what it is, a complete sham and rape of this nation!

* Refuse to provide any form of cover for this sham and return home!

* Once home, meet with state legislators to erect Tenth Amendment walls of defense at the state lines!

* Once state defenses are erected, begin meeting with Tea Party ‚ 912 and Town Hall patriots to begin the process of reclaiming the free republic.

Sensible, Rational Judgment In The Senate

In all reality, these demands are legitimate and sensible if for only one reason; it is a true act of representation and loyalty to the people of America and for all we stand. And have no doubt there is whole bag of truly viable common sense  reasons going for a walk out.  The speed of light would be put to shame how fast this would go viral. It would be a shot heard around the world. Sends a clear and present message of absolute patriotism and collective power that resides in the people. Even the dinosaur press would be hard put to propagandize this.

A new America Awaits Brave Acts by our Representatives that no “Nay” Vote in Congress Could Ever Hope to Attain.

Life is about the choices we make, Liberty is about making the right choices. Do our leaders of Republican government have the balls to make this rightful choice?

Again JB writes in no BS terms;

1. Republicans MUST separate themselves from the sham immediately or go down in flames with the Democratic Socialists of America in charge!
2. The state legislatures MUST erect Tenth Amendment walls of defense at the state lines.
3. The people MUST unite in patriotic resistance, with or without Republicans!

There is NO TIME left for any other option. Republicans only have 12-48 hours to make what may be their last move.

I pray that they decide to WALK OUT and take a stand with more than 60% of Americans who oppose everything going on in DC today. For if they don’t, they will be the first to pay the price in the 2010 election cycle, and that will be the end of America as we have known her for 233 years. The time for choosing sides in the battle for freedom and liberty has arrived!

The Timing Could Not Be Better For America, A Golden Opportunity For McCain To Prove His Mettle

No other member of the Senate has the august legitimacy that John McCain carries. If only John McCain himself walks out, he will have done more for the people of this country than any leader in recent history. He will have done his best and his sworn duty of representation. John McCain has it in him, he displayed such courage and grit in Hanoi over 40 years ago. He and his brothers and sisters in the senate have nothing to loose and everything to gain. They will become beyond reproach by a vast dis-enfranchised conservative minded electorate. If John McCain is to take it upon himself to walk out, it would be a grand noble gesture of faith in America, it would open the flood gates of effective protest by many other members of elective office. By physically remaining in the Senate it enables a perceived level of legitimacy to the 60 members and the odorous bill they are attempting to pass.

The time is now for dumping the status quo of slippery political dissimulation, high time to bite the bullet of what is the right and honorable thing to do. Time will tell if there remains any resolve and intestinal fortitude within the belly’s and hearts of those Americans have paid so much treasure and honor. Payback time has arrived for millions of Americans.  Time to make the hard choices of hard love for America. And time will reveal what matters — the people of this republic will have to take into their own hands in order to preserve and strengthen republican government.

If our elected representatives ultimately reveal themselves to be enablers of treason giving help and assistance to the enemies of democracy, the time for talking is over. The ones in power are leading us to a future bleak of prosperity, a future of excised indenture and dictatorial subjugation.

That is not America!

It is time for history and our destiny to be in the hands of the people.

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  1. Gary has the right idea but I am afraid that the Republicans (most not all ) are in this also. I think the politician ,New world order, are all in this together. One party carries the weight and when we vote them out and give majority to other party who then carries on.
    You must remember that a lot of the ground work for all this started under George H. Bush whose father was a senator during FDR’s new deal according to what I have read. Bill Clinton then carried on the process until George JR. took over. Obama and Democrats are now trying to put the final pieces in place. During the last eight years the target date for actions to be completed was 2010. Guess what, it seems they think it is accomplished and are now trying to put it in order.
    I do not think they saw the USA citizens getting together with the tea parties and are now trying to force feed us with BS. NOT GONNA WORK AS LONG AS I HAVE ONE BREATH LEFT!!! TAKE THAT George Soros!!!

    All that has to happen is for the 40 Republican Senators to call a press conference and announce that the proposed Healthcare legislation is not only unconstitutional on it’s face but to also announce to the American public that the man known as Barack Hussein Obama is not constitutionally eligible to be POTUS and as such is not the legal president of the United States.

    A major public announcement before the media and the world that the purported POTUS is a fraud and a usurper coupled with an immediate demand from the Republicans to investigate would bring the Obama regime to a halt and the Socialist Democratic Party would be stymied and in disarray. America would want resolution immediately!

    The public outrage would be such that Obama would be forced to prove his eligibility. Regardless he would not be legally qualified or entitled to sign the health care legislation into law if he could not prove his eligibility. And he can’t! Get rid of Obama and you not only save the country from this hideous, evil power grab…you begin destroying the Marxist government too.

    Anything less and we will continue down the road to tyranny until the people finally decide to take back their country by themselves.

    Where are the heroes? The Republicans can save America tomorrow if they face the truth and announce tomorrow what they have known all along…that BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is a Usurper and an enemy of America! Do it and Obamacare will be gone and so will the Usurper! Then we can work on all the other criminals in Congress who don’t give a damn about you or me. They certainly don’t give a damn about America.

    Republicans in the Senate…It’s time to step up to the plate and uphold the Constitution! You have done a pathetic job so far this year. The Founding Fathers would not stand for such inaction. Call a press conference NOW and tell the American people you will not tolerant the shredding of our Constitution and this illegal power grab to destroy our freedoms and the American way of life! Expose the Usurper now! Save a America before it is too late.

    Republicans in Congress…if you do not act now and do your sworn duty…we the people will remember your treasonous inaction. You will be no better than the socialist miscreants who are in power right now. You need to act now for the people and for future generations. This is common sense and it is the right thing to do! You can stop this. Will you?

  3. The Tea Party Express has never addressed the eligibility issue. I don’t trust them either….sorry.


    Mr. Charlton replies: L.O.; let’s not right off those who don’t understand the issues…let’s build bridges and spread the truth of the issue…that is not the same thing…..don’t trust ignorance, but look always for good will, where there is not evident signs of culpable ignorance or feigned ignorance…

  4. Would it not be far more effective to initiate a massive rally cry among the tea party movement effecting the ultimate “shot heard around the world” by calling upon Sarah Palin to seize her UNIQUE LEGAL STANDING involving Quo warranto? Her and her 50+ million votes are far more compelling than the hapless GOP hags that have been a part of this take-over from the very first strategy session…GOP and DEMS together brought us to this tragedy.

  5. I think every single member of CONGRESS & ALL the SENATORS need to be forced to watch
    the Movie… “Mr Smith Goes to Washington”… at least a dozen times till it finally sinks in that they
    are in office to represent the Citizens of America… if after watching they can’t do this, then they
    need to resign & go back to where they came from. The ones who play politics without doing
    right by their people are 100% TRAITORS… such as… obama, nancy pelosi, harry reid, barney frank,
    chris dodd, & many others who do not give a damn about anything but their personal agenda’s.

    It is time the American people vote out all those who are destroying our country or are selling
    the people out for favors… what a disgrace!! Where are the REAL HERO’s who were like the
    founding fathers who have courage & honor?