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Editorial by Brigitte de Maubec

Derrick De Pledge's Blog at The Honolulu Advertiser took notice of The Post & Email's coverage of the Hawaii OIP.

(Dec. 18, 2009) — To many of us, the State of Hawaii is a world away, a world of surfers and honeymooners, a world of sunshine and alternate American reality, where hello is aloha and potatoes are poi.  But at closer look, this Island State reveals an interesting American microcosm on several fronts.  Case in point, the traditional Press disconnect to the real concerns of the American People and its servitude to the Government of the Day.

On November 16, The Post and Email scooped the MSM by revealing the resignation of Paul Tsukiyama, the Director of the Office of Information Practices (OIP).  The OIP is the department charged with receiving UIPA requests or complaints from citizens who have requested documents available to the public in accord with Hawaiian Statutes, when the State department or agency from which these were requested has not responded or has refused to disclose them.  In the last few months, the OIP came under pressure and was inundated with complaints from citizens stonewalled by the Hawaiian Department of Health’s refusals to divulge public information regarding their operations and handling the Obama vital records.

Two days later, following the story, The Post and Email highlighted the new and seemingly disproportionate promotion having motivated the resignation of Tsukiyama: his appointment to the position of Vice-President and Director of Human Resources at Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, a large and influential quasi-government entity.  True to form and to all concerns relating to the eligibility issue, the mainland MSM stayed mute on the subject and so did the Honolulu Advertiser, the main traditional Press outlet in Hawaii.

Nonetheless, the scoop did not go unnoticed by the Honolulu Advertiser.  On one of their blogs called The Notebook, a blog which appears to be dedicated to internal communication, Derrick DePledge posted on December 10th, under the title “New World Order”.

For the sake of your sanity (sudden attacks of disgust being a strong possibility upon reading of the entire post and its comments) I will sum it up for you:

a) Hateful bloggers are branching out into our territory “quote” and

b) Tsukiyama is an irrelevant nobody, nothing to see there, move along!

Well Derrick, whoever you are, we at the Post and Email are not hateful bloggers.  We are inquisitive citizens, who contrary to you, are asking relevant questions.  We do what you and your cohorts are too lazy to do. We place the calls, we ask the questions and follow-up on the answers; we go to the sources and confirm them. We listen to the Main Street concerns and take notice. And we do it, not for a comfortable title and pay check, but on our own dime for our love of truth and freedom. We are what you are not. We are investigative minds.

You — and I mean that collectively — are agents of propaganda. You call yourselves journalists when you only are reporters of the agenda’s talking-points.  You can brandish your so-called journalistic diplomas:  such will never justify your laziness or the contempt you display towards your readers.  And they certainly will never afford you a protected territory in the land of freedom of expression.

You have no authority or credibility to tell us what to think.

If you had taken ten minutes between the licks of your self-inflicted wounds to fairly research the issue of Eligibility as it pertains to dual citizenship and the Constitutionally required natural born citizen status of a presidential candidate, you would have seen what is staring you in the face in your own backyard: a truly relevant concern shared by millions of Americans in the face of the cherry-picking of  constitutional requirements and the shameful disrespect of Hawaiian laws by its own state agencies.

Get off your high horses before you ride yourselves into the sunset of irrelevance! The Post and Email and other concerned-citizen,  News outlets are here to stay. You’re not.

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  1. If mainland America ever gets out of the mess obummer has made of this country, “We the People” WILL put sanctions on Hawii for this. That state will NOT get away with treason on America, The Constitution and We the People!

  2. So the guy was “promoted” either to
    A.shorten the staff and make it unable to handle the requests for help,
    B. the obot powers thought he might be moving to actually help the public, and they had to get him out of there as quickly as possible.

    Us ‘meddlers’ from outside the islands know it was one of the two.

    1. Uh huh, and this is the kind of people they promote?

      IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Paul T. Tsukiyama (attorney number 3041) is sanctioned in the amount of $25.00. Mr. Tsukiyama shall write a check in the amount of …