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(Mar. 5, 2023) — THEN:                                                    



Did you watch the above alarming sequence?  “THEN” refers to true American heroes and fighting men (SEAL Team Six, whose Chinook helicopter known as “Extortion 17” was shot down in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011, and all aboard were killed), a great video tribute to them.  

Years later, “NOW,” we are seeing enlistments in our armed forces and appointments to our military academies focusing on “equity,” with enlistees being taught “critical race theory” and subjected to transgender drag queen entertainment.  The Biden administration’s current military strategy (a “strategy” for troop preparedness and winning wars?) is being directed by JCS Chairman General Mark Milley and retired general Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.     

Finally, “TOMORROW,” although we do not know exactly when “tomorrow” will be, everything is pointing toward the continuing decline, if not the actual destruction, of our democratic constitutional republic.  Do those in power (whether or not you can actually see them and know who they are!) presume to be more courageous, patriotic, and wise than our country’s Founding Fathers?  Are those in power “God-fearing?”

God Bless and Help Save America.

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  1. The “NOW” part of this article can be, and hopefully will be, accessed by typing in on your search line- and “top general defends studying critical race theory in the military.”

    To “expand” on that, if needed, “dial up-” testimony of JCS Chairman Gen Mark Milley and Secretary of Defense Retired Gen Lloyd Austin. It is definitely worth reading and “completes” my “trilogy.” Thank you.

  2. I believe that the following thought-provoking articles and video, along with my blog from the recent past relate to this issue-You Decide:
    BIDEN NOW BLAMED IN SEAL TEAM 6 DEATHS: Attorney: ‘He should even be held criminally accountable’!-Posted on May 18, 2013:
    Video: Seal Team 6 Funeral Ceremony w/ Obama Hired Muslim Priest to Damn Them To ETERNAL HELL!-Posted on Patriot News Organization-On May 13, 2013:
    IG Report: Panetta Leaked Name of SEAL Unit to Filmmakers!-Posted on Courtney Coren-On June 5, 2013:
    Michael Savage: SEAL Team Six was “Set Up” and Murdered in Afghanistan!-Posted on Gateway Pundit-By Jim Hoft-On July 10, 2014:
    My Blog:
    Request For Congressional Investigation Into Mysterious Downing of Chinook Helicopter in Afghanistan!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On December 12, 2016:
    God Bless our troops and our Country/Republic.
    Semper Fi!
    Jake Martinez

    1. Jake Martinez: Thanks for adding information about the Seal Team deaths. I was/am aware of the controversy, and I hope everyone who reads P&E will learn about it, too. I was in the Army (1966 to 1968) and it helped turn my life around. I didn’t realize at the time how lucky I was. Our troops today must be confounded and driven crazy by all of this WOKE and CRT nonsense (which, by the way, had its origin with Karl Marx, and then its re-birth and “transformation” of our country, as promised, by Barack HUSSEIN Obama). If you enjoy music, then may I suggest another video which some (including me) say could be relevant- “Sympathy for the Devil” by Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones (the version I like is performed on a huge stage with spooky red colors all around and Jagger repeatedly chanting “Guess My Name,” then coming down a stairway to join the other band members and ultimately toward the end doing some really creepy gyrations as only he can do). Anyway, sincere thanks to you and your fellow Marines for your service to our country. Tom Arnold.