Update: Mike Zullo: Linda Joy Adams Information Investigation – CLOSED!

FROM PPSIMMONS AND CARL GALLUPS by PPSimmons, ©2013 (Apr. 13, 2013) — Some time back, PPSIMMONS News made contact with Ms. Linda Joy Adams, who claimed she had information about Obama’s “real” identity she claimed would be monumentally helpful in the Obama Fraud investigation. PPSIMMONS put Mike Zullo, lead investigator for the Arpaio Cold Case […]

Jo Ann Newman: Far From Dead, Far From Gone

“ALL THIS, FOR HER TREASURED SON” by Martha Trowbridge, ©2011, blogging at Terrible Truth This work is protected by United States Copyright Law. PLEASE REFER TO THE REPRINT/QUOTATION POLICY LINK HERE (Nov. 25, 2011) — Last week, I saw an image that made me very sad. It was the Visitors Book at Canberra, The Australian War […]

CDR Kerchner Pounds New Hampshire Legislator About Obama’s Eligibility

STATE DECLARATION REQUIRES AFFIRMATION OF “NATURAL BORN” STATUS 21 November 2011 Subj: Ballot access challenge in NH regarding Barack Obama.  Please stand with the U.S. Constitution and your oath to it. Dear NH Rep. Bettencourt: Please stand with the U.S. Constitution and your oath to support and defend it. Your loyalty must be to the […]

Saps, Stool Pigeons And Stanley Ann’s Hair

by Martha Trowbridge, blogging at Terrible Truth  Research Copyright © 2011 Martha Trowbridge & Erik Rush.  All Rights Reserved. (Oct. 23, 2011) — If David Brooks at The New York Times feels he was taken for a ‘sap’ by Barack Obama, we shudder to think how everyday Americans will feel, once they find out the […]