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by John Charlton

Pyrex Test Tube from Lake Charles Manufacturing, Inc.

(Nov. 25, 2009) — Two internationally recognized virologists have published evidence showing that the Swine Flu epidemic (H1N1 virus) most likely was created in a lab and released into the human population through test trials of vaccines, used to inoculate pigs.

In their published findings, Drs. Adrian Gibbs et al. argued in Virology Journal, that the known historical and genetic evidence points to such an origin:

. . . We note that influenza viruses survive well in virus laboratories, that laboratories are not subject to routine surveillance, and that there are probably many laboratories in the world  that share and propagate a range of swine influenza viruses from different sources and continents, and also share and use immortalized lines of cultured cells. The viruses are used for research, diagnostic tests and for making vaccines, and the cells are used for propagating the viruses. Thus if S-OIV had been generated by laboratory activity, when one host was simultaneously infected with strains from the different parental lineages, this would explain most simply why S-OIV’s genes had escaped surveillance for over a decade, and how viruses last sampled in North America, Europe and Asia became assembled in one place and generated a reassortant.

So what sort of laboratory event might produce mixed infections with different strains of influenza, and thereby generate S-OIV? The simplest is that S-OIV is a reassortant produced during research. There is also the possibility that it was generated during the production of multivalent vaccines. Multivalent ‘killed’ vaccines are mixtures of virions that have been grown in hen’s eggs and then chemically sterilized. Thus a reassortant might be produced if insufficient sterilant, usually formaldehyde or propiolactone, is added to the virion mixture. The live mixture could then infect pigs ‘vaccinated’ with it, and the growing viruses could reassort, infect piggery staff and hence spread to the broader human population. Finally, it is possible that serially passaged cells, such as the Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells now widely used in influenza laboratories, became latently and serially infected with different strains of influenza as a result of lax laboratory practices. This process could generate reassortants, and infect staff.

The scientists conclude their study by remarking, that the

Influenza virus is a very significant zoonotic pathogen. Public confidence in influenza research, and the agribusinesses that are based on influenza’s many hosts, has been eroded by several recent events. Measures that might restore confidence include establishing both a unified international administrative framework coordinating all surveillance, research and commercial work with this virus, and also a detailed registry of all influenza isolates held for research and vaccine production.

You can download their entire report in PDF by clicking this link.

Simeon Benett of Bloomberg.com is following the story:

While the exact source of the new H1N1 strain is a mystery, their research has “raised many new questions,” they said. The authors compared the genetic blueprints of flu strains stored in the free database Genbank and found the pandemic virus’s nearest ancestors circulate in pigs.

‘Simplest Explanation’

While migratory birds may have acted as conduit for their convergence, human involvement in bringing them together is “by far the simplest explanation,” Gibbs said in a telephone interview today.

Gibbs wrote or coauthored more than 250 scientific publications on viruses, mostly pertaining to the plant world, during his 39-year career at the Australian National University, according to biographical information on the university’s Web site.

“Knowing Adrian Gibbs, he will have thought through it pretty logically and come to that conclusion,” Lance Jennings, a clinical virologist with Canterbury Health Laboratories in Christchurch, New Zealand, said in a telephone interview. “It’s up to someone else to try and prove it or disprove it.”

Baxter’s ties to H1N1 and Obama

However, according to many online sources, Baxter International is the only lab with access to the nearly identical original pathogen of the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic, which killed 20 Million human beings from 1918-1920.  It acquired this virus from exhuming  more than a decade ago, a female victim of that plague.  It was using this virus in a Department of Defense weaponization program, on germ warfare. In fact it patented its vaccine for the H1N1 virus, 6 months before it appeared on the Texas Mexican border, where Baxter was conducting vaccine tests.

While it has been rumored for months that Obama holds 50,000 shares of Baxter International stock, The Post & Email can find no evidence to corroborate this.  In fact the largest owners of Baxter’s stock are New York City Investment funds: American Investment Funds and Vanguard hold more than 6% combined of the company, according to Morning Star Reports, though a group of 9 companies, mostly banks (including Barclay’s and State Street) with several investment houses, control more than 25% of the company.

But The Post & Email can report that Baxter International and its subsidiaries are populated with Obama supporters who gave big time to his campaigns, according to Opensecrets.org.  From the size of the donations, it seems that Baxter employees had great confidence that Obama’s election would benefit them. And the consistence of the $250 donations makes one think there was a company-wide effort to solicit donations for Obama.

Donations from donors who gave $250 or more to Obama total more than $40,000; but this does not include smaller donors, and thus the total donations could well exceed $100,000.  The leading officers of the Company made no recorded donations to the Obama Campaign; but as wealthier individuals normally give to intermediary organizations, so as to conceal direct donations, this fact alone is not conclusive.

Finally, Alistair Dauber, on Oct. 7, writing for The Independent has already reported that the advent of the Swine Flu will greatly profit pharmaceutical companies with government contracts to produce the vaccine.

The Post & Email already heard from Mr. DeWeese that key political allies of Obama are pushing hard for a development agenda for the world, which agenda includes the the necessity of killing off of large parts of humanity.  The circumstantial evidence, at this point, that the Obama regime is facilitating this agenda by its inaction and failure to investigate the origins of the virus, while not conclusive, is hard to ignore.

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  1. One has to wonder how many of the ‘czars’ and others in this administration have ties to Baxter and the manufacture of vaccines.

    Follow the money. It works every time with this bunch of corrupt politicians.