Perverse Environmentalist Oil Sands Ethics

OPPOSITION TO THE CANADIAN OIL SANDS AND KEYSTONE PIPELINE REFLECTS DEBASED MORAL CODE by Paul Driessen, ©2012 (Oct. 24, 2012) — The duplicity and hypocrisy of environmental pressure groups seem to be matched only by their consummate skill at manipulating public opinion, amassing political power, securing taxpayer-funded government grants, and persuading people to send them money […]

Winners and Losers Energy Policies

Winners and Losers Energy Policies

WE CAN AND MUST REJUVENATE OUR ECONOMY BY DEVELOPING AMERICA’S RESOURCE BOUNTIES by Paul Driessen, ©2012 (Oct. 18, 2012) — Governor Mitt Romney strongly supports North American energy independence as the foundation of renewed US employment and prosperity. Obama is waging war on fossil fuels, job creation, and efforts to end our economic recession and reduce […]

Climate Alarmism: Our Sanity and Wallets Need a Break

Climate Alarmism: Our Sanity and Wallets Need a Break

BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS ARE DISRUPTING OUR POLITICS, SCIENCE, ENERGY POLICIES AND ECONOMY by Paul Driessen, ©2012 (Sep. 16, 2012) — Pick up any 40-year-old science textbook – on chemistry, biology, geology, physics, astronomy or medicine – and you’ll find a slew of “facts” and theories that have been proven wrong or are no longer the […]

Government of, by and for the EPA

EPA ADVANCES ANTI-ENERGY AGENDA, WITH LITTLE REGARD FOR AMERICANS’ HEALTH OR WELFARE by Paul Driessen, ©2012 (Sep. 11, 2012) — Seven score and nine years ago, President Lincoln resolved to take increased devotion to ensuring that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the Earth. Yet, today, […]

Real Energy for a New American Renaissance

SENSIBLE, RESPONSIBLE ENERGY POLICIES MUST REPLACE TODAY’S SUBSIDIES AND CRONY CORPORATISM by Paul Driessen, ©2012 (Aug. 18, 2012) — America needs more economic growth, domestic manufacturing, jobs – and secure, affordable energy to make those things happen. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney understands that achieving this goal requires unleashing American ingenuity, reducing excessive regulatory strangleholds on businesses […]

Beat GSA!

NAVY’S BIOFUEL PROGRAM VANQUISHES GSA IN BATTLE FOR WASTEFUL SPENDING SUPREMACY by Paul Driessen, ©2012 (Aug. 6, 2012) — If America had a “Spend Like a Drunken Sailor Award,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus would win hands-down, for blowing $12 million on biofuel for Navy ships. Even as the armed services face drastic budget cuts under […]

Western Wildfires – Horrific, Devastating … and Unnecessary

NEW FIRE-FIGHTING TECHNOLOGY COULD HELP PUT THEM OUT.  WHY ISN’T IT BEING USED? by Paul Driessen, ©2012 (Jul. 24, 2012) — Millions of Americans watched their evening news in horrified fascination. The Colorado Springs wildfire had doubled in size overnight, to 24 square miles – half the size of San Francisco – as 50-mph gusts carried […]

“Sustainable Justice” = Redistribution of Scarcity

THE UN RIO+20 AGENDA MEANS LESS FREEDOM, HAPPINESS, TRUE JUSTICE AND HUMAN RIGHTS PROGRESS by Paul Driessen and Duggan Flanakin, ©2012   (Jun. 19, 2012) — Presidential candidate Barack Obama promised that his Administration would “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”  He gave a clue to exactly what he had in mind when he told […]

Rare Corporate Courage and Common Sense

WAL-MART STANDS UP TO ACTIVIST INTIMIDATION, ENSURING AFFORDABLE, WHOLESOME FOOD FOR CUSTOMERS by Paul Driessen, ©2012 (May 21, 2012) — Good for Wal-Mart! Despite intense pressure by anti-biotechnology activists, the retailing giant didn’t cave in to demands that it “reject” Monsanto’s genetically engineered (GE) sweet corn (maize). Other retailers had capitulated to intimidation campaigns by Food […]

The Wheels are Coming Off the Wind Energy Gravy Train

AND SUBSIDY-DEPENDENT WIND ENERGY SUPPORTERS ARE RUNNING SCARED by Marita Noon, ©2012 (May 14, 2012) — The wind energy industry has been having a hard time. The taxpayer funding that has kept it alive for the last twenty years is coming to an end, and those promoting the industry are panicking. Perhaps this current wave started […]

Time to Terminate Big Wind Subsidies

AND PROTECT ENVIRONMENTAL VALUES, ENDANGERED SPECIES, JOBS AND HUMAN WELFARE by Paul Driessen, ©2012 (May 9, 2012) — Unprecedented! As bills to extend seemingly perpetual wind energy subsidies were again introduced by industry lobbyists late last year, taxpayers finally decided they’d had enough. Informed and inspired by a loose but growing national coalition of groups opposed […]

The Folly of E15 Anti-Hydrocarbon Policies

EPA’s E-15 ETHANOL PLAN IS BAD FOR OUR POCKETBOOKS, ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY POLICY by Paul Driessen, ©2012 (Apr. 24, 2012) — The Obama Administration’s anti-hydrocarbon ideology and “renewable” energy mythology continues to subsidize crony capitalists and the politicians they help keep in office – on the backs of American taxpayers, ratepayers and motorists. The latest chapter […]

Imaginary Benefits, Extensive Harm

EPA MERCURY RULES FOR ELECTRICITY GENERATING UNITS ARE BASED ON FALSE SCIENCE AND ECONOMICS by Craig Rucker, ©2011 (Dec. 29, 2011) — The Environmental Protection Agency clams its “final proposed” Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) rules will eliminate toxic pollution from electrical generating units, bring up to $140 billion in annual health benefits, and prevent […]

American Energy Can Jump-Start US Recovery

TAPPING ABUNDANT U.S. ENERGY DEPOSITS WOULD CREATE JOBS AND RESTORE PROSPERITY by Paul Driessen, ©2011 (Dec. 15, 2011) — Our nation’s economic growth may finish an anemic 2% on the year. Faced with looming taxes and regulations, few companies are expanding, hiring or buying equipment. More than 14 million Americans are unemployed, excluding the nearly […]

Environmental Protection Agency – An Enemy of the People!

WHAT IS ITS TRUE MISSION? by Ron Ewart, ©2011 (Nov. 16, 2011) — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has become a fourth branch of government with very little or any oversight from the U. S. Congress, in violation of Article I, Section 1 of the U. S. Constitution.  It operates under the jurisdiction of the […]

Trying to Snooker Smucker

CLIMATE ALARM CAMPAIGNERS MAKE PITIFUL CASE THAT MANMADE CLIMATE CHANGE THREATENS COFFEE by Paul Driessen, ©2011 (Sep. 15, 2011) — It’s a common tactic among groups promoting climate alarmism and anti-hydrocarbon policies. As evidence mounts that manmade catastrophic climate change is not imminent, extreme weather events cannot be linked to human activities, and developing nations will […]

Affordable Energy is Essential for Jobs, Justice – and Better Health

EPA NEEDS TO ADDRESS HEALTH AND WELFARE ISSUES IT HAS THUS FAR IGNORED, SAYS MINORITY COALITION by Niger Innis, ©2011 (Sep. 9, 2011) — Amid mounting criticism of its voluminous rule-making proposals, EPA continues to insist that its new rules for coal-fired power plant emissions will generate benefits far in excess of their costs. Those […]