by Dr. William Makis, COVID Intel, ©2023 

(Apr. 8, 2023) — April 5, 2023 Ask Dr. Drew – Live with Dr. William Makis

We cover a wide range of topics in this interview, from fully COVID-19 vaccinated Canadian doctors dying suddenly and unexpectedly, to sudden deaths of high school athletes who are coming down with cardiac arrests, heart attacks, aneurysms and brain bleeds, to the recent uptick in bus driver incapacitations and crashes, pilot incapacitations on commercial flights, deaths of COVID-19 vaccinated pregnant women, and turbo cancers in young people.

We discuss the possible mechanisms of COVID-19 vaccine injury, including the recent discovery of the shift of Immunoglobulin production from IgG1 to IgG4 in the vaccinated (which reduces their protection against viruses and cancers), as well as possible treatments that the vaccinated can take to mitigate some of the damage done by the spike protein.


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