by James (Jimmy) Carter, on behalf of Honor and Remember

(May 22, 2023) — Jim Carr was one of the 25 Vietnam Veterans on the Honor Flight from Rocky Mountain, Colorado who I met at THE WALL on Friday, May 19th.  Jennifer Earp, Co-Director, Colorado Chapter Honor and Remember, texted me on Monday, May 15th and told me that her friend Jim Carr and 24 other Vietnam Veterans were coming on an Honor Flight on Friday, that Jim Carr had never been to THE WALL and that the head Honor Flight escort would be presenting Jim Carr an Honor and Remember Challenge Coin engraved with the name of his buddy at THE WALL where his buddy’s name is engraved.  That was a very emotional thing to watch, lemmie tell ya.  Shoulda videoed it.

Since Honor and Remember is a 50th Vietnam War Commemoration “Commemorative Partner,” as Honor and Remember Ambassador to Maryland I am authorized to pin Vietnam Veterans with a 50th Vietnam War Commemoration Lapel Pin. Not having any, I called the Commemoration HQ’s in Crystal City, VA and in less than three hours I was back home with 25 Lapel Pins and 25 Lanyards with “Welcome Home, Vietnam Veteran” event badges/passes from their three-day “Welcome Home” event in DC on May 11th-13th.

In addition to giving each of them a Commemoration Lapel Pin and Lanyard at THE WALL, as they were boarding the bus to go to Arlington National Cemetery I gave the head Honor Flight escort a bag containing 25 American and 25 Honor and Remember “4 x 6” stick flags, 25 Honor and Remember brochures, 25 of my Honor and Remember business cards, 25 National Park Service Vietnam Veterans Memorial brochures and 25 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund brochures…the latter two of which I got at their respective kiosks near THE WALL.

God Bless Our Troops
God Bless Our Veterans
God Keep Our Fallen Heroes
God Comfort Our Gold Star Families
And God Bless the United States of America

James “Jimmy” Carter
Ambassador to Maryland
Honor and Remember

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