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by John Charlton

George Soros was featured in a previous Nov. issue of Fortune Magazine's European Edition.

(Dec. 12, 2009) — After 12 months of investigating the truth behind the lies which are Obama’s public persona, citizens should investigate the connections and players in the campaign of misinformation waged by Obama supporters during the 2008 Election.

The results won’t be surprising, but the evidence should be gathered.

One such case involved the charge of falsehood leveled against the professional journalist, David Pipes.  Pipes had published an article entitled, “Was Barack Obama a Muslim?” on Christmas eve of 2007.

In response, Media Matters for America attacked him, charging him with publishing falsehoods.  Pipes responded in an article entitled, “Confirmed:  Barack Obama Practised Islam” on Jan. 7, 2008.

Media Matters for America claims to be an organization dedicated to exposing and correcting errors promoted by the media which serve the conservative agenda.  Evidently the 501(c)(3) non-profit is not concerned with errors promoted by the media which serve the liberal agenda — but that is another story.

Pipes in his Jan. 7th piece successfully rebutted the charge leveled against him.

But the story here is who is behind Media Matters for America, and why were they so sensitive to the issue?

According to Wikipedia, the New York Times reported that Media Matters for America was financed in March of 2004 by a group of wealthy liberals, with help from the newly formed Center for American Progress.

The Center for “American” Progress

The Center for American Progress, according to the same online “encyclopedia,” was founded in 2003, and is secretive about its sources of funding, for good reason.  According to Wikipedia:

The Center has no information on its website about its funding, but the Washington Post reported that “seed money pledged by such deep-pocketed Democrats as financier George Soros (and mortgage billionaires Herbert and Marion Sandler)” assisted its formation.[8] The authors of Her Way, a biography of Hillary Clinton, also assert that the Democracy Alliance, a progressive donors collective, has funded the Center. They also assert that the Sandlers and Soros provided seed money.[9]

So as early as late 2003, it can be surmised that George Soros was preparing the Obama campaign, and creating and funding organizations which would serve in the information war to spread disinformation.

The Center for American Progress has a multicultural staff.  According to Wikipedia one of its major projects is publishing,

… a daily email newsletter entitled The Progress Report, which is a recap and analysis of major political news in the United States, providing a progressive perspective on the day’s stories. The authors are Faiz Shakir, Amanda Terkel, Satyam Khanna, Matthew Corley, Ali Frick, and Benjamin Armbruster.

Another principal project of the Soros funded organization is pushing the Global Warming agenda, by means of publishing,

a daily global warming blog called Climate Progress. Edited by climate and energy expert Joseph J. Romm, the blog discusses climate science, climate technology solutions and political news related to climate change. It is a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund. In April 2008, TIME magazine named this blog one of the “Top 15 Green Websites”, writing that it “counters bad science and inane rhetoric with original analysis delivered sharply…. Romm occupies the intersection of climate science, economics and policy…. On his blog and in his most recent book, Hell and High Water, you can find some of the most cogent, memorable, and deployable arguments for immediate and overwhelming action to confront global warming.”[11] In March 2009, Thomas L. Friedman, in his column in The New York Times, called the blog “indispensable”.[12]

The third major project of Center for American Progress is to create and promote the modern equivalent of the communist student organization from the 60’s, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).  The project is advanced with the name, “Campus progress,” and has the following purpose according to Wikipedia:

Campus Progress, launched in February 2005, is the Center for American Progress’s comprehensive effort to help young people make their voices heard on issues and to empower new generations of progressive leaders. Campus Progress is active on over 500 U.S. campuses and in communities across the United States.

And Campus progress was an early bird on Obama promotion, according to the same article:

The second annual conference, held on July 12, 2006, in Washington, featured Senator Barack Obama, and was attended by over 1000 students from 48 states.

It just goes to show you that the Socialists were planing and working for years for the Obama revolution, and that all that grassroots ground-swell for Obama in 2008, was merely carefully planned and engineered foreign influence funded by the Greek socialist, billionaire, George Soros.

But let’s not forget Think Progress!

Last, but not least, the Center for American Progress editor, Faiz Shakir publishes a blog called Think Progress, according to Wikipedia.  Think Progress is one of the most influential pro-Obama sites on the internet, implicated as the origin of much of the propaganda pushed by Obama’s internet “helpers,” who are rather the modern equivalent of Hilter’s Brown Shirts, since they operate on fora all over the net to harrass, insult, demean, and otherwise badger American citizens who would dare think about what Obama is saying, and conclude with facts and evidence, that he is full of it.

The ThinkProgress.org site, which is run by a Victor Zapanta, was the first to put out that the Kerchner Advertorial had “racial undertones.”  Following their lead, Obama supporters round the net and in Washington, D.C., began the campaign against the Kerchner Advertorial. It was during that time that The Post & Email’s website was also hacked as has been reported. (For more reports on the Advertorial click here)

The charge that the Advertorial had “racial undertones” was a clear sign that Think Progress has a deeply seated, racial bias; for in some manner they psychologically connect chimpanzees with Obama, even though in the ad no such association exists.  In this way the liberals show that they are the intellectual heirs of 19th century racists, whose hatred guides their perception of reality.

The participation of Think Progress in the attack on the Kerchner Advertorial is, thus, a crucial piece of evidence showing that in all probability, the White House itself gave the command to attack the Washington Times on account of the ad.

