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by John Charlton

(Sept. 11, 2009) — YahooNews ups its negative coverage of South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson.  With three links from its news page this morning, a blog article entitled, “The ‘You lie!” aftermath” by Allison Louie-Garcia, an AP story entitled, “SC Voters surprised by Wilson outburst”, and a link to Yahoo.com search results, predominately negative about Wilson.

The Post & Email had editorialized the slant YahooNews put on Wilson’s exclamation in the Joint Session of Congress on Wednesday, evening. But today, as YahooNews ups the negative coverage of Wilson, it appears an all out persecution, tacitly assented to by upper management at Yahoo.com.

Louie-Garcia, who claims Obama was not lying about denying coverage to illegal aliens, goes so far as to point out where to go on the net to send a donation against Wilson, and implies that his shout has damaged the name of an Ohio Congressmen who shares the same last name.

Even readers of YahooNews are outraged, as can be seen from comments currently available at YahooAnswers, under the article, “How I can tell that Allison Louie-Garcia is an idiot.”

nannaman writes: “Yahoo is known for publishing lies and third-rate journalists.  Yahoo is a cheap nasty outfit where honesty has no value.  Do yourself a favor and stay away from it. Don’t blame Louie-Garcia for her crappy reporting, blame Yahoo for publishing it . . .”

Andrew writes: “What’s really pathetic about it is that in the very same newscycle of that hour an actual fact check from a more reputable source says the exact opposite of her regarding illegal alien coverage.  I’m so sick of Yahoo having ways to “promote” a news item, but no way to DEmote one.  How do you get a news item submitted?  There are plenty of better sources.”

Other commenters point out that Louie-Garcia might be sensitive to the issue of illegal immigration for personal reasons.

Contrary to the spin, Joe Wilson’s office is reporting that of the positive calls received, 34% are from South Carolina, and of the negative calls received 5% are from South Carolina.


Within 30 minutes of the publishing of this report, YahooNews pulled their front page coverage of Wilson, leaving only a link to the AP story.

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