by Linda Goudsmit, blogging at Pundicity, ©2023 

(Mar. 31, 2023) — In this edition of Conversations That Matter with The New American’s Alex Newman, Linda Goudsmit, author of multiple children’s books on critical thinking and “reality-testing”; multiple books on education philosophy; and the upcoming book Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier, Reality Is; confirms how education in America is being weaponized to create generations of people unable to distinguish between objective reality (what really is) and subjective reality (feelings). She emphasizes that, in order to have a truly free society and constitutional republic, it is critically necessary to agree on what is objectively real.

See the interview or read the transcript here.

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  1. This article should be required reading for all adult U.S. citizens… at least, for those who are not functionally illiterate because of derelict schooling during their formative childhoods.

    Changing “pronouns” is another tactic of the “cancer culture” because someone (who?) is feigned-offended or “offeignded”.

    So, going forward, let’s also change at least three words of the “Theft Left”:

    >”liberal” to now be “the lawless”; example, “The liberals now demand hefty reparations…”, to now be , “The lawless now demand hefty reparations…”, and so on.

    >”radical” to now be “criminal”; example, “AOC intends to Punish America with her radical agenda…”, to now be, “AOC intends to Punish America with her criminal agenda…”, and so on.

    >Finally, let’s re-pronoun “Black Lives Matter/BLM” to “Burn Loot Murder/BLM” so as to now allow “natural reality” (objective reality) to cancel “narrative reality” (subjective reality)

  2. A very important point! Objective reality has been the target of the far left for many decades and has been in accelerated mode for its destruction since Obama gained access to the Oval Office. He told us he would forever change our nation. And he has succeeded in a very bad way. And now Obama is in his 3rd term behind the curtain totally controlling the feeble minded Joe Biden through Obama’s subversive marxist agents in the White House like Susan Rice and elsewhere in the deep state administration. Obama is a master practitioner of Gramsci and Alinsky style tactics and teachings used to undermine the culture of a nation. And politics is down stream of culture in a society. Destroy the culture, destroy the nation. That is what Gramsci taught and advocated as the way to bring down constitutional republics like the USA. That is their plan. We are seeing the teachings and tactics of language manipulation advocated by Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Communist trained linguist, being implemented on steroids lately. CRT training everywhere is one manifestation of the tactics to undermine our culture. Pulling down historical statues and renaming buildings is another one of the tactics to erase and/or work on rewriting history and weaken the traditional culture of the nation. See these posts for more on Gramsci:

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

    1. Many thanks for the excellent Gramsci links, Charles, and for your editorial remarks. The current weaponization of the US judiciary against political oppponents is one of the final steps in Gramsci’s incremental march through American institutions. The Biden regime has reduced the glorious United States of America to a banana republic, just as the globalists planned. The irony is that arrogant radical leftists, Obama included, are useful idiots for the globalists directing and financing the ops. There is no place for agitators in the globalist managerial Unistate – the radical leftists will all be eliminated – casualties of the globalist war on the nation state.