by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, Popular Rationalism, reposted with permission

(Mar. 22, 2023) — This is Dr. Palmer’s highly acclaimed seminal work, a groundbreaking evidence-based eBook that takes a deep dive into the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, including the mechanisms supporting the false belief systems that have been perpetuated for decades.

This downloadable eBook is the most comprehensive exposé on vaccines ever produced. Dr. Palmer took on this project and mission because of his intense desire to educate people about the potential risks of vaccines and the troubling changes we have seen in the health of our children, coinciding with the significant increase in vaccine doses added to the schedule in the last 30 years (72 doses by age 18).

1200 Studies is updated periodically, and now contains 766 pages of excerpts and summaries from over 1,600 studies, published in journals representing 45 different medical and scientific disciplines and authored by thousands of scientists, contradicting what we are and have been told about vaccines. These are unbiased, objective studies by researchers who are not funded by vaccine manufacturers.

1200 Studies – Truth Will Prevail is designed as a printer-ready PDF with easy-to-use navigation tools, search capability and links directly to the studies on PubMed. The subjects in the Table of Contents are linked directly to the page in the book on that topic. And every page has links directly to the referenced study on PubMed or the source journal. It is available at

For a comprehensive investigative foray into the truth and failures of the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines”, download A Chronology of the COVID-19 Vaccines- A Critical Exposé from their Inception to their Epic Failure eBook HERE. That eBook contains 1,300 plus pages, in the same easy to search and navigate format as Dr. Palmer’s 1200 Studies eBook.

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