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(Apr. 4, 2023) —

VIDEO CLIP ABOVE: Colorado – 17 year old boy needs Lung transplant after COVID-19 Vaccination

A 17 year old boy Lonnie Pesterfield from Colorado had a COVID-19 vaccine in February 2022. In October 2022, he had a routine surgery to remove two impacted wisdom teeth. Within weeks he was taken to ER, and declared septic while coughing up blood. (click here)

He went into septic shock, and was placed on a ventilator. He was then diagnosed with a rare ANCA+ Vasculitis and is now in need of a lung transplant. The vasculitis caused severe damage to his lungs, destroyed his spleen, and caused mild to moderate damage to his kidneys and liver. (click here)

“It is one in a million that someone his age would have this autoimmune disease.”

His lung function has dropped to 13%.

Dr. Peter McCullough recently wrote a substack on ANCA+ Vasculitis and renal failure after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination (click here)

Dayton, Ohio – 18 year old High school athlete Ebonie Sherwood who collapsed on March 7, 2023 has received a heart transplant

I recently reported on high school kids who are having heart attacks during sports and I wrote about 18 year old Ohio High school athlete Ebonie Sherwood who had a heart attack during track practice on March 7, 2023 (click here).

I have just learned that she has now received a heart transplant, only two weeks after collapsing at track practice, because her heart was “not healing on its own”. (click here)

Source: (click here)

Read the rest here.

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