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(Apr. 12, 2023) — Spokane, Washington – 16 year old Justus Danielli, a student at Ferris High School, arrived early to his calculus exam on March 23, 2023. Suddenly, he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. (click here)

Another student, 22 year old Taija Nelms, is credited with saving his life.

“In those seconds, someone had called 911, and Nelms answered the dispatcher’s questions — no, he wasn’t breathing, and she couldn’t find a pulse.”

“As I was speaking with the dispatch, they said, ‘OK, perform CPR right now.’ I went into action because it was shocking to everyone; no one knew what to do,” she said. “I was trained from the city of Spokane, and I was like, ‘I’ll do it.’ “

“Tay started performing CPR, and she had to have done it within seconds,” Warren said. “She had to pull him out from underneath his desk. What we were told is she performed CPR for about 10 minutes until the EMTs and Cheney Fire Department showed up. They then performed CPR on him and shocked him about five times.”

When he arrived, for the first 24 hours he was in a coma and on 100% life support,” Warren said. “They had a ventilator on him. After 24 hours, they were able to start reducing it.

Nothing is wrong with him. They couldn’t find any reason that caused it besides arrhythmia. He’s always been a healthy kid,” Warren said. “The doctors came out and told us that situations like this often don’t end well. They weren’t sure if he was going to make it, and if he did make it, he’d probably never be himself again because of how long he needed CPR.”

After six days at Providence Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, where he got a pacemaker-defibrillator device installed, Danielli is now home and recovering (click here)

2nd incident in past month

On March 31, 2023 I wrote an article about a similar incident that had occurred to a 16 year old Illinois High School student Maddox McCubbin who collapsed at his desk with cardiac arrest on Feb.24, 2023. (click here)

My Take…

This is now the 2nd such cardiac arrest of a high school student who was sitting at their desk (both of them were 16 years old).

This is extremely concerning because it shows that COVID-19 vaccine induced myocarditis, which is as common as 1 in every 30 vaccinated, is affecting not just high school athletes while they’re playing sports, but kids who are just calmly sitting at their desks, studying or taking exams.

This means every school must now have a defibrillator onsite, to protect its COVID-19 vaccine injured students.

Furthermore, we are going to need some sort of diagnostic screening of every COVID-19 vaccinated person, especially children, to see who is at risk for these sudden collapses and sudden cardiac arrests, before they happen.

We are well past the point where doctors can continue to pretend this problem doesn’t exist.

Once you are flat-lined and getting shocked by a defibrillator 5 times to bring you back to life, it’s too late, the heart damage is done. This boy was extremely lucky and survived but his heart is already severely damaged and he will have to live with a pacemaker-defibrillator device for the rest of this life, which has tragically been significantly shortened.

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  1. And now they are going to “vaccinate” livestock that we eat with mRNA to kill those of us who survived the Covid-19 vaccinations.

  2. “Another student, 22 year old Taija Nelms, is credited with saving his life.” Really! A 22 Year Old high school student? Looks like they benefited from the life experience of a full grown adult student there. Sure seems weird to me though and Not elaborate on that little detail. I would expect the opposite though, that a student still in high school at 22 would not be sharp enough to read let alone perform a medical procedure!

  3. Dr. Peter Breggin has published “We Are the Prey”. Censored by all media, it’s the most systematic break-down of the worldwide campaign to use the Covid biowar to destroy us. Dr. Breggin has loads of credibility having spoken like a candle in the darkness against the overuse and abuse of psychotropic prescription drugs (likely the root cause of the most recent mass shootings–see if the media ever acknowledges the drug use of the shooters). See also sites SSRIstories both .org and .net. Censored by media also due to massive influence of drug companies. A running account of these matters can be heard on John B Wells “Caravan to Midnight” radio show accessible on Rumble.

  4. Totally natural for kids to have heart attacks and cardiac arrests…nothing to do with the “vaccine,” you conspiracy theorists! Believe FJB and Fauci, not your lyin’ eyes! LOL!

  5. Oh dear God, what has the medical profession, pharmaceutical, government stooges done to our children and why? First they abort them, then they take the responsibility from the parents and trans-change them, then they ruin the childrens minds through their propaganda in government schools.
    I wonder if they are culling the herd? We need to ask these questions and act on them

    1. That’s a given. If they weren’t vaxxed they wouldn’t have been allowed in the school buildings to begin with. Also, if they weren’t vaxxed they wouldn’t have had cardiac arrests.