by CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret), blogging at CDRKerchner, ©2023 

(May 25, 2023) — The biography in the 1991 pamphlet published by the Acton and Dystel literary agency promoting Obama’s 1991 book “Journeys in Black and White” stated Barack Obama “was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”. Said early life details are always provided by the author to his agent. The Obama biography in subsequent editions of the pamphlets (with various life accomplishment updates) continued to say he was “born in Kenya” for 17 years until Obama entered the race for President and his backers and enabling media started the “clean up ” and online purge of his previous self-promoting early life-narrative statements. Then it was changed to remove the born in Kenya statement. So Obama was the first “Birther”!
See this news story for more on this pamphlet:

Download a copy of this advertorial published 18 April 2011 in The Washington Times National Weekly Edition at this link:

And then when Hillary Clinton’s campaign operatives saw Obama getting traction in the polls, they started, seeded, fertilized, and gave deep roots to what became the “Birther Movement” during late 2007 & early 2008 by surreptitiously spreading information that Obama was foreign born, i.e., that Obama was “born in Indonesia” in some forums or “born in Kenya” in others and also mentioning his Muslim education and roots and allegations Obama’s secret second middle name was Mohammad. They were scattering political seeds to the political winds to see what took root and flourished at that time to stop Obama’s rising in the polls.

Her campaign and backers continued that surreptitious “Obama was foreign born” and “Obama secretly was a Muslim” campaign until Hillary under heavy pressure sold out to Obama in the summer of 2008 at that secret meeting they had together. That meeting was apparently arranged by big money left-wing Democratic Party donors and Obama’s backers and operatives where Hillary was “made an offer she could not refuse”. Hillary saw her campaign funding was drying up and it was deeply in debt. Obama was now the “anointed one” by the far, far-left big money in the U.S. and with money even flowing in under the table from foreign sources. The big, far-left money and their comrades in the mainstream media and the deep state had made it clear to Hillary before that secret meeting and more emphatically at it, that she had to get out of the way or else.

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  1. After all the revelations from the Durham investigation there’s zero doubt in one’s mind that the birth certificate is a forgery. The person who “authenticated” the birth certificate is the only bone to perish in a plane crash? Yeah right! They adopted an ends justify the means philosophy.

      1. One would have to believe if they’re willing to create a Russia hoax to get someone elected then they’d do pretty much anything.

  2. Over a decade ago Breitbart reported that Obama didn’t write that pamphlet.

    But there’s a more recent presidential candidate who is clearly ineligible: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who is a naturalized citizen.

    Dr. Ayyadurai says he’s eligible because, he says, the 5th and 14th Amendments abrogated the natural born Citizen clause.

    1. Paula: Show us the link where Breitbart said exactly what you are attributing to him as saying. Anyway, saying who physically “wrote it” is very misleading. Breitbart could not say and did not say the information did not come from Obama. Obama sycophants, disinformation specialists, and cover-up agents protecting Obama said that, enabled by an enabling mainstream media who also played the word-smith disinformation game to protect their “anointed one”.

      And that “who wrote it” is a word-smith, gas-lighting, cop-out to say Obama did not “write it”. The literary agent of course was the one who literally “wrote it”. But Obama certainly provided the detailed information to the literary agent for them to “write it”. That is standard operating procedure for new authors.

      That type of statement about who “wrote it” is sort of like Clintonize saying it all depends what the meaning of the word “is” is.

      So that is a very vacuous statement for Obama and his operatives to make after it ran starting in 1991 for 17 consecutive years saying he was “born in Kenya”. And it is a vacuous statement for you to make here.

      Obama made regular updates in the information provided to his literary agent over those years as he progressed up his ladder of life accomplishments, including promoting his 1995 Dreams book. And then all of a sudden he changed it in late 2007 or early in 2008 when he decided to run for President.

      So again, saying he did not “write it” is one of Obama’s and his disinformation agents many vacuous statements at various time in his life to cover up his ever changing early life narrative story that he needed to make at that particular time to suit his personal agenda and needs at that particular time.

      If you or anyone else believes that Obama did not provide his literary agent the detailed information therein when he first retained that literary agency and the updates over a period of 17 years, then there are people that would gladly sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

      CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

      1. In Breitbart’s coverage of the pamphlet, Jay Acton said “almost nobody” wrote their own biographies:

        Miriam Goderich, who edited the pamphlet, later expressly accepted responsibility for the error:

        Breitbart has since deleted some of its decade-old further coverage.

