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by John Charlton

The birth announcement in the Aug. 14, 1961 edition of the Star Bulletin, as obtained by the citizen-investigatory and released to The Post & Email
The birth announcement in the Aug. 14, 1961 edition of the Star Bulletin, as obtained by the citizen-investigator and released to The Post & Email. (Image enhancement by the Post & Email).

(Dec. 11, 2009) — The Post & Email has just received PDF files from a highly credible source, establishing that the birth annoucement in the Star Bulletin Edition of Aug. 14, 1961, for Barack Hussein Obama, is authentic.

The source of the electronic images is a patriot who collaborated with the now famous, Miss Tickly (TerriK), in the investigation of the responses of the Hawaii Department of Health, in regard to requests for information on Obama’s original vital records.

This citizen-investigator wrote the University library which held the mircofiche on Dec. 5th, and received a response, yesterday, Dec. 10th.

The citizen-investigator’s letter, to the Post & Email, read as follows:

I know your have embarked on your own quest for the truth given your involvement with UIPA requests and requests for assistance from the OIP.

I wanted to test the veracity of the Advertiser and Star Bulletin birth annoucements so I went on my own quest for the microfiche that might be located outside of HI. I located the microfiche  at UC Berkeley (I know, the most liberal bastion in the world) for the Star Bulletin. The CA State Library has the Advertiser microfiche for August 1961 which I am still working on obtaining images from.

The pdf I have attached is from UCB hard copies that I received in the mail today. Unless the conspiracy extends to recalling all microfiche around the globe, I believe there was an announcement of Barry’s birth in the 8/14/61 HSB.  See the attached file. I agree that this proves nothing other than in all likelyhood there was an annoucement.

You are free to use this however you want (personal info already redacted) but I believe in large part it debunks the notion that the announcements were somehow forged. To be honest, I was somewhat crestfallen that Barry’s birth appeared. I was looking for the smoking gun…

Also, I feel I have enough information to conclude the OIP and DoH is challenging concerned citizens such as myself to file a lawsuit to obtain information we have a legal right to. I would like to write an article to that effect but only if there is a chance you will publish it on your website.


For the sake of history, The Post & Email is making available in zipped format (2.5 MB), the entire 5.2 MB  file PDF, just as it was received from the citizen-investigator.  The image of the crucial page above, was extracted from that archive. If you prefer, you can download the single and final PDF page of that archive, which contains the actual annoucement.

One thing is certain about Obama: the verification of the authenticity of the birth annoucment now establishes with greater certainty the legal paternity of Barrack Hussein Obama, Sr., over the child Barry.  It does not provide evidence, in-and-of-itself, as to who the mother was, or whether the birth was recorded on account of a filing made by a hospital in the regular course of activities, or was triggered by an at-home-birth filing by Obama’s natural parents or relatives.

The confirmation that a British subject was the legal, declared father of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., establishes more firmly the charge that he is ineligible for office, since to be president the U.S. Constitution requires that one be a natural born citizen, and no natural born citizen can have a foreigner as a parent.

See the tags at the end of this article for more information on these issues.

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  1. I don’t know about the media ? they are in trouble and have their hands out for a chunk of the money they have siphoned off the taxpayers?But your point is taken?WE THE PEOPLE MUST KEEP THE PRESSURE UP ON ALL THE REPRESNTIVES THAT REFUSE TO HELP THE CITIZENS FIND THE TRUTH?and to keep this on the front burner so they can’t sweep it under the rugs with the rest of his crimes?

  2. Did the sumpreme court open his Occidental college records and find that Barrack?Barry applied for and recieved a scholarship that was for the express use of “Foriegin Exchange students from the Fullbright Scholarship program.
    This alone would be a smoking gun to prove that Obama?barry is a foriegniner and that he is a dual citizen of Kenya and Indoneasia.and He has never applied for or recieved or filled out any citizenship papers to be come a citizen of the United States?plus the fact that he traveled to Pakistan when he was 20 under the Indonesian passport that he was a citizen since the age of 5,where he attended school there as a Muslim and only a citizen of that country could attend school there,(Fyi:when a child is this (5yrs.)young and his parent marries an Indonesian citizen ,which Lolo Soetoro was any child is automaticly given citizenship status).No American with a reglion of christian couldn’t travel through this country,but A “Indonesian citizen/Muslim could have had stayed with Bin Laden and trained as a jihadists himself.If Obama/Barry Soetoro hasn’t anything to hide,Why won’t he admit where and who he stayed with while he traveled through this region?
    These are the questions Obama/Barry needs to answer ?