Discover the Networks, run by David Horowitz, a former leftist, now one of the far-left’s worst critics, published a detailed exposé of the Center for American Progress and Think Progress. It is a must read to understand whose behind Obama.

The Power & Money behind the Misinformation Campaign

Today the Center for American progress, whose president is John Podesta, the former White House Chief of Staff under Clinton, is heavily funded, still, by Soros and company; according to Wikipedia:

From 2003 to 2007, the center received about $15 million in grants from 58 foundations. Major individual donors include George Soros, Peter Lewis, Steve Bing, and Herb and Marion Sandler.

If you trace the liberal roots further, you will find that the billionaire, Peter Lewis is the President and CEO of Progressive Insurance, whose TV ads are famous.

Steve Bing is the founder of Shangri-La Business Group; at 18 he inherited $600 million from his father who made a killing in NY realestate.  He wrote the screen play, “Missing in Action” in which Chuck Norris starred.  But his importance to the Democrats is that he is one of their biggest consistent donors, having contributed tens of millions of dollars to their poltiical efforts in the last decade.

Herb Sandler created Golden West Financial Corporation and subsequently sold its assents to Wachovia Bank for $24 billion; his take was $2.4 billion.  He is a heavy funder of strategic Democratic political organizations.

So the next time you hear that Obama was “the peoples’ choice”, ask, “Which people?”

Appendix:  A Geography of Obot Land

Here is a brief listing of sites collaborating in Soros’ misinformation campaign.  Mind you, don’t let yourself be trapped dialoging with these guys: truth is their enemy; pyschological warfare and misinformation dissemination is their profession:

Politijab: http://www.politijab.com

Oh, For Goodness Sake:  http://ohforgoodnesssake.com

Via OFGS – Jack Ryan’s “Birther Lawsuits”:  http://www.scribd.com/Jack%20Ryan

BadFiction:  http://badfiction.typepad.comthis guy is an IT specialist and a member of the Society for Creative Revisionism — oops! — Anachronism

BadFiction’s Birther Calender:  http://badfiction.typepad.com/badfiction/-birther-calendar.html

Obama Conspiracy Theories:  http://www.obamaconspiracy.org

Obots.org:  http://www.obots.org

What’s Your Evidence:  http://whatsyourevidence.com

Rumproast:  http://www.rumproast.com

Barackyphal:  http://barackryphal.blogspot.com

Native and Natural Born Citizenship Explored:  http://nativeborncitizen.wordpress.com
this guy began as claiming Obama was “native born” and when it was shown that that wasn’t good enough to be president, changed his tune but not his message.

Stupid PUMAs!:  http://stupidpumas.com

Crazy Internet People:  http://crazyinternetpeople.blogspot.com


Finally click on the tags to this report, at the bottom of this article, for more reports on these issues.

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  1. George Soros and the Bush crime family are from the same ilk. Gyorgy Schwartz, Soros’ real name, is a Hungarian Jew that was a teenage Nazi sympathizer. He was helping finger victims for the gas chambers while Prescott Bush, H W’s father, was financing the Nazis through Union Bank. H W ended up as an agent for Rockefeller while Gyorgy ended up as an agent for the Rothschilds. They both serve the same master. They are both globalist banksters bent on a one world government. Don’t buy into the facade of left/right debate. It is there to control you, to use you, to steal your wealth and your unalienable rights. We pay the interest on the money they create out of thin air. It’s not enough for them to suck us dry through unconstitutional taxes and their fiat federal reserve scheme, they have to rule us, kill us and destroy our personal, state & national sovereignty. Obama is their boy, just like the state controlled media, most of the legislature, and the government agent judiciary. Wise up people, we have the right to judge the law as jurors. We have standing on constitutional issues. Citizens’ Grand Juries are constitutional. We The People are above the constitution. We are a republic, NOT a democracy. the 13th (as we know it), 14th, 15th, & 16th Amendments were NEVER legally ratified!!!! We have the power to turn the usurpations around, but we must recognize our power as sovereign citizens of the Several States and learn to use that power to peacefully reign in the criminals in D.C. & courts. The highest court in the land is a petit jury that acquits. Not the President (if we had an eligible one) nor the Supreme Court has the power to overturn the acquittal of a petit jury. Stop believing their lies. We are addicted to believing their lies. If we stop believing their lies, they will have no power over us. Join the Sheriff’s project and sign on to the soon to be released Articles of Freedom at www . CC2009.us that were generated at the recent Continental Congress 2009.

    Remember…Party loyalty is as dangerous as loyalty to government v. citizens’ rights & the constitution. Check out GOOOH.com. Consider withdrawing all support from the federal government until redress of grievances for constitutional violations are provided.

  2. I have posted evidence against one of the bloggers listed. Using his own evidence I show that the DailyKos COLB image was created from the Hawaiian Blank template. Using his own evidence against him, proving the forgery even more.

  3. So, we do not have Democrat v/s Republican we have billionaire extreme left wing, v/s billionaire extreme right wing, who in their capacity as acting president of the United States, can write any lie that their money can buy. They don’t even have to be in country, or Americans or abide by any law. I hope that when all of their lies are exposed they can be held responsible. So Soros had issues with Bush-why should the American people have to put up with his little hissy fits. Soros sure dredged the bottom of the barrel-South Side hood when he picked Obama you really can get any more corrupt than that, or maybe that was what he was looking for the most corrupt idiot on the planet. The lipstick on that pig didn’t stick-he still a hoodlum dressed up to look like a potus. He is at -19 at Rasmussen today.