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by Robert C. Laity, ©2023

Screenshot: Sky News

(Sep. 7, 2023) — On September 5, 2023 Biden walked out on a Medal of Honor recipient before the ceremony ended, leaving the Veteran alone on stage.

The Covid scam resurfaces. Our liberties continue to erode, prices continue to rise, the Congress continues to raid the treasury and they continue on their road to ruination of our very institutions and principles.

Chinese nationals have sneaked onto U.S. military bases over a hundred times, reports Fox News.

What’s going on? Are we in the midst of some sinister experiment, some type of mass hysteria, with people filming attacks on others and detached viewers refusing to go to the aid of the victim? Those who do go to the aid of persons being attacked are in turn getting prosecuted for helping in the defense of said third person.

A 60-year-old woman in Harlem, NY was recently beaten with her own walking cane by a criminal miscreant who is still on the run. The person who filmed the beating stood there without helping the poor soul. These instances are reminiscent of the Kitty Genovese murder in New York City in 1964. God rest her soul.

Criminals are not being sent to jail, and derelict district attorneys like Alvin Bragg are ignoring the law, signaling the erosion of our legal system in tandem with leftist partisan corrupt government officials directing their resources against the opposing party instead of fighting crime.

NYC needs Giuliani as mayor again.

All sorts of criminals are being released by foreign dictators from their nations’ prisons. These criminals are gravitating to the USA with its wide-open borders and Biden is doing nothing to stop the influx of the world’s most dangerous people from coming here. Biden is malfeasant in office, a demented puppet under the control of very dangerous and treasonous, unelected handlers. Our nation’s shields are down. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are coalescing and preparing to pounce on us while we are down, and we are down.

Declining birth rates, declining morals, lawlessness, anarchy, corrupt politicians taking kickbacks and bribes, and our own President, a top offender, a treasonous demented dictator wannabe: can the U.S. survive under all these stressors?

Not unless some real counter-measures are taken.

It is incumbent on the survival of our nation to impeach President Biden posthaste; Kamala Harris must be removed from office on a writ of Quo Warranto.

Barack Obama must be arrested on charges of treason and espionage for usurping the presidency during time of war in 2008 and again in 2012.

Nancy Pelosi must be arrested for complicity in Obama’s treason and espionage against the United States. George Soros must be extradited to one of the several countries that have pending warrants for his arrest. The borders of our country MUST be secured. Malfeasant district attorneys must be removed from office and disbarred.

Arrest Hillary Clinton for espionage. Arrest Hunter Biden for bribery, tax evasion and gun crimes inter alia.

Dismiss ALL charges against Donald Trump as the political persecution that they are.

Our military MUST be built up and rid of all woke brainwashing indoctrination of our troops.

Stop the immoral indoctrination of our children by the perverted homosexual LGBT lobby. Measures must be taken against forced gender affirmation surgery, drag shows for minors and perverse sex instruction to small children.  The pedophilia movement must be quashed.  The teachers’ union advocacy of such degeneracy is a disgrace to common decency and morality.

There MUST be a return to God and prayer and the observance of the Constitution MUST be enforced.

Our wide-open border MUST be closed now. A moratorium of any entry into the US by immigration must be instituted so that we can recover.

It is NOT our obligation to support the world’s 8 billion people.

We cannot fit 8 billion people into the United States, yet this is what waits for us if the border is not secured.  What is Biden’s rationale for even trying to do such a thing?

Biden says Trump “didn’t build a damn thing.” What has Biden built?

Trump has built hundreds of things in the private sector. He is a real estate magnate with worldwide fame.

Screenshot: RightSide Broadcasting Network (RSBN)

Trump rebuilt the United States military, produced jobs, lowered the cost of living, made the US more secure, guarded the US against its enemies, took a tough stance on crime and honored his oath of office.

Meantime, Biden says he’s homeless. No time to visit East Palestine, Ohio.  Spends lots of time on the beach. Walks off-stage during formal ceremonies before they are over. Lies worse than Obama. Biden wins the Pinocchio Award.

We the people are the government. We have to defend our liberties. We cannot go on like this for much longer.