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  4. At the Sacremento Library in the CA History Room

    ISSN: 1072-7191
    VOLUME: 1961 Aug. 1-15 Available

  5. The theory that Obama is just using the birth cert as a decoy to keep people off the real story, which is dual citizenship is one that I don’t buy into. It’s not a bad theory, just one that I don’t accept. There reason is twofold.

    First, I don’t think we’ll ever get him taken out of office on the dual issue, even if it comes to a full discussion at the dc court level or even the supreme court. The people of this country don’t care about it, and the courts are political creatures, unfortunately. Besides telling us that the issue has been brought up in the wrong jurisdiction by people that don’t have standing, they’ve also said that “the people have spoken in the election”, that this is an effort to “unseat a president”, that ” the election is over”, and finally that it’s all a “fairy tale”. Now, does that sound like people that are really going to do anything if it’s just brought before the “right court” by people who have “standing”? In my opinion, we have as much reason to believe they’ll give it a fair hearing as we do that they’ll treat with respect the other constitutional issues like the interstate commerce clause and the general welfare clause, which is to say NONE!

    On the other hand, what would make the politically charged courts move? Real evidence that O has committed fraud. Because that will rile the public up and the political judges would get a move on. And with the hawaii doh pulling the crap they’ve pulled, and Obama spending two million bucks to keep everyone in the dark, what more do we need to suspect shenanigans on the birth certificate?

    We need to get the vital records, somehow, someway, and that is our real hope. In My Opinion.

    1. I am a purist and believe that Obama must be accountable to prove that he is eligible to hold his office. Like millions of others I remain convinced that his birth certificate if it exists will question his eligibility but even more having a foreign born father not a US citizen should be grounds for immediate removal. But I also agree that Obama’s past in Illinois should be thoroughly investigated for fraud and other felonies without reliance on any law enforcement. VP Agnew had to resign when he was found accepting kickbacks when he was Governor of MD and that only took a law professor and three students who targeted Agnew. Whatever the means of removing Obama is justified.

      1. If Obama/barry was borned on the 4th ofAugust, they had plenty of time to get back,from Mombassa,Kenya and put this in the paper by the 14th.
        I must agree that Obama must be held accountable for all his past actions that would make him inelligable to hold this office?like the time he was a U.S.Senator and took time off to travel to kenya to inject himself into their election to get his COUSIN RAILA ODINGA elected,while there he took the oath of his grandfathers and Odinga’s ploitical party,He took the “LOU TRIBAL LOYALITY OATH” and there fore sworn alligence to this foriegin political party.frist a US Senator should not be campaigning for any one outside the United States.
        When Raila Odinga didn’t get elected his ardent followers went on a ethenic cleasning and when they finally stopped they had killed 1500 people.This and his alliances with Toney Rezko and other crimmals he has been known to have done business with,and the connection to Acorn and other crimmal organizations,must be checked out?this should have been done when he was “VETTED” oops I forget everybody thinks he doesn’t need to pass any vetting process like Senator John McCain did?

    2. I disagree. Do you really think that the most powerful man on the planet will be incapable of “producing” a piece of paper showing a Hawaiian birth? On the other hand, the piece of paper that he cannot produce is the one showing that his father was a US citizen. There are four

      1. Continued … I somehow clicked submit to soon.

        There are four US Supreme Court cases which will serve as precedent, with the 1874 Minor case being the most on-point. The definition of the term “natural born citizen” was known by our Founding Fathers who were very familiar with the writings of Vattel, who defined the term in his 1758 legal treatise as someone born in the country to citizen parents (plural).

      2. It really doesn’t matter where he can produce a piece of paper from Hawaii which it is common nowledge that Hawaii acceppted all kinds of COlb’s at this time.
        The fact that he was borned to a British /kenya citizen and he admits this in his book and Ann Dunham had lived and grown up in a terroitiry that wasn’t a state until 2 years before Barrack Obama /Barry Soetoro was borned.This fact that Ann Dunham had been living out side the United states and her being a minor when she had Barrack aka Barry she could not have given her citizenship to anyone.
        The laws of a British /Kenyan citizen who marries a citizen from another country(who is a Minor) then the citizenship falls on the man’s citizenship of his country?These are the facts that we want Obama /Barry to prove he isn’t a British/kenyan/ Indonesian Naturalized citizen,but all the facts and some of these facts have been taken from his book “Dreams of My Father” and Obama /Barry even admits that the Contitution states that it takes (2) parents of the USA to be Natural Born Citizen?

