by Kat Stansell, American Policy Center, ©2023 

(Mar. 20, 2023) — Recently, it was announced that David Becker, the creator and head of the organization known as ERIC, has resigned from its Board. He gave the explanation that “election deniers” have ramped up their attacks on him and his system, but even so, ERIC, states Becker, is “the best tool to keep voter lists accurate and combat voter fraud.”

Look at what he just said. . .

ERIC is the best, but he’s jumping ship anyway. That’s where the “lol” comes in.

Certainly, he is not running scared from a few patriots who have laid bare ERIC’s central role in election fraud*. Becker disdains all things “conservative” and has throughout his life. He was even fired from the DOJ in 2005 for trying an end run around his own bosses to help a liberal city get around a suit brought by the DOJ for voter suppression of Republicans. He has laser driven criminal single-mindedness.

Becker has also organized other groups, most notably, the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), which he says was formed to “restore trust in American election systems”. The reality is, as always, 180 degrees different. CEIR spends millions to defend crooked election officials against the complaints of their citizens when fraud is uncovered. Wherever state election officials are caught committing blatant crimes against the system, CEIR shows up . As you might imagine, CEIR was heavily involved in Wisconsin in 2020, and in AZ as well.

As of March, 2023, the CEIR website gives extensive explanations/excuses for Becker’s past actions, and tells of a group of “GOP” leaders who have signed on with CEIR. That list is a collection of election-involved officials in the most fraudulent of states: AZ, CA, CO, GA, KY, MI, PA, as well as from the campaigns of Globalist traitors like McCain, Romney and Bush. Becker’s “brag” about them and their support of his actions, tells you all you need to know about his “GOP” supporters, and him.

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