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by Bob Russell, ©2023

(Nov. 18, 2023) — I was watching a special report hosted by Mike Slater on The First Network titled “ARE WE ALREADY FIGHTING WORLD WAR III?”  In his report Slater talks about declarations of war by past presidents.  He said the phrase, “a state of war exists” is merely an acknowledgement of hostilities and that we were now fighting back.  He also pointed to the beginning of World War I, how the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand precipitated the outbreak of full hostilities and other factors leading to it.  He brought up the Franco-Prussian War between France and Russia in 1870, battles between England and Germany in Morocco in 1905 and 1911, the Sino-Japanese War in 1904 between Russia and Japan in which Japan occupied part of Eastern Russia, and the fall of the Ottoman Empire that led Turkey to an alliance with Germany against England and France.  All of these events were smaller conflicts that led to the global outbreak that began on July 28, 1914.

World War II actually started with the end of World War I and the humiliation of Germany in the surrender documents that put ALL of the blame on that nation and imposed huge reparations for damage done on French soil during the war.  Adolph Hitler used the terms to rev up resentment and support as he promised to “make it right and restore German prominence in the world.”

Slater then moved to current conflicts and how they are the skirmishes that will evolve into World War III.  Peace is achieved primarily by one nation being strong enough to provide a deterrent to attack by others.  Our current involvement in the Russia-Ukraine War is rapidly depleting our weapons supplies, our oil reserves, and our financial ability to be a deterrent to bullies.  The only way to stop a bully is to stand up to him.  I found this out in high school.  I was bullied by a couple of boys for three years until in the third month of my senior year I had had enough and fought back.  I challenged one to a real fight after school.  We met behind a church across the street from the school and went after it.  The fight was a draw but neither of them bothered me again as I had inflicted damage to one of them which no one expected me to be able to do.  I came out with a black eye and he came out with a black eye and a bloody nose.  He wasn’t ready for my left hand, as I am left-handed and landed a few real hard punches while he was expecting me to throw a right.

While the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists called President Trump a warmonger, he kept our enemies at bay by using the Teddy Roosevelt tactic of “walk softly but carry a big stick,” employing soft words to convey that aggression would be met with maximum response.  The marxist left, warmongers all, criticized President Trump, saying he would get us into World War III by standing up to China, Russia, and Iran, but none of them challenged him because he projected strength and a resolve they believed was genuine, as I believe.

Then in comes the very corrupt, very weak joe biden with his appeasement and begging world leaders to “be nice.” First we saw Russia attack Ukraine and the deep state that controls our government immediately send billions in cash and equipment to Ukraine.  Zelensky and his cohorts have used the money to buy luxury automobiles and resorts in Switzerland for themselves while leaving the population homeless and starving from the Russian attacks.  Next hamas attacks Israeli civilians, killing more than 1,400, including more than 30 Americans, and taking approximately 250 hostage.  Now there is the very distinct likelihood of hezbollah attacking Israel from the north and other Iran proxy groups attacking from the West Bank, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

These are all likely designed to further weaken America to the point that China will feel safe to invade Taiwan because America will be too weak militarily and economically to help Taiwan.  The Communist Chinese have plans to rule almost, if not the entire, globe once they see America as unable to put up any significant resistance. 

I see the meetings between joe dementia and Xi Jinping as a strategic move by Xi to measure dementia’s resolve.  Dementia is so corrupted by his dealings with China that I see it as him asking Xi, “What do you want and how much more will you pay me to get it?”  The biden family has received tens of millions of dollars from the Communist Chinese over the last ten or more years, but there seems to be no end to his lust for riches, and he is willing to sell America out for his own personal gain.

I read the Holy Bible every day and have read it through multiple times.  The Apostles of Jesus asked Him when the end of the Age will come.  He told them they will see wars and hear rumors of wars and then the end will come (not trying to quote exactly).  The Book of Revelation lays out the events of the end times very clearly.  Israel will be attacked by a 200-million man army from the North.  The invading force, I believe, will be a combination of Chinese, Russian, and Iranian forces that will come down the Euphrates River Valley from the north but be destroyed by Jesus Christ and the army He leads out of Heaven.  That battle, the Battle of Armageddon, will be the final one that leads to total destruction of the Earth but will not happen until the very end.  Until then there will be wars that will progress in intensity but I believe will stop short of an all-out nuclear exchange.  Dementia, as did fuhrer obama, is helping Iran develop nuclear weapons that I believe will be used to hit Israel and possibly America.

I believe the rapture of the church is imminent and that the sudden disappearance of billions of Christians worldwide will be the event that leads to the rise to power of the anti-Christ, beginning the seven years of Tribulation prophesied in the books of Daniel and Revelation.  I don’t know when it will happen but believe current events point to the imminence of biblical events coming to pass.  Some have set deadlines for the rapture, something the Bible tells us not to do.  I am only saying I believe it is very near, not saying when.  America is in utter chaos socially and utter free-fall economically and morally so the rapture MUST be near from the Bible’s descriptions of occurrences which will bring it about.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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