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[Due to the urgency of this information, The Post & Email is publishing this reprint from Investigating Obama Blog:  see original post for updates]

by Arlen Williams

Lord Christopher Monckton, the former science advisor to Margaret Thatcher who, one week ago, blew the cover off the conspiratorial globalist sovereignty grab of the proposed “Climate Change Treaty,” will be interviewed by Wiley Drake, Thursday, 10/22 at Noon, ET.

The program will be net-cast on Crusade Radio and is available for pick-up, live or otherwise, by other media. Link to the site of this net-cast:

Lord Monckton will be the principle speaker for at least thirty minutes and the program will open to invited panelists.

Regular listeners to “The Awakening” will be familiar to three invitees: Walter S. Hudson, James Simpson, and myself, Arlen Williams. I have confirmed.

Walter Hudson is the man who broke the Lord Monckton story last week on his blog, Fightin’ Words. James Simpson featured this, shortly thereafter, in his examiner.com story, Obama to Surrender US Sovereignty at UN Global Warming Conference.”


The Post & Email has published a follow up report on the push against the Copenhagen Treaty.

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  1. I much enjoyed hearing Chris Monckton on Crusade Radio, and I left a comment here that apparently got lost somehow. Anyway, thanks for the notice of the broadcast, and I was pleased to see Monckton will be on other radio and TV broadcasts soon, including Glenn Beck next week (probably).

  2. Just finished listening to the Crusade Radio broadcast, and Chris Monckton is an extremely knowledgeable and effective spokesman for freedom. Thank God he is on our side.

    He made clear the danger inherent in the Copenhagen ClimateTreaty, and I am glad to hear that he will be on other radio and TV shows soon–Glenn Beck next week, I believe. As Monckton explained, the Copenhagen Treaty, which Obuma will certainly sign in December, is intended to subjugate America under a world government. If it is ratified by the Senate, we can truly kiss America goodbye.