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  1. Outstanding column as always, Mr. Laity. Have you considered re-filing your Quo Warranto case regarding Kamala Harris in Washington, DC? It seemed like you were so close on this historic case. Would you consider crowdfunding the costs to re-file? We’d be happy to chip in.

    I remember you wrote a similar column when President Trump walked out on the Medal of Freedom ceremony for legendary wrestler, ex-Iowa coach Dan Gable but I’m having trouble finding it. https://www.nj.com/sports/2020/12/president-trump-walks-out-on-medal-of-freedom-ceremony-for-legendary-wrestler-dan-gable.html

    It’s also fortunate that in March 2019, Yujing Zhang, a 33-year-old Shanghai business consultant, was arrested and charged with unlawfully entering Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club and lying to federal agents. She was convicted on both counts by a 12-member jury in Florida federal court in September, following a brief but unusual trial. In her hotel room, investigators found nine USB drives, five SIM cards, and a “signal detector” device for spotting hidden microphones or cameras. During Trump’s presidency, two Chinese women were caught trespassing at Mar-a-Lago on separate occasions. Yujing Zhang was found guilty of trespassing and lying to federal officers and served eight months in prison. She was in immigration custody for nearly two years after completing her sentence and before being deported.

    President Trump was absolutely right to spend all or part of 383 days of his presidency at properties that he or his private company owned. Trump spent a total of 132 days between his Mar-a-Lago resort, which he visited 17 times, and his golf club in Bedminster, NJ, where he traveled 13 times. As you point out, Presidents are always in command wherever they go so there’s really never “vacation time”.

    Excellent points made and as always, thank you for your excellent writing. You’re a fine writer.

    1. I will file another Petition for Writ of Quo Warranto should Harris enter into the Presidency. I don’t need any financial assistance to do so thank you.

      I sensed a bit of sarcasm there about the story of Trump walking off on the coach. No. I did not write about it. So what? I understand that Trump stayed and answered two questions and THEN walked off. The ceremony was over.

      A coach is not a war veteran in his 90s who just received the Medal of Honor for heroism. Biden walked off before the ceremony ended.

      How does the fact that Chinese spies were trespassing on Trump’s property and were held accountable for it implicate Trump?

      Biden has allowed scores of Chinese nationals to cross into the U.S. illegally, has allowed Chinese spy balloons to traverse the entire nation, has taken bribes from the Chinese government and has allowed them to buy up our farmland. Biden is in China’s pocket. He gets paid by China.

      Finally, Trump WORKED while he was at his residencies and properties. Trump did not have a 10am to 2am work schedule. Trump wasn’t in his basement. Trump donated his entire pay and worked for One Dollar. Trump made his riches honestly and with his sweat and hard work.

      Biden on the other hand has made his riches dishonestly from taking bribes from our nation’s enemies, selling his influence and betraying the United States.

  2. I keep connecting the same thing I have written many times in the past to what is happening today, but here it is again…….

    IMO McCarthy will not impeach Biden because McCarthy was one of the members of Congress who sat quietly in 2009 and allowed the fraud Obama to usurp America’s presidency. I believe the impeachment of Biden would have to involve Obama. Neither party wants to risk revealing the truth about Barry, so anything that even “might” do that remains off-limits. Avoiding possible changes of treason for doing nothing to stop Obama from being given America’s government and her military is a strong incentive for both parties to protect Obama, forever…..

    This still applies to why Obama is protected by both parties. Again, Obama is both race and ineligibility protected to protect both parties from possible charges of treason for effectively giving America’s government and her military to her enemies via the fraud, Barack Hussein Obama. IMO treason does not get any more extreme than that. Hillary was not supposed to lose as the planned after Obama cover president and for sure not to Donald Trump……Both parties will go to extremes to protect Obama, as they are doing now in their efforts to prevent Trump from being president again……the Republicans will often try to conceal their efforts………

  3. Any national structure supported by fine laws, but with no one moral enough to uphold those laws, is like witnessing the progressive collapse of a beautiful Trump Tower as its upholding columns are removed, one column at a time. – JD Mooers, PE (Structural)

    “This is a big f—— deal”-Biden is America’s first Plagiarist President since he is acting out as Thief-in-Chief during President Trump’s rightful second term.