  6. I would like to make one more point. Please note this is not to ridicule or disparage anyone or shame anyone into action. It seems that many of the comments may be based on what people have read here or on other blogs. I am concerned that people are relying on the work of others to effect change, meaning only a handful of us are actually making inquiries at various agencies and libraries in an attempt to reveal the truth. The chances of uncovering the truth are slim to none unless we join forces in either an organized or unorganized effort and simply not take no for an answer. It requires time, energy, and persistence of all involved. Simply reiterating what one reads in blogsphere is a guarantee that we will fall short of the objective.

    It is our only realistic chance of victory unless Mr. Donfrio and Pidgeon somehow pull off the QW miracle. We cannot however solely rely on their effort. In short I am asking those of you who have yet to contact your respresentatives in DC, make an inquiry at the DoH, research your local libraries, get involved in 9-12 project, etc to get involved. At some point it will become obvious that public interest far outweighs privacy.

    The tide IS turning. Mr Obama has the lowest approval rating after 10 1/2 months in office of any President in history since polls have been kept. If this trend continues, the media is going to be forced to report the hard news or else risk a continued decline in readership and advertising revenue. It is the only plausible reason why the O adminstration is entertaining the idea of subsidizing the O friendly media and granting various such entities a nonprofit status. How else will it be able to control the message, especially if the nation is no longer mesmerized by O’s charismatic but empty rhetoric?

    A call to arms of sorts before it is too late.

  7. My child was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and I personally sent the birth notice to the newspaper a couple of weeks after the birth. That’s the way it was done when my child was born.

  8. The sentiment here is the birth annoucement proves nothing. I don’t think that Mr. Charlton or the citizen researcher are asserting anything other than the announcement appears to be authentic and that BHO Sr. is listed as the father of a son born on August 4, 1961.

    There are several unanswered questions. Where was he born? If in HI was it at the Kapiolani MC or at home? Was it somewhere outside the US? If his b/c was amended, why? Most importantly, why all the smoke and mirrors?

    Other than proving paternity, the COLB really has no probative value in this case. We know Mr. Obama is not a NBC if his father is BHO Sr., was a British subject at the time. Mr. Obama’s strategy all along (one that is failing I might add) is to keep the focus on the b/c and off the real issue which is he does not meet the definition of a NBC. He knows it and unfortunately for him, we know it.

    IMHO, the DoH is a major player in the endgame and will continue to misdirect, ofuscate and perhaps outright lie to protect Obama even if there is nothing to “protect”. And who realistically thinks the DoJ isn’t deeply involved in preventing the DoH from releasing even the most benign information such as “filed vs. accepted”?

    Also, there is a fair amount of discussion regarding the Lafforges. While Orland Lafforge might have owned the property since 1958 which to my understanding, consists of two residents a main house and cottage. Mr. Lefforge was listed in the Polk’s City Directories 1958-1961 as living at 2656 Rock Rd.

    Stanley and Madelyn were listed in the 1960-1961 directory as living at the birth address. I doubt that BHO Sr. ever lived there and where Ann actually lived at the time is really unknown. She does not appear in the 1960-1961 directory under Dunham. The Dunhams moved shortly thereafter and appear in the 1962-1963 directory as living at an apartment at 1427 Alexander St. My point is that Ann was not attending school at the time so she could have been living there at least for a brief period when O was born.

    My two cents worth. Keep up the good fight everyone!

  9. This is only a notice in a newspaper that anyone could have submitted and had published. It does not “prove” anything–not even THAT a birth took place, yet alone anything else–so it’s essentially nothing more than corroboration and a “notice” was put in the paper in August, 1961. But it has no factual value. What is interesting to me is that Obama, Sr.’s friends all report, then and later, of never having heard about any birth or offspring. Obama, Sr. spoke only about his wife and children back in Kenya. So, apparently, the newspaper notice didn’t catch any particular attention that they might have heard about.

    I’m with Bill Clinton when he said, of Obama’s presidential aspirations, “This whole thing is a fairy tale.” By that I assume he meant the carefully-crafted Obama myth machine was a fraud. I just wish the Clintons had put some emphasis on natural born citizenship so more people knew what it was…and Obama wasn’t.

