Why Governments Are Instituted Among Men

Why Governments Are Instituted Among Men

“DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY” June 7, 2020 Dear Friends and Colleagues General Mattis and other retired senior military have spoken to the media to criticize President Trump’s willingness as Commander-in-Chief to use the nation’s military to put down insurrection.  Of course, the media have conflated the arson, beatings, murders, widespread theft and wanton destruction of property and […]

Insure Domestic Tranquility

“HOW MUCH DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LIVE?” by OPOVV, ©2013 (Sep. 14, 2013) — People jumping out of tall buildings doesn’t strike me as a tranquil event. Neither do the Ft. Hood shootings. But what really gets me is the conviction of a decorated and honorable soldier (LTC Terry Lakin) who was railroaded in a military […]

Weeping for the Republic

“THE GRINDING REEF OF TYRANNY” by CloakNDagr, blogging at The Right Planet (Nov. 7, 2011) — The Founding Fathers, after much argument–more than a few stubbed toes and a lot of hard feelings–settled on a Constitutional Republic as the form of government they deemed best to advance the interests of the new nation they had […]