March 23, 2023


What will it take for the American people to wake up to the lies that the Left has been telling Americans over the last six years?

Here are just a few of the lies to consider:

Donald Trump lost the 2020 Election.

President Biden knew nothing about his son Hunter’s dealing with China.

The world is going to end in five years unless America shuts down all fossil fuel plants and stops oil production (yet China can build coal power plants every three weeks).

President Biden’s budget will save America three trillion dollars while increasing the budget to eighteen trillion dollars.

Hiring 87,000 armed IRS agents to audit Americans who make more than $400,000.00 a year will make them pay their fair share in taxes, while the middle and lower-class taxes will not increase.

Telling the American people the Covid-19 virus came from bats and was not leaked from a China lab, that masks work, and people had to quarantine themselves to stay safe, and that the vaccine works.

Our Education system really works and is Pro-Parental Rights.

Encouraging our children starting at the first-grade level telling them to lie to their parents about considering having sex changes if they are confused about their gender and having Drag Queen programs at our schools and libraries is beneficial to them.

The leadership of the Democratic Party is not Marxist.

Charging a former president of the United States with wrongdoing while in office multiple times (when knowing the charges were unfounded) and weaponizing the media to lie is good policy.

Harry Accornero


Harry Accornero is a former New Hampshire state representative from Laconia who now resides in Virginia.

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