  10. RE: “[…] a highly credible source, establishing that the birth annoucement in the Star Bulletin Edition of Aug. 14, 1961, for Barack Hussein Obama, is authentic […]”.

    Yes, the announcement is probably authentic, yet, as evidence pointing towards Obama’s place and date of birth as Hawaii, it has no value –

    It’s been proved that said newspaper announcement(s) in Honolulu were just a re-publishing of a list done by the Hawaii HD, forwarded by that department, list wholesale describing BIRTH REGISTRATIONS by that institution, AND NOT ONLY BIRTHS THAT OCCURRED AT ONE OR ANOTHER hospital there –

    Can we see in the announcement the Hospital where the alleged birth occcurred?
    Nope, and we’re at square one again – the growing suspicions regarding Obama’s presidential illegitimacy (and the ensuing complications caused by this serious situation), can be assuaged only by the production of the full format document ($15 fee) that details Obama’s birth – be it in Kenya, on a raft off-shore Somalia, in Seattle, or in Hawaii –

    And this is exactly what Obama and his proxy defenders fight – the release of the, quite likely proof, that Obama is not a legitimate president –

    Regards –

    1. Consider this;

      Barack Hussein Obama born in Kenya, Mombassa is too far from the ‘family village’, I venture Nairobi. BC on record there states Obama Sr father and another one of Obama Sr’s village conquests as mother.
      It is during the fateful trip into jungleland that Obama’s real mother dumps Obama Jr on Sr and Ann. Whereas they take him back to Hawaii and go through the process of adopting the little bundle. The courts then order a new birth certification stating that Obama Sr and Stanley Ann as his biological parents. The original is sealed and the amended [court ordered created one] in now the official copy. The date of birth is the court ordered date and not his real DOB.
      This explains how, there is more then one record on file. Last I checked you were born once, so how does one have more then one birth record? Either by adoption or another court ordered scenario.
      Allowing the record to be released, only exposes that there is another behind it and that is the crux, the silver stake into the heart of the Obamantion.
      This would allow for the State of Hawaii to issue their statement, because legally, as far as they are able to state, the court legally changed his place of birth and parents to Hawaii, when in fact it is a lie. Because they can’t release the original sealed record that states otherwise.


      Mr. Charlton replies: Syc 1969, see the interview I did with Mr. Omolo of Kenya. He confirms that Obama has relatives from the area of Mombasa.


      While not everything he says might be acceptable, the admission that Obama’s Grandmother was in Mombasa because she had relatives there, does add corroborative evidence that Obama could be born there, because an American girl with a husband wishing the best for her, would naturally bring her to Mombasa where he had relatives to take care of her and she could get to a good hospital.

      From what we know about Obama Sr. he wanted the best services that could be had.

      But for all we know, they went on a late honeymoon to Tahiti and Obama was born a french citizen; we just don’t know…

      1. Mr Carlton;
        I agree on the article. The 1961 trip to Kenya was to the shores of Lake Victoria [Obama’s Village], I am not disregarding any birth location in Kenya, Nairobi or Mombassa. That is a great article showing relatives in Mombassa and the possibilty that Obama was not a full term delivery.


        Mr. Charlton replies: Obama Sr. does come from a village along Lake Victoria, but what evidence is there that he went there in 1961? More importantly what evidence is there that Ann Dunham went there in 1961? Most presume incorrectly that they had to travel together if they traveled at all. Note that Omolo denies Obama Sr. returned, he does not deny Ann visited. If she visited alone, it would make sense that she’d stay with Obama Sr.’s female relatives, at a beach front city, rather than a dusty western village, where there was no hospital. But this is all conjecture.

    Obama’s parents didn’t live at newspaper birth address
    Barack’s dad had bachelor pad, mother left Hawaii with baby

    The Polk Directory shows Lefforge and Young living at 6085 Kalanianaole Highway in 1963, not when they purchased the home in 1958.

    Mother and son move to Seattle

    WND has separately documented that Ann Dunham was enrolled in extension classes at the University of Washington 15 days after Barack Obama Jr. was born.

  12. Today in Hawaii the Health Dept supplies the info as to births and deaths to the news media. However, in 1961 in Hawaii, anyone could call the newspapers and give that info and it would be printed. Hawaii was a new state and there were still many home births.

    What is interesting is that Obamas’ mother was in Seattle Washington on August 15, 1961.

