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From Wikipedia: “Rupert Murdoch was raised in Australia by a father who was a war correspondent and newspaper editor. Rupert took over the family business at age 21 and eventually expanded it to Great Britain and the U.S. He is founder and owner of NewsCorp, which is the parent company of the Fox News Channel.” (CC by SA 2.0)

(Apr. 24, 2023) — Today, April 24, 2023, it was announced that FNC has fired Tucker Carlson!  Three or four days ago, it was Dan Bongino.  One can only imagine who will be next:  Jesse Watters, Sean Hannity, Greg Gutfeld, or maybe even Bret “Fair, Balanced, and Unafraid” Baer. 

By the way, exactly what is it, Mr. Baier, that makes you so afraid that you have to reinforce your fearlessness by mentioning it on air every day?  Is it the way-too-early call on election night in 2020 in which you projected that basement-dweller Joe Biden had won Arizona?  You, Mr. Baier, don’t seem to be an election denier or conspiracy theorist, but in my opinion you injected yourself, a well-regarded and centrist election host, into this fiasco (election) at a very inappropriate time.  Who knows if what you did affected the outcome?  I only know that the election was replete with fraud and ended up being what can only be described as a sham.  There were no real winners, certainly not the American people.  

Anyway, to get back to today’s Tucker Carlson firing, I must ask Mr. Murdoch, Ms. Scott, Paul Ryan, and others in FNC and Newscorp management, WHY?  Tucker Carlson was the most popular, undaunted, and highly regarded journalist not only on Fox but on any national news network.  WAS TUCKER “TOO BIG FOR HIS BOOTS?”  TOO HOT OR CONTROVERSIAL  FOR FNC TO HANDLE?  NOT WOKE ENOUGH?  TOO UNDECIDED ABOUT WHAT PRONOUNS HE SHOULD USE?  But, maybe more than anything else, WAS HE SOMEONE WHO MAY HAVE HAD WHAT IT TOOK TO EXPOSE, AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT, THE IGNORANCE, DIVISIVENESS, CONTINUING RACISM, WEAPONIZED GOVERNMENT, AND RUNAWAY SINFULNESS AND EVIL WE SEE IN OUR COUNTRY TODAY AND THREATEN TO DESTROY IT?

All I can say is:  FOX NEWS, YOU SHOULD REGRET YOUR BUSINESS PRACTICES AND THE NEGATIVE IMPACT THEY LIKELY WILL BE HAVING ON OUR SOCIETY.  Is it worth the loss of billions of dollars to you?  Is it worth the loss of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of once-faithful viewers?  There is no good excuse or explanation for the harm you have done.      

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  1. I predict that in time, Tucker Carlson will be “vindicated” of any slander or misbehavior, especially worth the loss of one billion dollars to Fox News. The fraudulent 2020 election, the January 6th “insurrection” at the Capitol, and the controversy centering around the operation of Dominion Voting Systems equipment were all connected events that Fox’s attorneys could have, and should have, fought in court. Tucker Carlson was not the main instigator of the controversy. In fact, it could be argued that no one individual or identifiable group of individuals was. Frankly, the whole thing stinks, and it should not have resulted in the firing of Tucker Carlson or the record-setting damages agreed upon against Fox News. Some day, I believe the TRUTH will be told, and the woke political weaponization in this case will be revealed. If not, nothing will be sacred, and all likely will be lost. That’s where we are headed anyway.