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by Bob Russell, ©2023

U.S. Department of Justice photo

(Sep. 12, 2023) — President Trump has repeatedly stated that “they are after you; I am just standing in their way and will always stand in their way,” acknowledging that We the People are the targets of the police state but he is purposely and deliberately standing in the gap, protecting We the People from the growing dictatorial extremism of the globalists in America.  The saddest aspect of this, in my view, is that the gop is an equal partner with the devildemocommiecrat party in their lust for absolute power and control of wealth but is hiding behind a mask to deceive people about their deep-state globalist policies.  The deep- state political ruling class is allied as a globalist cabal against the only people in the world who stand in the way of the global dictatorship that tyrants have lusted after for centuries but have not been able to attain. 

Unhinged tyrants, including Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Emperor Hirohito, Fidel Castro, Mao Tse Tung and other lesser-known dictators have attempted to rule the entire planet through military conquest and failed.  The 20th Century dictators were defeated by the economic and moral might of the United States of America.  Referring to the Soviet Union to a group of Western leaders in 1956, Nikita Kruschev said, “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you.” 

We are seeing moral and ethical rot destroy America from within by the actions of satanic people who call themselves “progressives.”  What is “progressive” about destroying the greatest nation ever established?

Sadly, the gop/rnc are just as invested in keeping President Trump out of office as the devildemocommiecrats because they are just as money- and power-hungry, and just as corrupt, as the donkey wing of the deep state.  Unfortunately there is no longer an opposition party, but a concerted effort by both political parties to preserve their stranglehold on power.  Both political parties are controlled by career political operatives who care only about empowering and enriching themselves, their family members, and those in big-government industries bribing them.

President Trump is not part of the political establishment, cannot be intimidated, and cannot be bribed into submission so they must crush him in order to retain their power.  In his first term President Trump made several mistakes, appointing people he mistakenly thought were patriotic conservatives, including mike pence, christopher wray, bill barr, john durham, and others he later found out were nothing but swamp rats hiding behind a curtain of conservatism.  Like the Wizard of Oz their cover was blown, but only after they had been able to do great damage to the Republic.

Of course, the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propaganda mechanism is totally on the side of the globalists, lying and covering for the deep state constantly.  The attacks on President Trump are both based on lies and intentionally vicious.  At the same time the propagandists either refuse to report on the corruption of the biden regime or make excuses to deceive people about the depth of the corruption.

The persecution of any conservative in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021 while failing to prosecute antifa and blm rioters for violent riots in the summer of 2020 is more evidence of the encroaching police state.  People who were invited into the People’s House by Capitol Police are being held in abhorrent conditions, without visits from family or attorneys, while the violent rioters were either not arrested at all or were immediately bailed out of jail by deep-state politicians who publicly raised money for those rioters.

The covid scamdemic has been used to persecute Christian churches while promoting activities and establishments that are polar opposites of Christianity.  The current push to promote the “transgender” lie has been added to the evil of homosexuality and abortion to attack Christianity from three sides.  Speaking Christian values is being criminalized like never before, denounced as “hate speech,” and we will see Christians being rounded up and put into the FEMA concentration camps in the very near future.

President Trump stands squarely against the deep state, so they are trying to take him out so that We the People who stand for God and the nation He established to be a “shining city on a hill” will have no one to speak for and defend our rights in America.  As long as the deep state, essentially both political parties except for a few standout republicans, the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists and the bureaucratic cadre control both the narrative and the agenda, our Constitutional Republic is in dire danger of dissolution.  Our best hope now is to follow the instructions found in the Holy Bible book of II Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray, seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear them from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  I pray and live this every day and pray that enough others are doing the same, enough to get Almighty God to act on our behalf to turn the nation around before it is too late, if it isn’t already too late to salvage the Republic established by our founders.  Millions paid in lives and blood to establish and preserve our Republic that rich liberals seek to destroy for their perceived personal benefit.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Bob Russell nails it when he writes: “Unfortunately, there is no longer an opposition party, but a concerted effort by both political parties to preserve their stranglehold on power.”
    The Republicans are so pathetic that McCarthy can’t even secure all the votes needed to bring an impeachment resolution.

  2. If you drew a graph, the line of “a growing police state” and the line of “gun sales” would be identical.
    Goes to show how much we hold dear our Second Amendment.