    1. What is also interesting was what Obama said about the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in April 1961. He said that he was just a few months old when that happened. That would mean a January 1961 birth and a conception that predated his mother meeting Obama Senior. Hmmm …

      1. also that Obama Sr has had more then one wife and ‘new’ relatives are coming out of the hills and other countries. Obama was born in Kenya, birthed by one of his other wives, and brought into the marriage by Obama Sr, the birth record on file with Hawaii is the result of the adoption of Obama by Stanley Ann, his step-mother. He discovered the truth when he found ‘THAT’ birth certificate along with his other papers. He then went to Kenya to find his true mother and confronted Stanley Ann in Indonesia. Stanley Ann is ONLY listed as his mother by court order as a result of the adoption. Why else does he have a deep rooted hatred of his mothers race among Obama’s other issues.

      2. Obama has a powerful memory – he also vividly remembered assisting at the return of the Apollo mission off-shore Hawaii from the shoulders of gran’pa Dunham, while at that date he was in Djakarta –

  13. Birth announcements in 1961 were placed by the Department of Health. This does not prove a Hawaii birth ! It was competely legal and in Hawaii statute – that a child born out of the country to a parent with HI residency the prior year, to obtain a Hawaii COLB. The birth announcement would be published as a result of the COLB being issued and does not prove HI birth. Besides, even if Obama was born in Hawaii, he is still NOT “NATURAL BORN” as his mother was not of age, and his father was a British citizen. Obama was born a dual citizen and therefore ineligible to be POTUS

  14. How is it that the newspapers announced Obama’s birth for August 4 if Miss Tickly found out that Obama or whoever AMENDED his Date Of Birth? If his DOB was changed TO August 4 and it is seen on his COLB, so what was his previous DOB and why didn’t they announce that one? That previous DOB was the one the Hawaii Dept of Health based on the births they had told the newspapers was registered, not the amended DOB. But is that wrong?

    Was Miss Tickly wrong or the announcement’s wrong?

    1. Miss Tickly did not say the date was amended, just that the COLB was amended. the amendment could have to do with an adoption, change of birth location, etc..

      1. I don’t figure how Obama could amend his COLB DOB if it don’t amend his BC DOB. Thats got to do with Hawaii Health Dept never accepted the BC right off? OK, maybe, but that still don’t change his COLB till much later. It’s not gonna be amended in 1961. That BC got the old date on it, whatever it was, but it can’t be the one his COLB says. That’s the one the announcements are using, but they can’t, it wasn’t changed until later. See, it doesnt match.

        We got to say Miss Tickly is right. She got it from Hawaii Health Dept, they DID say the DOB was changed. There was paper for that but it’s not gonna be in 1961. Miss Tickly thought Obama was the one that did it, well tried to do it, so then we GOT to say the announcements are wrong. They don’t fit.

        How many of those things are out there? Why couldn’t they be fixed?

  15. The Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate, which had been advertised on eBay, shows a date of August 4, 1961. The newspaper announcement is dated August 14th. Is it not possible that Obama’s mama flew back to Hawaii a few days after the birth and placed the announcement and also registered his Mombassa birth with Hawaii, or simply registered the birth which led to an automatic announcement? Stanley A. Dunham could easily have been back in Hawaii with her newborn several days before the August 14th announcement. Even if she returned as late as the 12th, she had time to place it. Speaking of the Kenyan BC, it sure would be interesting to compare the pattern of all those skin folds even from a scanned PDF, not to mention the toe prints from the original, to The One’s right foot.

  16. Can Maya Soetoro pass the DNA test as Barry/BarackJr.’s half sister?!?! This would answer one BIG question as to whether Ann Dunham is Barry’s real mother. Fair question I believe given the doubts brought forth so far?!?!!?
    The validity of the annoucement only goes to further prove Obama’s ineligibility on the grounds of not being a natural born citizen?!!??

    1. If you could get a DNA sample from Maya and Barack it would be very easy just compare their MT DNA which is the DNA from their mother. Good Luck on getting any DNA samples. Also if you wanted to compare Barack with any of his half brothers born to his father you would just do a Y 37 marker DNA test and that would tell you if they are related.

  17. More about Obama

    I would like one person to bring concrete evidence that Barack Obama Sr. was Barack Obama Jr’s father.

    To my knowledge there are no witnesses that have testified, documents, computer records or photos that have been made public that show.

    1. Evidence that Barack Obama Sr and Stanley Ann Dunham were ever married. Remember Michelle Obama stated that Barack Jr. was born out of wedlock.

