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by Don Fredrick, The Complete Obama Timeline, ©2023

(Jun. 14, 2023) — Needless to say, Donald Trump will not end up in jail. But one can only imagine how angry Secret Service agents assigned to that duty would be!
The Department of Injustice’s case against Trump will drag out in court for ages, and it will eventually be tossed. If nothing else, Trump’s defense team will have a field day in the discovery process. The DOJ and the FBI will not want to release internal documents about the investigation and the Mar-a-Lago “sting” operation and will be forced to either provide them or slither away. My guess is that they will eventually throw in the towel, rather than expose themselves as the partisan thugs they are.
The Democrat operatives know they cannot convict Trump. What they want to do is dirty him to make him lose voter support. So far, that tactic seems to be backfiring, as most voters (including the less insane members of the Democrat Party) see the charges against Trump to be political persecution.
The dumbest charge against Trump is espionage. I would love to see that play out in court. By all means, let it be widely known that Trump ridiculed an absurd plan by General Mark Milley to invade Iran! “Oh, but that plan was a secret!” Yes, but it was also an incredibly stupid idea that would have gotten thousands of Americans killed — and probably would have prompted Israeli involvement in the war and the use of nuclear weapons. By all means, let a trial demonstrate that the Chief of Staff of the nation’s Armed Forces was a monumental idiot. Good leaders may win wars, but great leaders prevent wars. That morons run the U.S. military should not be kept secret from the American people.
Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin “Nuisance” Newsom appeared on Hannity on June 12. The pretty boy is obviously assuming he should and will be the Democrat Party’s 2024 nominee, but he is not about to announce his candidacy just yet. Why? He does not want to look like he is challenging Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, which would cost him support. Newsom does not want to rock the boat. He wants the command of the boat given to him.
This, therefore, is a possible scenario:
The Democrats know Joe Biden cannot win reelection, and they also know they cannot win with Kamala Harris at the top of the ticket. But they cannot easily force Biden out and also deny Harris (“the first female, half-black, half-Indian, anchor baby president”). What then do they do? They know the noose will be tightening around Geriatric Joe’s neck with the looming Ukraine bribery scandal. A good guess is that they will stall the inevitable as long as they can, and perhaps even allow Biden to gain enough primary votes to win the nomination. But they will then force him out at the last minute (perhaps April-June 2024). That means Biden would have locked in enough delegates to win his party’s nomination, but he will not be granted the spot because he will be forced to resign. Perhaps Biden and the people controlling him will come up with a health excuse (which few would doubt) to justify resignation. Perhaps he will be impeached by the House and convicted in the Senate if the dominoes in the bribery schemes start to fall quickly.
In any event, if Biden resigns (voluntarily or by force), Kamala Harris will then get to be president for perhaps half of 2024. But, having not been a presidential candidate in the primaries, she will not have won any delegates and can therefore not be guaranteed the nomination. The Democrats will arrive at their August national convention with no one having enough delegates to secure the nomination. Behind closed doors, the party elites (i.e. Nancy Pelosi, et al) may decide to give the nomination to  Newsom. Perhaps they will drag out the convention’s voting process past the first ballot just for drama and to appear “fair,” but the “bosses” will have already sent a clear signal to the delegates that Newsom will be nominated.
The Democrats have then solved their problems! They get rid of both the Biden and Harris anchors, yet they cannot be accused of racism or sexism because, after all, they will let Harris sit in the Oval Office until January 20, 2025. Between the August convention and election day they simply have to fill out enough millions of mail-in ballots to secure Newsom a victory over Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis in the wee small hours of the behind-closed-doors vote counting.
The attraction of this scheme for the Democrats is that they can avoid a Harris candidacy without being too obvious. But they have to be careful. If Biden is forced out too soon, Harris can announce her candidacy and the Democrats run the risk of her being the nominee. They therefore have to keep Geriatric Joe around long enough to keep Harris out of the running in the primaries. They cannot afford to let her win delegates.
Of course, a lot can happen between now and next August. Biden could be forced out sooner, Harris can enter the race and she could be on the primary ballots, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. may start gaining in the polls. On election day, third-party candidate Cornel West could take enough black and socialist votes away from the Democrat nominee to ensure a Republican victory.
If I turn out to be wrong with my predictions, forget that you ever read this. If I turn out to be right, please spread word of my brilliance around the Internet!

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  1. I detect a small cloud in your crystal ball. No mention of the feebleness of ol’ Brandon not to include the potential full onset of dementia. He won’t be able to hide in his basement and if he departs our world to shake hands with the evil one Harris will assume the office for the remainder unfortunately. Then we will have a second non- nBC to hold the office of President without challenge that should have occurred long ago. If that happens it is possible that the swamp will get behind her and continue the puppet support that has been in place throughout the Biden term. Just another opinion that may be as brilliant as yours.

  2. Don Fredrick, I have purchased and read brilliance written by you before…..but I don’t believe this article qualifies as a possibility of being brilliant. If I’m wrong and I’m able to do so I will write you an apology………. Thanks for all you have done over the years to try to expose the ever so obvious, but untouchable by many because of their complicity, Obama Fraud……

    All roads lead to Obama……here is a prediction I hope will be wrong. Biden will not be impeached. If it does not happen it will be because of the risk of impeachment exposing The Obama Fraud…..and the treason of both parties who allowed Obama to be sworn-in. They are still covering for that HUGE TREASON to protect themselves. If impeachment does happen, it won’t be the first time I have been wrong………….

    1. I am only speculating, not promising! My preference would be to see Biden and Rodham behind bars, a 2024 election sweep by conservatives (not RINOs), and the federal budget slashed by at least 50 percent!