by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 13, 2023) — Christian singer Natasha Owens has released a new single titled, “Trump Won” referring to the 2020 presidential election.

With video from Trump’s rallies, a fast-moving beat and such catchy phrases as, “The Democrats know how to steal,” “Everybody knows Trump won,” “Biden’s hidin’ in the basement babblin’ away on Zoom,” and “Fox News won’t even show it,” the 3:30-long video concludes with rally-goers chanting, “USA, USA, USA!” amid an unfurling American flag.

“He’s done it twice before, and he’s gonna win again for the third time in 2024,” Owens’s lyrics assert.

The song can be purchased at various music outlets.

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    1. Even when the Natural Born Citizen controversy was flaring, ( See: “There is no “President” Obama” in the P & E Archives), FOX news was referring to those exposing Obama’s fraud and usurpation of the Presidency as “Pinheads”. Fox news has room to improve their reporting of the truth.

        1. Fox told their talking heads what they could and could not say about Obama and they Obeyed ………lost my respect for them and all of Fox News when that happened…..

  1. can’t get elected in a banana republic. Advocated for govtbysmartphone. All members of a people’s congress. community by community, no elections. no corruption. no fed supremacy, no SCOTUS. no compromise or cancelation with/by others. just birds of a feather flocking together. see arguments: endplutocracy. cancelthe1%