    2. Evidence that Barack Obama Sr and Stanley Ann Dunham ever lived together. A newspaper ad is not evidence. Anyone could make up and ad and put whatever they want into it.

    3. Evidence that Barack Obama Sr and Stanley Ann Dunham were ever seen together.

    There is no DNA evidence of who Barack Obama Jr.’s father is.

    All we have is Barack Obama’s Jr word that Barack Obama Sr was his father. We all know how Jr lies, lies and lies some more.

    A number of people have come forth and stated that they saw Barack Jr and Stanley Ann Dunham his mother together so why hasn’t anyone come forward and said they saw Barack Sr and SA Dunham together.

    How come Barack Jr has never made public family photos showing Barack Sr., SA Dunham and himself together? Maybe no one took photos of them together but why no wedding photo.

    All they legal cases that claim that Obama was born with British citizenship are based upon the word of Barack Jr. saying that Barack Sr. was his father and nothing more.

  18. all this was, is an announcement of A birth – 10 days later. this is not a certified document, not to mention the 10 day delay of the announcement brings more query.

  19. Were the neighbors who lived next door to the Dunham address, forgotten ?

    They still live there today, and to this day, have never seen a white woman with a black baby ever living next door.

  20. Those newspaper announcements were placed automatically by a list generated once per week from the Hawaii Dept of Health based on births “registered” with their system the prior week. Thus the publication in the newspaper was not done by an independent source. False registration of birth location leads to false data announcement in the newspaper. Obama’s birth may have been REGISTERED as having occurred in Hawaii, and thus a birth registration of some sort exists in the Hawaii vital records system. But, I do not believe Obama was really, physically born there. Not one piece of independently verifiable contemporaneous evidence and/or witnesses has been brought forward to attest to his birth. No statement was made by Obama’s grandmother in Hawaii when she was alive and could easily have made such a statement if she knew it was true. No hospital records, no doctors, no medical attendants, with attesting signatures to attest to such a birth occurring in Hawaii has ever been shown. And in Kenya we have Obama’s relatives, reporters, and the Kenyan ambassador to the USA acknowledging that Obama was born in Kenya. Listen to this radio discussion on the Bill Cunningham Radio Show as to how Obama’s grandmother in Hawaii and/or mother in Hawaii likely pulled off this scam, the false registration in 1961 of Obama as being born in Hawaii.


    M Publius Goat

  21. I believe he was born in hawaii but, he has spent a million and a half bucks on lawyers keeping records secret. NOBODY spends money like that unless he has something to hide. What is he hiding?

    1. …because his birth certificate would show that his father was not a U.S. citizen and that means Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen.

      Both your parents must be citizens.

    2. Or he has nothing to hide and the birth certificate is a smokescreen to hide the fact that his father was not a US citizen — a fact which alone Constitutionally disqualifies Obama. Birth certificates can be forged, but there is not a document that can show that Obama Senior was a US citizen.

      $1.5 million dollars? That is chump change to people like Soros.

  22. There has never been any credible doubt about the newspaper announcements. Neither contains the birth name of the child nor the location of birth, so it doesn’t actually resolve anything. The address listed would suggest that SAD lived with her grandparents when the baby was born, or kept that as her permanent address, even though she may have lived in Washington state at the time, and had no tangible marital relationship with the listed father of the child.

    It’s still very possible that someone other than the parents of the child registered its birth with the state, such as Madelyne Dunham. It’s also possible that an incomplete birth registration would still be sent by the state to the newspapers with the full lists of recent, fully documented births.

    Now, the next step is to find the announcements for the Nordyke Twins. Going by the certificate number, they should have been published at the same time as Obama’s birth announcement.

    1. I believe there was a report that the birth announcement of the Nordyke twins was not reported in the birth announcement section of the newspaper because the newspaper featured a regular article about their births.

      1. Texoma Ed: If there was an article to announce the Nordykes’ birth, then where is it? Libraries will also supply copies of newspaper stories, when asked; and there are online archives that some people can access (Lexis?).

        Even if there were such an article, their births would still have been listed in the vital records section of the newspaper. Nobody would logically crosscheck to see if any reporter planned to write a news article about the Nordyke twins and then excise their names from the DoH list. Why would they? If it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not true.