        1. Yes, but the full statement reads, “He indicated that while “almost nobody” wrote his or her own biography, the non-athletes in the booklet, whom “the agents deal[t] with on a daily basis,” were “probably” approached to approve the text as presented.”

      2. From Joseph DeMaio:
        Another largely forgotten issue relates to the baffling question of why Obama’s purported birth hospital, the “Kapi’olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital” as shown on the image of his “long form” certificate, still refuses to confirm that he was born there.

        Indeed, Obama has himself claimed — in a 2009 letter to the hospital — that it was his birth hospital. Accordingly, any lingering claim of “personal privacy” or “health information confidentiality” under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) has been waived and now rings more hollow than Joe Biden’s fantasy contention that our southern border is secure.

        Why won’t Obama formally tell Kapi’olani to quiet the “Birthers” by just confirming what he said back in 2009? While such a confirmation (or denial) could theoretically affect the “birthplace in Hawai’i” issue, it would not, of course, resolve Obama’s “natural born citizen” constitutional eligibility issue. That is an entirely separate issue.

        And for those responding that “it doesn’t matter anymore” since Obama is no longer president — his role as a marionette-master behind the curtain, however, has yet to be determined — if, as many believe, he was a usurper of the presidency, please justify why the taxpayers continue shelling out annual retirement benefits to him of $226,300.00…, at his $11.7 million waterfront home on 27 acres of land in Martha’s Vineyard.

        Sweet deal if you can get it….

        1. And prior to claiming he was born a Kapi’olani it was claimed by Obama that he was born at Queen’s Medical Center:

          But Queen’s Medical Center upon inquiry to them once Obama decided to run for President. Queen’s denied it. Then Obama changed his story saying his birth hospital was Kapi’aloni. However, Kapi’aloni never confirmed that.

          At some point after Obama’s hospital of birth record became an active news story search, Kapi’aloni’s administrators totally clammed up and refused to make any comment confirming or denying Obama’s newest claim. But earlier in time in early 2008 before Kapi’aloni had clammed up under pressure from Obama’s operatives to do so, a Hawaiian election official stated that no hospital in Hawaii that was contacted by election official staff which contacts included Queens and Kapi’aloni had any record of Obama being born there:

          Remember under Hawaiian state laws in effect back then in 1961 when Obama was allegedly born, a child could be born anywhere in the world and brought to Hawaii prior to age one and have their birth registered in Hawaii and then have a Hawaiian birth certificate issued for them. And we know that whatever original birth registration records that did exist in Hawaii have never been fully revealed. All documents proffered by Obama and his campaign are forged.

          Once a lie has begun … . See this suggested narrative I wrote back in 2009 and then re-posted in 2019 as a possible explanation for Obama’s ever changing life narrative, false statements, and lies regarding where he was actually physically born:

          CDR Kerchner (Ret)

        2. In 2009, a now retired Buffalo News writer wrote a story after interviewing a Kenmore, NY Teacher named Barbara Nelson. That reporter’s name was Paula Voell. Paula Voell happened to be one of my fellow Parishioners at St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church in Tonawanda, NY where I reside. Suspiciously, “Barbara Nelson” happened to be the name of my then deceased first cousin who lived in Kenmore, The link to the story is included here. The “Barbara Nelson” in the story claimed to have been there in Hawaii the exact day Obama was born. Reportedly she claimed that she even talked with the Doctor who delivered Obama. I confronted Paula Voell on this story. For one thing the Doctor, who is claimed to have been Naval Reserve Physician Rodney West actually RETIRED from medical practice in 1956. I doubt, as a Navy veteran, that ANY Naval reserve Physician would be involved in delivering civilian babies in a private hospital. Dr. West did NOT deliver Barack Obama.

    2. So where exactly did the literary agency come up with born in Kenya? Authors provide their bios to the publisher.
      So Barry Soetoro have his info to the literary agency and they published what he gave them.

  3. I had forgotten about that episode. Being “born” in a foreign land must have improved his credentials as an internationalist progressive. He also referred to himself as a proud “citizen of the world” in what amounted to a campaign speech in Berlin in the summer of 2008.

    1. Do you remember when he was running for the Senate, I believe? He was told he wasn’t eligible. His response was “I am not running for President”.

      1. I remember reading about that. As I recall, he said that during a 2004 C-SPAN debate with Alan Keyes, his Republican opponent for Illinois State Senator, but I don’t recall whether it was the debate moderator or Alan Keyes who told him he wasn’t eligible to be POTUS. If only a video of that was available!