by Sharon Rondeau

(May 21, 2023) — On today’s edition of “Sunday Morning Futures,” Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy told host Maria Bartiromo that as a result of a conversation he had with FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday, he believes the FBI will turn over to the House Oversight Committee a document alleged to contain evidence of a “criminal scheme” among Joe Biden, his son Hunter and his business associates, and a foreign citizen undertaken during the time Joe Biden served as Barack Obama’s vice president.

According to House Republicans, a number of whistleblowers have come forward in recent months to describe politicization and breaches of protocol by the FBI which several testified led to their suspension without pay and the threat of further retaliation on the part of the agency monolith.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and ranking Senate Banking Committee member Charles Grassley (R-IA) have reported an FBI whistleblower alleges the document in question, a Form FD-1023, outlines a “a criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national” which steered “policy decisions” made by Biden in his vice-presidential role.

The document is reportedly not classified and was subpoenaed by Comer on May 3 with a deadline of May 10. Although the FBI sent some documentation, according to the May 19 letter Comer sent to Wray, “the FBI’s response did not include the FD-1023 form, failed to address whether the FBI possessed documents responsive to the Committee’s subpoena, and proposed no accommodations that would allow Committee staff to view the FD-1023 form.6

McCarthy’s interview initially focused on the debt ceiling negotiations with Biden which fell through on Friday morning as Biden departed for Hiroshima, Japan to attend the G7 Summit.

Biden appeared to take McCarthy by surprise by stating from a podium in Japan Sunday morning that he is willing to cut spending to end the debt ceiling impasse with the U.S. House of Representatives, which reportedly must be resolved by June 1 to avoid a government default. However, Biden continued to push back against Republicans’ reported proposal to reduce “overall spending” while increasing spending on defense.

On May 10, Comer held a press conference to say the committee had acquired extensive banking documentation showing that numerous LLCs were used by the Bidens to hide large sums of money from foreign countries to Biden-held accounts without any tangible service provided.

As many as ten Biden family members profited, Comer said, with some of the documentation released in a 36-page report on the committee’s website.

On Friday, Comer released a statement indicating that in his view, “The FBI’s delay in producing a single, unclassified record is unacceptable,” calling the alleged contents of the document evidence of “bribery.”

The White House labeled Comer’s reported findings “anonymous innuendo.”

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  1. :

    “In 1973, Agnew was investigated by the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland on suspicion of criminal conspiracy, bribery, extortion and tax fraud. Agnew took kickbacks from contractors during his time as Baltimore County Executive and Governor of Maryland. The payments had continued into his time as vice president… After months of maintaining his innocence, Agnew pleaded no contest to a single felony charge of tax evasion and resigned from office. ”

    Does today’s Congress have sufficient MORAL COURAGE to remove Joe Biden for bribery, violation of 25th Amendment as an ineligible/incapacitated president, conspiracy to subvert John Jay’s “natural born Citizen” with fraud candidates and fraud incumbents Obama and Kamala, et al?
    ANSWER: Only time and crime will tell.