March 2, 2023

Dear Editor,

There’s no denying that the Catholic Church (and other Christian churches) have disgustingly betrayed sexual victims and protected heinous sexual predator fiends from the full force of the law, nor is there any denying that Islamic fanatics have slaughtered tens of thousands of innocents!

However, it’s now high time all decent Christians and Muslims came together (we all share the same deity!), condemn the sinners in our respective faiths and start defending our faiths!

I’m not a Catholic, but as a Christian, I’ll defend with all I can the very great works of many wonderful Catholic priests (and nuns)! I witnessed their great work and selflessness firsthand when growing up on the very fringe of inner-city Melbourne’s then-industrial slums!

I’ve also had close contact with very wonderful Muslim people, both in Australia and overseas! Just as the vast majority of Catholic priests are not fiendish sexual predators, the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists!

The great works and achievements of Christians and Muslims must be heralded to the world!

Let us not be cowed into silence by the terrible and very justified shame of the terrible sins of the – relative to the faithful numbers! – heinous few; let’s condemn, punish, make restitution and rebuild – together!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. Christians and Muslims do NOT “Share the same deity”. God of the Bible is NOT the same “deity” as “allah”. In fact “allah” is a false god. The word “allah” is an arabic word. In arabic no word is ever capitalized. “allah” is a generic term meaning “god”. It does NOT mean “God” of the Bible. Contrary to popular belief Islam/Sharia is NOT an “Abrahamic” religion nor are Muslims “People of the Promise”. Muslims are descendants of Ishmael and not of Issac. The two religions that ARE linked are Christianity and Judaism and NOT Christianity and Islam/Sharia. Islam is anathema to the Christian and Jewish faiths. Islam is also NOT a religion. It is a system of tyranny demonstrable through sharia law.

  2. Jesus never said to go through life stupid.
    I think you need to pay attention.
    Just because you may believe in “do unto others as they would do unto you (the GOLDEN RULE)”, does not mean that the enemy has any such notion, never had such a notion and, truthfully, never will have such a notion and for anyone to believe otherwise is just making it hard for the rest of us to stay alive when, in fact, millions of the enemy want nothing other than to behead you.

    Bishop Dunkin