by Mike Latham, ©2023

Alaska’s North Slope (public domain)

(Mar. 15, 2023) — Are you surprised (confused) by the Biden administration’s approval regarding the WILLOW drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope?  You shouldn’t be. Their decision was predictable; necessity dictated it as we’ll be burning fossil fuels for decades if not generations to come.  The political heat overcame the inane bloviating by the lunatic left.   The left’s obsession with greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide), is a façade to scare voters into accepting a suffocating carbon tax to be levied on every man, woman and child. It’s that simple. 

Oh, and you’d like to find/read the alarmists’ “settled science?”  Good luck; you’ll find it at about the same time you’ll find the proverbial needle.  First, science is never, ever settled; it is rather dynamic, and if it is not PROVABLE and REPEATABLE, it is not science.  Dating back to 1988, the IPCC and its minions have nothing more than incalculable piles of failed computer models, which is not science.   

The real scientists (the skeptics, primarily PhDs), having collectively hundreds of years’ experience, have written scores of books and thousands of articles on Earth’s climate.  The skeptics, as a professional group, do not agree with the cult-like alarmists.   If you are not conversant with the skeptics’ view on Earth’s climate and want more information, I recommend Dr. Steven E. KOONIN’s book, “UNSETTLED” (ISBN 978-1950665-792).  Once you’ve equipped yourself with some real scientific background, trust me; you’ll want more, and you’ll also want to know why we’re being lied to.  

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