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by Mike Latham, ©2023

(Sep. 18, 2023) — Well, the climate cultists, activists, the misinformed and the uninformed are at it once again. Yesterday in New York City, thousands marched and howled to warn us of an existential threat: the end of the world (Earth) as we know it. The movement featured the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Susan Sarandon, Kevin Bacon, et al. The position of the alarmists is that our continued use of fossil fuels and the increased levels of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere will ultimately lead to the destruction of mankind and the Earth. These alarmists scream that the science on climate is settled and one of their spokespersons, namely Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., would have skeptics who challenge their thesis imprisoned.

Now that is an irrational position for multiple reasons, not the least of which is there is no conclusive science regarding Earth’s climate.

What we do know, factually and incontrovertibly, is Earth’s climate is infinitely variable and therefore impossible to predict with any meaningful accuracy. Additionally, we know that carbon dioxide is the life’s blood of all living things on Earth. We know that carbon dioxide was only .02% of Earth’s atmosphere pre-industrial revolution and today (September 2023) it is .04%. Lastly, we know that all the scores of computer models put forth by the alarmists over four decades have failed miserably in their predictions.

Sadly, there exists a mountain of scientific evidence that absolutely refutes the irrational claims of the alarmists, but it almost never sees the mainstream media due to corruption. Happily, most folks have a PC or phone today and can get access to all real science available on the subject; we just need to put forth the effort to get at the truth. Recently, Nobel
Prize laureate and research physicist Dr. John Clauser challenged the alarmists in a lengthy piece regarding clouds and their role in Earth’s climate variability. Clauser’s conclusion is, “Climate change is actually very dishonest disinformation that has been presented by various politicians.”

It can be exhausting to fight the cultists, but the horrible alternative offered by them should provide the motivation to fight on.

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