by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 15, 2023) — Just after 3;30 p.m. EST, 45th President and 2024 presidential candidate Donald J. Trump posted on his TruthSocial account his initial reaction to the campaign launch of his former United Nations ambassador, Nikki Haley, for the nomination.

“Nikki Haley had a hard time making the decision to run for President because she very publicly stated that she ‘would never run against the President,’ Trump wrote. “‘He did a GREAT JOB, and was the best President in my lifetime.’ I told Nikki to follow her heart, not her ambition or belief. Who knows, stranger things have happened. She’s polling at 1%, not a bad start!”

In an overview of Haley’s background and political history, the Associated Press reported Wednesday:

During the 2016 Republican presidential primary, Haley supported Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. She later backed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. She described Trump as “everything a governor doesn’t want in a president.” But Haley ultimately said she would back the GOP nominee, and shortly after Trump won the presidency, she agreed to serve as the new administration’s ambassador to the United Nations. She was a whole-hearted supporter of his 2020 reelection bid. Her most recent reversal: Her decision to seek the presidency after initially saying she wouldn’t challenge Trump if he ran again.

On her campaign website, Haley posted (lower right) Trump’s laudatory remarks from October 2018, when it was announced she would be abruptly leaving her post at the United Nations.

Trump often posts the results of various presidential polls which show him leading over other potential Republican contenders including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis; Haley; Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence; and Trump’s CIA director and secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. While Trump is generally leading substantially over his closest competitor at the moment, DeSantis, some polls show DeSantis is favored over Trump.

According to Paul Bedard of Washington Secrets Wednesday morning, “Nikki Haley will unveil her 2024 presidential campaign at home in South Carolina today, but it’s former President Donald Trump that Palmetto State Republicans want as their nominee. According to a new primary voter survey shared with Secrets just hours before Haley hits the stage in Charleston, Trump leads the state’s favorite daughter 35%-16%. Expected challenger Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) is second with 22%.”

On February 4, Trump posted a link to an article at The American Conservative titled, “The Born Loser,” with the author referring to Haley’s anticipated presidential campaign launch.

On February 1, Trump commented, “Nikki has to follow her heart, not her honor. She should definitely run!” accompanied by a video in which Haley, asked if she would support Trump if he were to run again, responded, “Yes.”

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  1. Why does Donald Trump not recognize and abide by Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of our U. S. Constitution, which clearly says, among other things, that candidates for president (and vice-president), and anyone who becomes elected to those offices, must be NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZENS? Maybe former President Trump feels that whatever U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts says or DOES NOT SAY, and does or DOES NOT DO, regarding the NBC controversy, must be “the God’s Truth!” Sorry to disappoint you both, but I suggest that you merely follow the law! And, if you please, help us save America from having to continue living with this dangerous national security controversy (courtesy in the beginning of presidential usurper Barack HUSSEIN Obama and now apparently on a fast track to becoming a precedent) and DEFINE, OR SHOULD I SAY AFFIRM, FOR US THE MEANING INTENDED BY OUR WISE FOUNDING FATHERS OF “NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN.” In my view, your failure to do this will lead to the downfall of our Republic, if it hasn’t already happened.

  2. From author and legal scholar Joseph DeMaio:
    There is little question that Nikki Haley presents some of the best that naturalized Americans can offer to the nation, and in any event she exists two parsecs beyond that which today masquerades and stumbles around the Oval Office as a “mock chief executive,” “Brandon the Loon”in search of his next ice cream cone. But Nikki Haley is, from all appearances, not a “natural born Citizen” under the Constitution and thus, while otherwise well-qualified, she is ineligible.