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by Harry Hunter

Public flogging is is a common punishment in the Muslim world

(Nov. 27, 2009)  — A Reuters report from Khartoum says, that “A 16-year-old south Sudanese girl was lashed 50 times after a judge ruled her knee-length skirt was indecent.”  This Christian teen was captured in a public market and dragged (literally, apparently) directly before a Shariah judge who imposed the sentence and watched it applied on the spot, with no parent or guardian being notified.

Only 40 lashes are given to a man caught driving drunk and likewise 40 for a woman caught wearing trousers.  Why a teen gets 50 lashes for “indecency” only Mohammed knows.  Of course, Mohammed appreciated the beauty of young girls, so perhas a girl could seem especially attractive to a devout Muslim.  I have read that one of  Mohammed’s wives was married to his son before the Prophet decided he wanted the young thing for himself.  His favorite wife of all was one he “married” when she was only nine years old.

Certainly a sixteen-year old girl can look attractive, but the Christian girl’s mother said the girl was wearing “a normal skirt and blouse” when apprehended.  I guess we should be grateful they didn’t cut her off at the knees for her perfidy.

Some try to divide Islam into good, decent folks and those hotheaded extremists who wage jihad and cut off limbs for petty crimes and stone women to death for adultery.  What I see is that whenever and wherever Muslims get the upper hand, they wield the whip of domination over their fellow human beings.

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  1. Thank you, mimmee and Starla, for your kind and encouraging words. Mimmee, I haven’t seen the John Paul Jackson video yet, but it does sound timely. Will try to check it out, but my setup is archaic and not video-friendly.

    Starla, you light up my keyboard. Since I am spending more time on this site now, I expect to be commenting less often at other sites. Hope to see you back here from time to time.

  2. This is total abuse of females. They will be punished one day! Men are put on this earth to protect women.. What has happened to real men?
    This is so shocking! and so ashamed of the human race.
    That poor little girl, what is the Sudanese Goverment doing to protect it’s people from these barbaric behaviours.
    I wonder how she is, I have no way of knowing, It’s a wonder she servived that sort of a beating, the skirt was knee length! Seen like any excuse to beat a young girl.
    The men in this country Rape, beat and mame people, this is not acceptable, all goverments need to make a stance,
    Why on earth would you want to be a Muslin, they treat people so badly. Do they realy think this is how God wants them to act.

  3. I have read enough here to know you are a strong Christian. You seem to have a lot of insight. I have seen a vid by John Paul Jackson ‘Streams Ministries’ called the Coming Perfect Storm. It certainly seems to line up with all that is taking place this very minute. If you see this would you please comment on it at this site, would appreciate your opinion. Your friend, Mimmee

  4. Harry Hunter,

    Are you the person who signs your name as Harry H, in comments to different web sites and blogs?

    If so, I want you to know that I have loved reading your extraordinary comments for many months on different web sites and blogs. If you are Harry H,
    I want you to know that love it when I see that you have visited the same Internet places that I have visited, and that you, Harry H (Harry Hunter?!) have left your always excellent and eloquent, insightful, informative, and very thoughtful comments there!

    If you are Harry H, I want to also thank Mr. John Charlton’s for allowing you to post as a guest here.

    Mr. John Charlton, thank you for your inspiring, very eloquent, always faithful & true, and always extraordinary all virtuous daily news and editorials for the United States Of America, that I find here.

    John, I have enjoyed your excellently researched and detailed works, and Harry H’s (Harry Hunter’s?!) penned, and authored comments and works of truth with love and joy.

    Mr. Charlton replies: I can confirm that the commenter Harry H., is Harry Hunter, and Harry has decided to join the “staff” of The Post & Email and will be a regular contributor at our new website, which unveils on Tuesday, Dec. 1st, at 12:01 AM Eastern Time.