        If you notice, the doctor who delivered those twins signed at least one of their birth certificates on the 11th. If the DoH, as reported, compiled their list on Fridays to be printed Sunday and Monday, then perhaps the Nordykes missed the Friday, the 11th, list and were announced the following weekend–the 20th and 21st. Now somebody needs to ask that Berkeley library to send copies of that weekend’s notices.

  23. If Obama was born in Kenya and his mother or grandmother filed for a COLB in Hawaii, wouldn’t this filing automatically generate an announcement from the Dept of Health to any newspapers because it is a public notice? Or, since some are questioning his COLB as “filed” versus “accepted” would the DoH treat those statuses differently for public notices???

  24. There is no proof that the Obama’s ever lived at that address. On the contrary there is strong proof to suggest that they never lived there, either alone or together.

    See WND archives

  25. The newspaper announcements came directly from the hawaii doh and mean nothing as to whether he was born in hawaii or elsewhere. If the doh had nothing but affidavits, that would have prompted the newspaper announcements.

    We need to see the actual bc.

    All the facts point a very clear picture that there is something in them that is either very embarrassing or possibly explosive.

    1. The birth certificate cannot prove his eligibility, it can only futher disprove it should it show a foreign birth. There exists no document that can show that Obama Senior was a US citizen, and that fact alone is enough to make Obama Junior not a natural born citizen and ineligible to be President. Besides, does anyone think that the most powerful man on the planet would be incapable of “producing” a piece of paper showing a birth in Hawaii?

  26. Microfiches could be easily duplicated and altered and there’d be a limited number to do.


  27. Being born in Hawaii is NOT the issue. Obama is not qualified as a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ as required by the United States Constitution. The newspaper announcement are not proof that he was even born in Hawaii, just that a birth took place, not to where or when. Just like the forged COLB, there is no witnesses, doctor, or other vitals.

  28. Great article, John.

    The American people need to know that the REQUIREMENT in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of The Constitution, is for the President of The United States of America to be a ‘natural born Citizen’. The overwhelming force of legal precedent defines this term as someone born in The USA to parents, who were both citizens of The USA at the time of the child’s birth.

    Mr Obama is therefore a USURPER and every action that he has taken, since falsely swearing the oath of office for POTUS, is NULL and VOID. The sooner this is established, the less problematic will be the unravelling of all of his illegitimate acts.

    The imminent legal action, known as Quo Warranto, in The District Court of Washington D.C., being brought by Leo Donofrio, on behalf of the Chrysler dealers (cheated by Mr Obama), is the best hope for bringing this disgraceful and outrageous episode in American history to a close.

  29. Thank you for letting the chips fall where they may immediately as they are they are received without trying to “re-stack” them in any way. We The People have a right to know the truth about the eligibility of our putative President.

    If the newspaper birth announcement copy is genuine, shouldn’t the Nordyke twins (Susan and Gretchen) appear among the birth announcements? Do they?

    Think well — see clearly.

  30. I won’t believe it until it is testified to in court that it is authentic … I can go by Berkely myself.. thanks for letting me know that it is there.

    Like you said though, it doesn’t really matter because the announcement could have been triggered by the grandma filing paperwork for a foreign birth.. Who knows if Ann Dunham was his bio mother… Obama looks exactly like his brother living in China who supposedly has a different mother.

    Also, remember that there is an affidavit out there that states the Obama’s (Ann and Barrack Sr.) weren’t living at the address according to a neighbor that said she would have remembered a bi-racial couple and baby next door.

    1. If obama was in fact delivered at that home address, it does NOT mean that Obama senior was actually living there, so no biracial couple would had to have been seen there. Also, Ann, his mother, could only have been there a couple weeks after his birth, because records show she attended college at Washington soon after that. Did her parents live there at that address at the time? Perhaps they put the birth announcement inthe newspaper.

    2. P. Barnett: The annoucement from the August 13th, 1961 Honolulu Advertiser is on microfiche at the CA State Library in Sacremento. Is this something relatively easy for you to access? I contacted the library but due to staff reductions, it does not provide photocopy services for remote customers. One must hire a private researcher to obtain..


      The Dunhams were listed as living at 6085 Kanlanianaole in the 1960-1961 Polk’s City Directory for Honolulu. I have a photocopy I obtained from the HI State Library.

      1. Did you record a call number or a location of the library? The library has multiple locations. Please post the info here if you have it, thanks.

      2. WND reported that Ann Obama, a student, is listed at that address, living with her parents, when her son was born. Did you ask for her listing, too?