by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 8, 2023) – During the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability hearing with four former Twitter officials regarding censorship in general and in particular, of the October 14, 2020 New York Post article revealing some of the contents of a laptop which had belonged to Hunter Biden, those testifying – former Twitter chief legal counsel James Baker, also formerly General Counsel of the FBI; former legal counsel Vijaya Gadde; former head of Twitter Site Integrity Yoel Roth and former Twitter “safety” executive Anika Navaroli — all testified that Twitter had trained them to practice political neutrality when evaluating whether or not to “de-amplify” or in other ways censor accounts.

However, when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questioned the witnesses, focusing in on Roth regarding the Twitter account Libs of TikTok, Ocasio-Cortez asked if he were aware that the account had circulated what she claimed was false information about Boston Children’s Hospital having conducted hysterectomies on young women under the age of 18.

A clip of Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks was posted by Newsmax and independent podcaster Benny Johnson.

In response, Roth said he was aware that the account had circulated the claim. When Ocasio-Cortez pressed further to ask if he were “aware” that LOTT was still active on the platform, Roth responded, “Regrettably, yes.”

In the past, LOTT was suspended from Twitter for allegedly violating its rules on “hateful conduct.” In September, LOTT protested the suspension with a letter from an attorney threatening to obtain a “court order” if the suspension proved permanent.

Update, 5:58 p.m. EST: LOTT responded to AOC’s claims to Roth on her Substack with, “AOC lied about me on the House floor in an unhinged tirade.” She then presented proof of her previous statements about Boston Children’s Hospital from the hospital’s own website.

“While what AOC said about me on an official congressional record should be defamation, she’s unfortunately covered by legislative privilege,” LOTT wrote. “She has the ability to lie about me and run cover for Boston Children’s Hospital, all in an attempt to distract from the fact that the government through the FBI, coordinated with Twitter, a private company, to do what the FBI constitutionally could not: violate the First Amendment rights of those who dared to speak the truth.”

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  1. This is the way the left operates. Lying and censorship of facts R them. Look at the IQ challenged, but checks all the identity boxes, press secretary with her multiple, tabbed binders for whom lying, denying, obfuscation and blame is standard operating procedure. Same MO of that guy named Obama that she used to work for. If it’s not Obama III, it’s Bernie Sanders I