Obama’s Birth Announcement in 1961, confirmed


by John Charlton

The birth announcement in the Aug. 14, 1961 edition of the Star Bulletin, as obtained by the citizen-investigatory and released to The Post & Email
The birth announcement in the Aug. 14, 1961 edition of the Star Bulletin, as obtained by the citizen-investigator and released to The Post & Email. (Image enhancement by the Post & Email).

(Dec. 11, 2009) — The Post & Email has just received PDF files from a highly credible source, establishing that the birth annoucement in the Star Bulletin Edition of Aug. 14, 1961, for Barack Hussein Obama, is authentic.

The source of the electronic images is a patriot who collaborated with the now famous, Miss Tickly (TerriK), in the investigation of the responses of the Hawaii Department of Health, in regard to requests for information on Obama’s original vital records.

This citizen-investigator wrote the University library which held the mircofiche on Dec. 5th, and received a response, yesterday, Dec. 10th.

The citizen-investigator’s letter, to the Post & Email, read as follows:

I know your have embarked on your own quest for the truth given your involvement with UIPA requests and requests for assistance from the OIP.

I wanted to test the veracity of the Advertiser and Star Bulletin birth annoucements so I went on my own quest for the microfiche that might be located outside of HI. I located the microfiche  at UC Berkeley (I know, the most liberal bastion in the world) for the Star Bulletin. The CA State Library has the Advertiser microfiche for August 1961 which I am still working on obtaining images from.

The pdf I have attached is from UCB hard copies that I received in the mail today. Unless the conspiracy extends to recalling all microfiche around the globe, I believe there was an announcement of Barry’s birth in the 8/14/61 HSB.  See the attached file. I agree that this proves nothing other than in all likelyhood there was an annoucement.

You are free to use this however you want (personal info already redacted) but I believe in large part it debunks the notion that the announcements were somehow forged. To be honest, I was somewhat crestfallen that Barry’s birth appeared. I was looking for the smoking gun…

Also, I feel I have enough information to conclude the OIP and DoH is challenging concerned citizens such as myself to file a lawsuit to obtain information we have a legal right to. I would like to write an article to that effect but only if there is a chance you will publish it on your website.


For the sake of history, The Post & Email is making available in zipped format (2.5 MB), the entire 5.2 MB  file PDF, just as it was received from the citizen-investigator.  The image of the crucial page above, was extracted from that archive. If you prefer, you can download the single and final PDF page of that archive, which contains the actual annoucement.

One thing is certain about Obama: the verification of the authenticity of the birth annoucment now establishes with greater certainty the legal paternity of Barrack Hussein Obama, Sr., over the child Barry.  It does not provide evidence, in-and-of-itself, as to who the mother was, or whether the birth was recorded on account of a filing made by a hospital in the regular course of activities, or was triggered by an at-home-birth filing by Obama’s natural parents or relatives.

The confirmation that a British subject was the legal, declared father of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., establishes more firmly the charge that he is ineligible for office, since to be president the U.S. Constitution requires that one be a natural born citizen, and no natural born citizen can have a foreigner as a parent.

See the tags at the end of this article for more information on these issues.

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