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Screenshot: The Sun via Dr. William Makis

(Mar. 12, 2023) — I’ve written 2 substack articles about pilots recently: one about pilots and flight attendants having cardiac arrests in-flight (click here) and a recent co-pilot heart attack on a Virgin Australia flight on March 3, 2023 (click here).

Another close call

Another incident is being reported today in UK news.

A British Airways pilot was preparing to fly from Cairo, Egypt to Heathrow Airport in London, when he had a heart attack in his room, in the crew’s hotel in Egypt. (click here)

The pilot managed to get from his room to the foyer, where colleagues performed CPR on him, but could not save him. (click here)

Their plane, which was due to take off for Heathrow Airport, was delayed by the tragedy but passengers on board were not aware of what was happening.

The body of the pilot was brought back to the UK in a Boeing 787. The wide-body Dreamliner was flown to Egypt especially for the grim task because there was no room for the coffin in the hold of the Airbus A321 jet he had been scheduled to fly.

My Take

This is now the second such major incident of a pilot collapsing with a heart attack this month.

One can imagine what might have happened if the British Airways pilot had the heart attack during his flight from Egypt to London.

How many close calls is it going to take for the elephant in the room (pilots suffering COVID-19 vaccine cardiac injuries) to finally be addressed?

I fear a major airline crash is now only a matter of time.

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