Imploding! Thanks to Dean and Pelosi (RR)

Imploding! Thanks to Dean and Pelosi (RR)

“YOU’RE A ‘BIRTHER?’” by OPOVV, ©2016 (Jul. 17, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a special edition of ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ Hello, I’m Chief New Leaf filling in for Roving Reporter, who is at the National Cemetery  in Boulder City, Nevada, working on a story about the brave men and women […]

A Politician Who Cared Less

“A GOVERNMENT WHO HATES US” by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate (Jul. 21, 2012) — Now I know what you’re thinking. First of all, we’ve all heard the expression “He couldn’t have cared less,” and I’m here to tell you that they really can care less. Look, they don’t care at all, right? I mean, it’s […]

Introducing Hawaii’s Star Bad Actors

ARE THEY GOING ALONG TO SAVE THEIR BACON, OR IS IT SOMETHING ELSE? by Miki Booth (Apr. 28, 2011) —  Who are the suspect people in Hawai’i who would go to great lengths to produce such a blatant forgery and conspire to defraud the American people?  Let’s look at the players in Hawai’i and consider […]

Hawaii Official and Ex-Official Lie to Cover Their Tracks

DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN RAMPS UP IN RESPONSE TO DONALD TRUMP’S ASSERTIONS THAT OBAMA HAS NOT SHOWN A REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE by Miki Booth (Apr. 10, 2011) — Donald Trump is really turning the heat up on Obama’s missing birth certificate and far-left zealots have found it necessary to drag ex-Hawai’i official, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, former director […]

A Precarious House of Cards

IS THIS THE BEST AMERICA CAN DO? by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet (Mar. 11, 2011) — Momentum, now there’s a strange animal. Invariably, long after the dead have been buried and those wounded either healed or removed from sight, the truth of what sparked the conflict becomes known, or at least speculated on, until the […]

Tea Party Express Issues National Appeal

DON’T GIVE UP ON FREEDOM, FIGHT THE DEATHCARE BILL ‘TIL THE END! reprinted from the Tea Party Express site Greetings Patriots, It is five days before Christmas and it looks as if the Scrooges in DC aren’t packing it up and going home.  Instead, they have decided to call Ba-humbug and pass this legislation that […]