The Three Most Significant Obama Eligibility Hurdles

FROM THIS WRITER’S PERSPECTIVE by Sharon Rondeau (Sep. 15, 2011) — The three major reasons why Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible to the U.S. presidency are: 1.  Obama’s father was a foreign national and not a U.S. citizen.  Extensive research has shown that the citizenship of the parents, or at least the father, is […]

Citizens Educate Staffers of the Meaning of “natural born Citizen” and “Treason”

“MISINFORMED, IGNORANT OR WORKING AGAINST THIS COUNTRY” June 2, 2011 Dear Editor: The following email was sent to Brian Kelly, staffer for Congressman Jim Himes of Connecticut: Mr. Kelly In response to your statement below in a response: Thanks for your email about the President’s birth certificate.  In April 2011, the President was granted an […]

Initial Reaction to BHO’s Disclosure of BC

IS THE REAL ISSUE ONE OF ALLEGIANCE? by Jim Delaney, blogging at Opinerlog   (May 1, 2011) — Is the “silliness” over, as our thin-skinned and insufferably arrogant Obama characterized the BC issue last Wednesday? Yes. The “silliness” is over. But, is the eligibility issue settled? Nope! Why? Without rehashing what should be–but clearly isn’t–obvious […]

We Are Not Birthers…

WE ARE TALKING ABOUT OBAMA’S BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP by 1 Dragon, blogging at Socialism is not the Answer (Mar. 22, 2011) — Despite what Bill O’Reilly, Chris Matthews and other uninformed media personnel think, it’s not about Obama’s Birth certificate, nor is it about where he was born. It is about the fact that Obama’s father […]

Did Mike Huckabee Really Misspeak?

ARTICLE FROM 2006 QUOTES OBAMA AS REFERRING TO CHILDHOOD IN KENYA by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 12, 2011) — On March 1, 2011, former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee made a reference during a radio interview about Barack Hussein Obama’s having spent his childhood years in Kenya.  The backlash of the mainstream media was immediate. George Stephanopoulos […]

British Law declares Obama a British subject!

THE FACTS, THE LAW, THE INESCAPABLE CONCLUSION Legal Analysis by John Charlton (Dec. 24, 2009) — Barack Hussein Obama has written 2 biographies about himself and has publicly spoken of his origins in many public speeches.  He claims as his biological and legal father, a man who went by the name Barrack Hussein Obama.  That […]