by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, Popular Rationalism, reposted with permission

(Apr. 13, 2023) — Note from Popular Rationalism: The state interceding between patients and their doctors is distressing for both the patient and ethical physicians. Red alert in the UK: Bill 36 kills any chance of ethical medicine in British Columbia. Why would anyone want their health and wellness to be in the control of politicians? Thank you, MS for bringing this important Red Alert article from Mary Lowther at Orthomolecular to our attention, which we have edited slightly (s&g). Please share this post and alert other rational individuals.

Recently passed legislation puts involuntary treatment and mandatory compliance into effect

OMNS (April 13, 2023) Last November the British Columbia Provincial Government introduced the Health Professions and Occupations Act, also referred to as Bill 36, passed and enacted with a minimum of debate, consultation, or media promulgation. It empowers the government to assume more control over how health care is provided, replacing the current peer-elected boards with government appointees.

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  1. Wow! “Peer-elected boards with government appointees”?? Do any of them have some sort of MD degree??? And I thought it was bad down here in the States with the insurance companies making too many of the important decisions. I’ll have to consider myself to be lucky I guess.